J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Continental Store Cattle - Thursday 17th September

Store Cattle

North West Auctions J36 held it Autumn prize show of store cattle on Thursday 17th September which saw a fantastic entry of quality cattle attract both and new and existing customers from throughout the northern counties, wales and Scotland.

The pre-sale show was kindly sponsored by BB Dairies Ltd, for which North West Auctions are very grateful for their continued support of this popular sale. The show was very kindly and ably judged by Mr C Dalton, Derbyshire who had 25 cattle presented before him in the two show classes. Class one for the best heifer was won by MA & JA Winn, Burneside showing a 16-montho-old British Blue heifer which later went on to be the awarded the overall Championship rosette and received the Kendal Trophy. The second prize heifer was awarded to a 16-month-old Limousin from DJ Clarke, Underbarrow with 3rd prize awarded to JG & PH Thomspon, Selside for a 13-month-old pure bred Limousin. The Reserve Champion was awarded to the first prize steer, which was a Limousin, again, from MA & JA Winn. The bullock class saw eighteen out for show with the second prize rosette awarded to first time vendor N Chapplehow, Clifton showing a 12-month-old Limousin. The 3rd prize was awarded to NE & EM Mason, Middleton showing a 10-month-old Limousin.

There was a fast and competitive trade was seen from start to finish with all vendors leaving satisfied. The sale peaked at £1440 for a Limousin steer from MA & JA Winn, with other strong Limousins steers selling at £1385 form A & P Hodgkinson, Stalmine, £1300 N Chapplehow and £1265 DJ Clarke. British Blue steers sold to £1190 from AR & BJ Thompson, Selside with others selling at £1170 from JM & KE Ellis, New Hutton. Charolais steers sold to £1175 SH Wightman, Milnthorpe with others to £1150 from MW & M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell. An entry of Blonde steers from TW & C Shepherd sold to £1105 with others at £1090 from JM Haddow, Crooklands. Simmental steer sold to £1085 from E Rossall, Preesall. Native sired steers experienced competitive bidding with Salers to £1105 from TW & C Shepherd with Angus’ to £1095 from G Cuthberston, Kendal and others at £1055 from RR & M Bamber, Audlands. Beef Shorthorn steers sold to £1030 from J Twigge, Lindale who sold Herefords to £1025. An entry of Blue Grey steers from M Gibson, Garsdale sold to £840.

Several dairy bred steers forward today saw a top price of £945 achieved for Friesians from SW & A Hoggarth, Seathwaite who also sold Hosltein Friesians to £1090. Swedish Red steers sold to £880 from A & B Pickthall, Milnthorpe.

The sale of heifers saw a top price of £1390 for a British Blue from MA & JA Winn with other Blue heifers selling to £1330 from JM & KE Ellis. Limousin heifers sold to £1350 form JBL & I Ellis, with others selling at £1140 from TE & A Galbraith, Crooklands and £1110 from D & D Collins. Charolais heifers peaked at £1290 from J & A Smales, Ingleton who sold others at £1245 and £1140. Native sired heifers saw a top price of £900 for Angus’ from A & B Pickthall, with others at £890 from I Dobson, Levens and £875 from RR & M Bamber.

A wonderful show of cattle were forward today in which all vendors should be completed which saw all steers forward selling to an average of £965 and all heifers averaging £883.

The next sale of store cattle will be Thursday 1st October which will include the first prize show and sale of 500 suckled calves. Vendors are encouraged to enter cattle for this sale with confidence as buyers are keen to attend, please forward entries to Matthew Probert on 07540 446667 or Bradley Thompson on 07867 000244.


There was a good entry of 80 Calves forward with all types selling to a continued strong trade at J36. Strong, good quality calves were selling in the £400 plus mark. Today’s top price was £460 for a Charolais heifer from CM & CS Chapplehow, Clifton with British Blue heifers the strongest trade of day with these peaking at £435 from HJ Robinson & Son, Preston Patrick with others to £425 from Messrs Sowerby, Drybeck. Many of the younger Blue heifer calves selling between £350 and £370 with an overall average of £345. British Blue bull calves sold to £410 from JW & TE Sharp, Lyth with others selling to £400 twice from J Hornby & Son, Stank and Messrs Sowerby. A young show of Limousin calves forward with a pleasing top of £380 from TW Handley, Sedbergh.

A run of Montbeliarde bull calves from Colby Farms, Appleby sold to £215 and £210. Fleckvieh bull calves peaked at £200 from RG & JA Clark, Endmoor. Black and whites continue to sell to a strong trade with the best topping at £155 twice from Messrs Dennison, Scales and J Hornby & Son. Medium rearing types were selling over the £100 mark, with the younger types £30 to £50.

There was a nice entry of 40 stirks forward with all being eagerly bid for with a top of £7010 from DJ Clarke, Underbarrow with other Limousin bullocks selling to £700 from Kirkby & Longworth, Dunningdale. British Blue bullocks from the same home sold to £645.

There was a young show of heifer stirks with British Blues selling to £620 from Kirkby & Longworth. 3-month-old Simmental heifers sold to £515 from D & DW Prickett, Farleton. Friesians topped at £470 from C Slater, Witherslack with others from the same home to £440.

Cast Cows

Another strong entry of cull cows were forward at todays sale with an overall average of 126p/kg with over half the entry of the being dairy bred. Beef cows sold to a top of 171.5p/kg for a Limousin from E & S Bower, Blawith who sold others at 169.5p/kg and 159.5p/kg. Other well-fleshed heavy beef cows regularly sold between 135p/kg to 145p/kg and topped at 47p/kg for an Aberdeen Angus x from J Twigge, Lindale. All beef cows sold to a competitive trade with buyers looking for cows suitable for further finishing. Top gossing beef cow today was a Limousin from J Twigge achieving £1089 with other Limousins selling at £1061 from DJ Clarke, Underbarrow and E & S Bower.

Dairy cows sold to a top price of 129.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from JM Barton & Son, Lupton with Friesian cows selling to 127p/kg from JW Hargreaves, Broughton in Furness. Other heavy dairy cows were generally selling at 118p/kg to 125p/kg. Parlour type cows sold between 98p/kg and 112p/kg depending on quality and type. Top grossing dairy cow today was a Muse Rhine Issel achieving £928 from IM Clegg, Staveley.

Several OTM dairy heifers forward today sold to a top price of 139p/kg and £779 from JM Barton & Son, Lupton.

A single a cull bull forward today sold to 134.5p/kg and £1433 for a Simmental from J & A Smales, Ingleton.

More cows can be easily sold to our competitive ringside of buyers with all classes and types needed to fulfil demand. The next sale is Thursday 1st October.

Beef Breeding Cattle

Beef Breeding Cattle today saw a top price of £1400 achieved for an Abdeen Angus heifer with a month old Charolais heifer calf from WJ & LA Barker, Arrkholme. An entry of pure and pedigree bred beef breeding cattle from RL Robinson Ltd, Slaidburn saw cows with bull calves sell to £1220, cows with heifer calves at £1150, in-calf heifers sold to £1050 and in-calf cows to £1000.

Top Prices

Store Bullock:

Limousin - £1440 High Underbrow Farm, £1385 Lane End Farm, £1300 High Grounds Farm, £1265 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £1250 Lane Head Farm. British Blue - £1190 Poppy Farm, £1180 High Underbrow Farm, £1170 Moss Head, £1160 High Underbrow Farm, £1120 Moss Head. Charolais - £1175 Greengate, £1150 Swallowmire, £1135 Low Woodhouse, £1050 Dawson Fold, £1050 Swallowmire. Blonde - £1105 Nook Farm, £1090 Viver Mill Farm, £1050, £1040 Nook Farm, £1010 Viver Mill Farm. Saler - £1105 Nook Farm, £1050, £1025 The Coach House, £650, £645 Hathaway Fold. Aberdeen Angus - £1095 Bank Ground, £1055 Adamthwaite, £1055 Barkin House Barn, £1035 Holmelands, £1020 Bank Ground. Simmental - £1085, £1040 Sykes Fold Farm. Bazadaise - £1070 Moss Head. Shorthorn - £1030 Holmelands. Hereford - £1025 Holmelands, £975 Greengate, £970, £910 Crabtree Farm, £840 Moss Head. Friesian - £945, £890 Far Kiln Bank, £560 Bellart Howe. Swedish Red & White - £880 Bradley Farm. Continental - £840, £790, £730 Mouse Syke. Dairy Shorthorn - £795 Bellart Howe. Flekvieh - £695 Bellart Howe. Montbeliard - £570 Greengate.

Store Heifer:

British Blue - £1390 Low Sizergh Farm, £1330 Moss Head, £1000 Woodvale Farm, £900 Moss Head, £875 Knott End Farm. Limousin - £1350 Hawkrigg End, £1140 The Coach House, £1110 Woodvale Farm, £1110 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £1105 Nook Farm. Charolais - £1290, £1245, £1140 Re Braida Garth, £985 Dawson Fold, £960 Croft Foot Farm. Blonde - £1180 Woodvale Farm, £1050, £995, £945, £860 Nook Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £900 Bradley Farm, £890 Greengate, £875, £815 Barkin House Barn, £760 Crabtree Farm. Simmental - £860 Sykes Fold Farm, £820 Skiddaw View. Shorthorn - £755 Barkin House Barn, £550 Dale View. Hereford - £740 Newcross House Farm.

Breeding Bull:

Aberdeen Angus - £950 Lower Edge Farm.

In Calf Cow:

Aberdeen Angus - £1000, £940 Lower Edge Farm.

Cow & Calf:

Aberdeen Angus - £1220, £1150 Lower Edge Farm.

In Calf Heifer:

Aberdeen Angus - £1050, £910, £820, £780 Lower Edge Farm.

Heifer & Calf:

Aberdeen Angus - £1400 Brown Edge.

Bull Calf:

British Blue - £410 Flodder Hall, £400 Bousfield Farm, Townhead Farm, £395 Bousfield Farm, £390 Hagg Farm. Limousin - £380, £320 Pedge Croft, £280, £250, £240 Halforth Farm. Montbeliard - £215, £210, £140 Colby Farms. Aberdeen Angus - £200 Wall End Farm. FLEKVIEH: £200, £155 Far Audlands, £70, £40 Wyke Farm. Friesian - £155 Bousfield Farm, £155, £145 Scales Park, £140 Bousfield Farm. Shorthorn - £110 Far Audlands.

Heifer Calf:

Charolais - £460 High Grounds Farm. British Blue - £435 Elm Tree Farm, £425 Townhead Farm, £400 Elm Tree Farm, £375 Borrans Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £390 High Grounds Farm, £280 Bousfield Farm. Limousin - £305, £290, £270 Halforth Farm.

Bull Stirk:

Simmental - £575, £510 Farleton House. Aberdeen Angus - £250 Quality Calves. Friesian - £250 Quality Calves, £240 Scotchergill Farm.

Heifer Stirk:

British Blue - £620 Sella Farm, £570 Farleton House. Limousin - £580 Sella Farm, £570 Farleton House. Simmental - £515 Farleton House. Aberdeen Angus - £400 Moss End Farm.

Steer Stirk:

Limousin - £710 Tullithwaite Hall Office, £700, £650 Sella Farm. Aberdeen Angus - £650 Sella Farm, £635 Foreslack Farm, £475 Moss End Farm. British Blue - £645 Sella Farm. Friesian - £470, £440 Bellart Howe.

OTM Cow:

Limousin – 171.5, 169.5, 159.5 Burney End, 157.5 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Aberdeen Angus – 147.5, 127.5 Holmelands. Belgium Blue – 139.5 Tullithwaite Hall Office. British Blue – 139.5 Tullithwaite Hall Office, 117.5 Holmelands. Saler – 134.5, 127.5 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Shorthorn – 134.5 Holmelands, 124.5 High Biggarsbank. Friesian – 129.5 Lupton Hall, 127.5 Bridge End Farm, 124.5 High House Farm, 117.5 Far Audlands. Highland – 127.5, 104.5 Burney End. Charolais – 124.5 Tullithwaite Hall Office. Continental – 124.5 High Biggarsbank. Marchigiana – 124.5 Piked Howe. Simmental – 117.5 Holmelands. Blonde – 99.5, 97.5 Granby Road.

OTM Heifer:

Friesian – 139.5 Lupton Hall, 119.5 Natland Park Farm, 117.5 High Grounds Farm, 117.5 Natland Park Farm, 111.5 High Grounds Farm.

Cast Bull:

Simmental – 134.5 Re Braida Garth.

More Info

Store Cattle Show Results

Judge Mr Charlie Dalton, Pentlow

Class one – Store Heifer
1st Lot 193 MJ & JA Winn, High Underbrow
2nd Lot 269 DJ Clarke, Tullithwaite
3rd Lot 161 JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm

Class two – Store Bullock
1st Lot 191 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow
2nd Lot 53 N Chappelhow, High Grounds
3rd Lot 64 NE & EM Mason & Son, High Green Farm

Champion Lot 193 MJ & JA Winn, High Underbrow

Reserve Champion Lot 191 MA & JA Winn, High Underbrow

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