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    • Lancaster - Sheep with Lambs at Foot

      Weekly on Mondays from 6th March at 11am

      Weekly Sale of Sheep with Lambs at Foot

      Please advise the office of entries 

      Monday 8th May

      Annual Prize Show & Sale of Hoggs with Lambs at Foot

      Show Classes for

      Pen of 5 Mule Hoggs with Single Lambs Pen of 5 Continental/Suffolk Hoggs

    • Lancaster - Prime Stock

      Weekly on Mondays at 9.00am

      • 26th June 2017,
      • 3rd July 2017,
      • 10th July 2017,
      • show more
      • 17th July 2017,
      • 24th July 2017,
      • 31st July 2017,
      • 7th August 2017,
      • 14th August 2017,
      • 21st August 2017,
      • 28th August 2017,
      • 4th September 2017,
      • 11th September 2017,
      • 18th September 2017,
      • 25th September 2017,
      • 2nd October 2017,
      • 9th October 2017,
      • 16th October 2017,
      • 23rd October 2017,
      • 30th October 2017,
      • 6th November 2017,
      • 13th November 2017,
      • 20th November 2017,
      • 27th November 2017,
      • 4th December 2017,
      • 11th December 2017,
      • 18th December 2017
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      Prime Lambs & Prime Hoggs sold weekly at Lancaster at 9am this followed by the sale of Cast Sheep. 

      Weekly sale of Prime Bulls and Clean Cattle at 10.30am.

      Please note there will be no sale on Monday 26th January. Sale to be held on

    • J36 - Prime Stock

      Weekly on Tuesdays at 1.00pm

      • 27th June 2017,
      • 4th July 2017,
      • 11th July 2017,
      • show more
      • 18th July 2017,
      • 25th July 2017,
      • 1st August 2017,
      • 8th August 2017,
      • 15th August 2017,
      • 22nd August 2017,
      • 29th August 2017,
      • 5th September 2017,
      • 12th September 2017,
      • 19th September 2017,
      • 26th September 2017,
      • 3rd October 2017,
      • 10th October 2017,
      • 17th October 2017,
      • 24th October 2017,
      • 31st October 2017,
      • 7th November 2017,
      • 14th November 2017,
      • 21st November 2017,
      • 28th November 2017,
      • 5th December 2017,
      • 12th December 2017,
      • 19th December 2017,
      • 26th December 2017
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      Weekly sale of all classes of Prime Sheep to include Lambs/Hoggs and Cast Sheep.

      Sale to commence at 1pm with Prime Hoggs/Lambs followed by Cast Sheep.

      All prime sheep must have an EID tag.

      The market will be open from 8am with a ballot

    • J36 - Sheep with Lambs at Foot

      Weekly on Tuesday from 7th March at 11am

      Weekly Sale of Ewes, Shearlings & Hoggs with Lambs at Foot

      Sale at 11am

      Please advise the office of entries 

      Tuesday 9th May - Change of time to 10am

      Great Annual Show & Sale of Hoggs with Lambs at Foot

      Classes for

      Pen of 5 Mule Hoggs

    • J36 - Prime Pigs

      at 10.30am

      • 27th June 2017,
      • 25th July 2017,
      • 22nd August 2017,
      • show more
      • 26th September 2017,
      • 24th October 2017,
      • 28th November 2017
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      Sale of Prime Pigs (no stores, weaners or breeding pigs) (sale of prime, stores, weaners & breeding pigs sold on 2nd Tuesday of each month) Please note: vendors and purchasers of PIGS must be pre-registered with BPEX before buying &

    • Lancaster - Calves, Stirks, Cast Cows, Store Cattle

      Weekly on Fridays at 10.15am

      • 30th June 2017,
      • 7th July 2017,
      • 14th July 2017,
      • show more
      • 21st July 2017,
      • 28th July 2017,
      • 4th August 2017,
      • 11th August 2017,
      • 18th August 2017,
      • 25th August 2017,
      • 1st September 2017,
      • 8th September 2017,
      • 15th September 2017,
      • 22nd September 2017,
      • 29th September 2017,
      • 6th October 2017,
      • 13th October 2017,
      • 20th October 2017,
      • 27th October 2017,
      • 3rd November 2017,
      • 10th November 2017,
      • 17th November 2017,
      • 24th November 2017,
      • 1st December 2017,
      • 8th December 2017,
      • 15th December 2017
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      10.15am Weekly Sale of Rearing Calves & Stirks 

      10.15am Cast/Feeding Cows, OTM & Clean Cattle  11.15am Catalogued Sale of Store & Beef Breeding Cattle 

      Entries close 2pm Monday prior to sale


      Friday 22nd September 

      Annual Prize Show

    • Lancaster - Stirks

      Last Friday of each Month commencing 9.45am

      • 30th June 2017,
      • 28th July 2017,
      • 25th August 2017,
      • show more
      • 29th September 2017,
      • 27th October 2017,
      • 24th November 2017
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      9.45am Special Monthly Sale of Stirks & Young Feeding Bulls  Please ring Ian Atkinson on 07766 521472 for more info

      Friday 27th January - Entries close Monday 23rd January Friday 23rd February - Entries close Monday 20th February Friday

    • J36 - Poultry & Waterfowl

      Saturday 1st July at 2pm

      • 1st July 2017,
      • 26th August 2017,
      • 2nd December 2017
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      We are pleased to annouce that we are holding a poultry sale on Saturday 1st July


      This is not a catalouged sale but vendors will have to inform us either verbally or by filling out the

    • J36 - Machinery Sales

      Collective Sale of Tractors, Machinery, Implements & Small Tools at 10.30am

      • 1st July 2017,
      • 12th August 2017,
      • 2nd September 2017,
      • show more
      • 7th October 2017,
      • 4th November 2017,
      • 2nd December 2017
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      Collective Sale of Tractors, Farm Machinery, Equipment, Tools & Timber

      Items can be unloaded the day before the sale day strictly between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

      The yard gates will open at 7am for unloading on the sale day.


    • J36 - Dairy Cattle

      First Thursday of the Month at 11am

      • 6th July 2017,
      • 3rd August 2017,
      • 7th September 2017,
      • show more
      • 5th October 2017,
      • 2nd November 2017,
      • 7th December 2017
      • show less

      Monthly Catalogued Sale of Dairy Cattle.

      Sales held on the first Thursday of every month.

      Please note the March sale will be held on the second Thursday of the month. 

      Comprising of both Pedigree & Commercial Freshed Calved Cows &

    • J36 - Calves, Stirks, Store Cattle, Cast Cows, OTM & Prime Cattle

      Fortnightly on Thursdays

      • 6th July 2017,
      • 20th July 2017,
      • 3rd August 2017,
      • show more
      • 17th August 2017,
      • 31st August 2017,
      • 28th September 2017,
      • 12th October 2017,
      • 26th October 2017,
      • 9th November 2017,
      • 23rd November 2017,
      • 7th December 2017,
      • 21st December 2017
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      Fortnightly Sale of Stirks following Calves. 

      10.30am - Sale of All Classes of Cast/Feeding Cows, OTM & Prime Cattle 

      Followed by TB Restricted Cast Cows, cows to be pre-entered with the Office Prior to Sale Day. DEFRA Approved. 11am -

    • J36 - Beef Breeding Cattle

      First Store Cattle Sale of the Month at 11am

      • 6th July 2017,
      • 3rd August 2017,
      • 12th October 2017,
      • show more
      • 9th November 2017,
      • 7th December 2017
      • show less

      Monthly Sale of All Classes of Beef Breeding Cattle

      On the first Store Cattle Sale of every Month at 11am following Calves or Dairy Cattle

      For more information please contact the office on 015395 66200

      Thursday 8th June

      NWA Great Annual

    Latest Sales Report

    • Lancaster Friday 23rd June 2017

      Posted 23 June 2017
      Store Cattle There was another good number of store cattle forward, especially for the time of year, with a strong trade throughout for nearly finished cattle and younger grazing types were, as well, in strong demand at Lancaster and in short supply. Topping the trade today was a trio of Angus bullocks from Joe Davis of Weavers Farm selling to £1560. Continental bullocks saw Charolais sell to £1450 from A & E Clarkson of Cock Hall and British Blues to £1440 from GE Turner of Scotch Green. Topping the heifers was Harry Morgan of West Lynn selling Limousins to £1420. Beef bred bullocks sold to a market average in the mid eleven hundreds. Black and white bullocks…
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    • J36 Thursday 22nd June 2017

      Posted 22 June 2017
      Calves The fortnightly sale of Calves & Stirks had an entry of 55 forward with the largest proportion of beef calves seen for some time. The day’s trade topped at £460 for a Charolais bull calf born on the 26 May from Colby Farms of Appleby, who also won the £50 Voucher presented by Genus for the highest priced calf sold in June. A very young entry of beef calves saw bulls and best types of heifers selling in and around the £300 mark. A typical entry of young black and whites for Junction 36 met strong demand with fortnight to three week old rearers selling between £60 and £90. The Stirk trade remains strong with many purchasers looking for stirks…
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    • J36 Tuesday 20th June 2017

      Posted 20 June 2017
      Spring Lambs There was a slightly reduced number of 1007 Spring Lambs forward this morning with farmers taking advantage of the good weather. The national average across the country has been 224p/kg and Junction 36 overall averaged was 226p/kg today, beating many local centres. Topping today’s market was BC Dawson of Milton for a Texel Lamb reaching £118 and again achieved by P Stephenson of Settle for a Suffolk. Top price per kilo was topped by lightweight lambs from EM Standing of Witherslack reaching 269p/kg for a pen of 15 Charollais lambs weighing 33kg.Heavyweight lambs were high in demand seeing a market average of 236p/kg. Texel Lambs out of Mules topped at £116…
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    • Lancaster Dairy Sale Monday 19th June 2017

      Posted 19 June 2017
      The monthly show and sale of Dairy had a catalogued entry of 40, a bumper entry on the June Dairy sale last year. The pre-sale show was kindly judged by Mr Aubrey Greenhalgh of Elswick who awarded the Champion Rosette to Heifer ‘Carwood Mincio Strawberry 2’ forward from B & V Swann of Brindle. The heifer, noted as being 40 days calved and giving 30kgs, went on to achieve £2000. Reserve Champion was awarded to ‘Bilsrow Regent Jackie’ from DJ & S Tomlinson of Preston which also went on to achieve best pair of heifers with ‘Bilsrow Goodwhone Sarene 2’. ‘Bilsrow Regent Jackie’ later in the sale went on to achieve…
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    • Lancaster Monday 19th June 2017

      Posted 19 June 2017
      Spring Lambs Another large entry of Spring Lambs at Lancaster again sold to an overall market average of 216p/kg. Achieving the top price of the day was S Wilson & Son of Scotforth selling heavy weight Texel lambs to £112, this was closely followed by J & R Waller of Killington selling 44kg Texel lambs to £108. Suffolk lambs sold to £106 for 43kg lambs from AG Butler of Hambleton. Heavy weight lambs in short supply today with 43kg+ lambs needed to meet the demand. Top price per kilo was 250p/kg for Texel lambs from S Wilson & Son of Scotforth with smart export type lambs regularly selling between the 240 and 250p/kg mark. Prime Hoggs A small entry of Hoggs…
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    • Lancaster Friday 16th June 2017

      Posted 16 June 2017
      Store Cattle There was, once again, a good entry of Store Cattle for the time of year at Lancaster with a catalogue entry of just short of 300 and nearly 20% of those cattle selling in excess of £1200. There was a strong trade seen, again, throughout for all specifications of cattle. Topping the trade today was CW Holt of Thornton Cleveleys selling Angus Bullocks to £1550 and £1480. Limousin Bullocks sold to a top of £1460 from S Jackson of Overton. Topping the Heifer trade today was Craig and Hannah Mason of Caton selling a Limousin heifer selling to £1440 which is also the highest priced heifer so far this year. There was another strong trade for Black…
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    • J36 Tuesday 13th June 2017

      Posted 14 June 2017
      Spring Lambs There was the largest entry of Spring Lambs this season so far with 1095 going under the gavel. As seen nationwide lambs prices have slipped with Junction 36 averaging 234p/kg beating many local centres on the day. Once again, top quality lambs were easily sold and more could have been sold and to the advantage of the vendor. Topping the trade was JA & VM Lamb of Conder Green selling Beltex lambs to 283p/kg or £116. Suffolk lambs sold to a top of £114 from D Metcalfe of Dalton in Furness and Suffolk Mules sold to £110 from R & J Dodgson of Natland. Texels topped at £111 from KR & CR Williamson of Beckfoot. A large entry of lightweight…
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    • Lancaster Monday 12th June 2017

      Posted 12 June 2017
      Spring Lamb Numbers Still on the Increase at Lancaster Spring Lambs The weekly sale of Spring Lambs had the largest entry of the season, so far, with 816 forward selling to the continued strong trade. An overall market average of 234p/kg was achieved, in keeping with the national averages at the end of the previous week, especially with more lambs coming available on the market. Best types of lambs are still easily selling in excess of the £100 mark with the trade topping at £109 for a pen of Texel lambs from JE & J Pye & Son of Quernmore. Beltex Lambs from AG Butler of Hambleton and PD Anderton of Scorton sold to £108. Top pence per kilo went to AG Butler of…
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    • Lancaster Friday 9th June 2017

      Posted 09 June 2017
      The Strong Trade Continues for Stores at Lancaster Store Cattle A larger entry of stores forward for this week’s sale, selling to the continued strong trade with an active ring of buyers looking to purchase all specifications of cattle. Once again, numerous cattle were selling in excess of £1400, topping at £1470 for Charolais Bullocks from JA & LR Wilson of Millom with Continental bullocks from the same good home selling to £1440. Native Cattle saw Angus Bullocks sell to £1440 from GR & A Foy of Conder Green. Strong Bullocks continue to sell easily in excess of £1300. Topping the Heifer market today was H & C Pickervance of Kirkham selling…
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      We’ve got to that time of year again when our Show Caravan will be out and about at Agricultural Shows around the area.This year we will be attending Great Eccleston Show – 15th & 16th…
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    • Auction Sale results

      By Gillian Ellis, 21 June 2017 – 
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      NWA Property offered three lots of land on Capernwray Road, Over Kellet by auction on Tuesday, 20th June and the following results were achieved. Lot 1 sold for £200,000, an average of…
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