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    • Lancaster - Prime Stock

      Weekly on Mondays at 9.00am

      • 24th July 2017,
      • 31st July 2017,
      • 7th August 2017,
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      • 14th August 2017,
      • 21st August 2017,
      • 28th August 2017,
      • 4th September 2017,
      • 11th September 2017,
      • 18th September 2017,
      • 25th September 2017,
      • 2nd October 2017,
      • 9th October 2017,
      • 16th October 2017,
      • 23rd October 2017,
      • 30th October 2017,
      • 6th November 2017,
      • 13th November 2017,
      • 20th November 2017,
      • 27th November 2017,
      • 4th December 2017,
      • 11th December 2017,
      • 18th December 2017
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      Prime Lambs & Prime Hoggs sold weekly at Lancaster at 9am this followed by the sale of Cast Sheep. 

      Weekly sale of Prime Bulls and Clean Cattle at 10.30am.

      Please note there will be no sale on Monday 26th January. Sale to be held on

    • J36 - Prime Stock

      Weekly on Tuesdays at 1.00pm

      • 25th July 2017,
      • 1st August 2017,
      • 8th August 2017,
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      • 15th August 2017,
      • 22nd August 2017,
      • 29th August 2017,
      • 5th September 2017,
      • 12th September 2017,
      • 19th September 2017,
      • 26th September 2017,
      • 3rd October 2017,
      • 10th October 2017,
      • 17th October 2017,
      • 24th October 2017,
      • 31st October 2017,
      • 7th November 2017,
      • 14th November 2017,
      • 21st November 2017,
      • 28th November 2017,
      • 5th December 2017,
      • 12th December 2017,
      • 19th December 2017,
      • 26th December 2017
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      Weekly sale of all classes of Prime Sheep to include Lambs/Hoggs and Cast Sheep.

      Sale to commence at 1pm with Prime Hoggs/Lambs followed by Cast Sheep.

      All prime sheep must have an EID tag.

      The market will be open from 8am with a ballot

    • J36 - Prime Pigs

      at 10.30am

      • 25th July 2017,
      • 22nd August 2017,
      • 26th September 2017,
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      • 24th October 2017,
      • 28th November 2017
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      Sale of Prime Pigs (no stores, weaners or breeding pigs) (sale of prime, stores, weaners & breeding pigs sold on 2nd Tuesday of each month) Please note: vendors and purchasers of PIGS must be pre-registered with BPEX before buying &

    • J36 - Store Lambs

      Fortnighty Thursdays 11am approx

      • 27th July 2017,
      • 10th August 2017,
      • 24th August 2017,
      • show more
      • 8th September 2017,
      • 21st September 2017,
      • 5th October 2017,
      • 19th October 2017,
      • 2nd November 2017,
      • 16th November 2017,
      • 30th November 2017,
      • 14th December 2017
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      All Sheep must be EID Tagged.

      Please advise the office of entries for catalogue 

      Please note that the closing day for catalouged entries is now a Wednesday a week before the sale

      Closing Sale of Store Hoggs will be on Thursday 23rd March 

    • J36 - Special Breeding Sheep Sale

      Thursday 27th July 2017

      • 27th July 2017

      Special Sale of Ewes & Gimmer Shearlings Suitable for Early Breeding Purposes

      Entries close Wednesday 19th July

    • Lancaster - Calves, Stirks, Cast Cows, Store Cattle

      Weekly on Fridays at 10.15am

      • 28th July 2017,
      • 4th August 2017,
      • 11th August 2017,
      • show more
      • 18th August 2017,
      • 25th August 2017,
      • 1st September 2017,
      • 8th September 2017,
      • 15th September 2017,
      • 22nd September 2017,
      • 29th September 2017,
      • 6th October 2017,
      • 13th October 2017,
      • 20th October 2017,
      • 27th October 2017,
      • 3rd November 2017,
      • 10th November 2017,
      • 17th November 2017,
      • 24th November 2017,
      • 1st December 2017,
      • 8th December 2017,
      • 15th December 2017
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      10.15am Weekly Sale of Rearing Calves & Stirks 

      10.15am Cast/Feeding Cows, OTM & Clean Cattle  11.15am Catalogued Sale of Store & Beef Breeding Cattle 

      Entries close 2pm Monday prior to sale


      Friday 22nd September 

      Annual Prize Show

    • Lancaster - Stirks

      Last Friday of each Month commencing 9.45am

      • 28th July 2017,
      • 25th August 2017,
      • 29th September 2017,
      • show more
      • 27th October 2017,
      • 24th November 2017
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      9.45am Special Monthly Sale of Stirks & Young Feeding Bulls  Please ring Ian Atkinson on 07766 521472 for more info

      Friday 27th January - Entries close Monday 23rd January Friday 23rd February - Entries close Monday 20th February Friday

    • J36 - Dairy Cattle

      First Thursday of the Month at 11am

      • 3rd August 2017,
      • 7th September 2017,
      • 5th October 2017,
      • show more
      • 2nd November 2017,
      • 7th December 2017
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      Monthly Catalogued Sale of Dairy Cattle.

      Sales held on the first Thursday of every month.

      Please note the March sale will be held on the second Thursday of the month. 

      Comprising of both Pedigree & Commercial Freshed Calved Cows &

    • J36 - Calves, Stirks, Store Cattle, Cast Cows, OTM & Prime Cattle

      Fortnightly on Thursdays

      • 3rd August 2017,
      • 17th August 2017,
      • 31st August 2017,
      • show more
      • 28th September 2017,
      • 12th October 2017,
      • 26th October 2017,
      • 9th November 2017,
      • 23rd November 2017,
      • 7th December 2017,
      • 21st December 2017
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      Fortnightly Sale of Stirks following Calves. 

      10.30am - Sale of All Classes of Cast/Feeding Cows, OTM & Prime Cattle 

      Followed by TB Restricted Cast Cows, cows to be pre-entered with the Office Prior to Sale Day. DEFRA Approved. 11am -

    • J36 - Beef Breeding Cattle

      First Store Cattle Sale of the Month at 11am

      Monthly Sale of All Classes of Beef Breeding Cattle

      On the first Store Cattle Sale of every Month at 11am following Calves or Dairy Cattle

      For more information please contact the office on 015395 66200

      Thursday 8th June

      NWA Great Annual

    • Lancaster - 'LANCASTER LADS' - Breeding Rams

      Thursday 10th August - Evening

      • 10th August 2017

      Evening Show & Sale of 250 Terminal Sire Breeding Rams

      Entries close Friday 28th July 

      Show at 4pm

      Sale at 6pm

      Show Classes for

      Suffolk Shearling Suffolk Lamb Texel Shearling Texel Lamb Charollais Shearling Charollais Lamb Beltex

    • Lancaster - Store Lambs

      Fortnightly on Fridays at 1.30pm approx

      • 11th August 2017,
      • 25th August 2017,
      • 8th September 2017,
      • show more
      • 22nd September 2017,
      • 7th October 2017,
      • 20th October 2017,
      • 3rd November 2017,
      • 17th November 2017,
      • 1st December 2017,
      • 15th December 2017
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      All Sheep must be EID Tagged.

      Please advise the office of entries for catalogue

    Latest Sales Report

    • Lancaster Monday 24th July 2017

      Posted 24 July 2017
      Spring Lambs The weekly sale of Prime Lambs saw a similar number of lambs forward to the previous week. As seen at sales over the weekend lamb prices slipped with Lancaster finishing at an overall market average of 186p/kg. Lambs that were short of finishing were penalised today with well finished Continental lambs selling around the two pound a kilo mark. Texel Lambs sold to a top of £98 from S Wilson & Son of Scotforth with 45kg smart Texel Lambs from JK & BE Townley of Caton selling to £92 & £90.50. Better bred export type lambs sold between 210 and 220 pence per kilo. Vendors are strongly urged to ensure that Lambs are properly finished to gain full…
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    • Lancaster Friday 21st July 2017

      Posted 21 July 2017
      Store CattleOnce again a large number of Store Cattle forward at Lancaster with the entry being mixed in the terms of quality, well fleshed and good quality cattle yielded a premium. There was plenty of strong short keep cattle selling between £1200-£1400. The trade topped for Limousin Bullocks at £1490 from J Hesketh of Hutton closely followed by JA & LR Wilson of Millom selling to £1480. British Blue Bullocks topped at £1480 from GE Turner of Inglewhite with the Heifer trade topping at £1400 from GE Billington of Garstang with a Charolais. Native Cattle saw Aberdeen Angus Bullocks sell to £1300 from I & ME Askew of New Hutton. Overall…
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    • J36 Thursday 20th July 2017

      Posted 20 July 2017
      Calves and StirksA bumper entry of calves and stirks forward this week with 125 going under the gavel. There was a brisk calf trade once again with a majority of younger entry of calves forward today. Good quality beef calves still sold in excess of the £400 selling to a top of £420 for British Blue bulls from V & EJ Chadwick & Son of Sowerby Lodge with British Blue heifers from the same home selling to £410. Also achieving the £400 was three-week-old Limousin bull calves from B & MJ Nelson of Heversham and British blue bulls from JW & D Robinson & Sons of Carnforth. Black and whites sold to a top of £210 from C Gibson and Son of Burneside…
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    • J36 Tuesday 18th July 2017

      Posted 18 July 2017
      Prime LambsA smaller entry of prime lambs this week then the previous week with many busy among grass with a very similar trade to the previous week with 1310 lambs selling to a market average of 206p/kg. Trade topped at £112 from P & TL Edmondson of Kirkby in Furness for Texel heavy weight lambs with Texel’s from John Young of Lindale selling to £107. Suffolks topped at £105 from Richard Batty of Selside. Best type lambs still selling in excess of 220p/kg topping at 232p/kg for Beltex Lambs from R H M & S Boyren of Ulverston. Mules topped at £83 from Ian Dixon of Low Newton with all Mule Wethers forwards selling to a market average of…
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    • Lancaster Dairy Sale 17th July 2017

      Posted 17 July 2017
      The monthly sale of Dairy Cattle had a catalogue entry of 41 with plenty of interest in the sale following recent milk prices rise and plenty of optimism for the milk prices in the coming months. The pre sale show was kindly judged by Andrew Townsend who had some strong classes to cast his eye over. He awarded the Champion rosette to Lot Number 12 Bleaston Doorman Model from Sam Blease of Dock Acres later selling to £1700 to the Judge. A strong trade was enjoyed with buyers looking to purchase good milky heifers with an impressive twelve selling in excess of £2000. The consignment of In-Milk Heifers from DJ & S Tomlinson of the Bilsrow Herd saw lot number 4 Bilsrow Jeeves…
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    • Lancaster Monday 17th July 2017

      Posted 17 July 2017
      Prime LambsA larger entry of Prime Lambs forward today sold to an overall market average of 207p/kg. It is fantastic to have lambs selling over the £100 mark at this time of year with Suffolks from WN & D Smith of Cockerham and DM Eames of Abbeystead selling to £103. Texel lambs sold to £101 from GA Haston & Son of Galgate. Plenty of pens of Lambs easily selling into the £90’s. Ian Richardson of Goosnargh sold Beltex Lambs to 241p/kg with plenty of pens of quality Texel Lambs selling around the 225p/kg mark. Best Lightweight Lambs saw 34kg Texels sell to £73.50 from D & DW Prickett of Farleton.Only a handful of Mules on the market today saw…
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    • Lancaster Friday 14th July 2017

      Posted 14 July 2017
      Store Cattle There was an impressive number of 320 Store Cattle forward for the weekly sale at Lancaster in which more could of easily been sold with plenty of fresh and returning customers all looking to purchase cattle of all ages and sizes. Once again, a notable consignment of quality Aberdeen Angus cattle from J & H Davis of Cabus sold bullocks to £1510 and £1440. Continental Bullocks sold to a top of £1400 from DE & SM Moorhouse of Natland. There were 48 Bullocks which sold in excess of £1200. Continental Heifers topped at £1200 from Ballacutchel Farms. Black and White trade remains buoyant with buyers looking to purchase fit well fleshed cattle…
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    • J36 Thursday 13th July 2017

      Posted 13 July 2017
      Store Lambs The opening sale of Store Lambs at J36 saw triple the entry to the same sale last year. A mixed entry of lambs in terms of size and variety with large lambs in strong demand and eagerly bid for with longer term lambs harder to place but people eager to purchase them. In comparison to last year’s sale vendors who had sheep forward last year and this year, saw their trade up on the year. The trade topped at £84.50 for Suffolk lambs from GJ & CA Penellum of Millom, with shapely Texel lambs selling to £78 and £74.50. Suffolk Mules sold to a top of £72.50 from Tom Beaty of Troutbeck. Next sale of store lambs to include early breeding sheep will…
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    • J36 Tuesday 11th July 2017

      Posted 11 July 2017
      Pigs The monthly sale of all types of pigs had the smallest entry of pigs seen for some time with many vendors, away at other events including the Great Yorkshire Show. There was plenty of interest from buyers for all types of pigs leading for a strong trade from start to finish. Prime pigs sold to a top of £180 for 145kg pigs from George Hargreave of Quernmore with 91kg from Richard Corlett of Cockermouth selling to £150. Cast sows from J Woodburn and partners sold to a top of £155. Only a handful of weaners in the market sold to £75 from A Fox of Eskdale. Prime lambs The weekly sale of prime lambs had the largest show of the season to date with 1,706 forward…
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      We’ve got to that time of year again when our Show Caravan will be out and about at Agricultural Shows around the area.This year we will be attending Great Eccleston Show – 15th & 16th…
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      NWA Property offered three lots of land on Capernwray Road, Over Kellet by auction on Tuesday, 20th June and the following results were achieved. Lot 1 sold for £200,000, an average of…
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