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    • Lancaster - Prime Stock

      Weekly on Mondays at 9.00am

      • 25th September 2017,
      • 2nd October 2017,
      • 9th October 2017,
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      • 16th October 2017,
      • 23rd October 2017,
      • 30th October 2017,
      • 6th November 2017,
      • 13th November 2017,
      • 20th November 2017,
      • 27th November 2017,
      • 4th December 2017,
      • 11th December 2017,
      • 18th December 2017
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      Prime Lambs & Prime Hoggs sold weekly at Lancaster at 9am this followed by the sale of Cast Sheep. 

      Weekly sale of Prime Bulls and Clean Cattle at 10.30am.


      Monday 11th December 

      Christmas Show & Sale of Prime Lambs & Prime Cattle

    • J36 - Prime Stock

      Weekly on Tuesdays at 1.00pm

      • 26th September 2017,
      • 3rd October 2017,
      • 10th October 2017,
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      • 17th October 2017,
      • 24th October 2017,
      • 31st October 2017,
      • 7th November 2017,
      • 14th November 2017,
      • 21st November 2017,
      • 28th November 2017,
      • 5th December 2017,
      • 12th December 2017,
      • 19th December 2017,
      • 26th December 2017
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      Weekly sale of all classes of Prime Sheep to include Lambs/Hoggs and Cast Sheep.

      Sale to commence at 1pm with Prime Hoggs/Lambs followed by Cast Sheep.

      All prime sheep must have an EID tag.

      The market will be open from 8am with a ballot

    • J36 - Prime Pigs

      at 10.30am

      • 26th September 2017,
      • 24th October 2017,
      • 28th November 2017
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      Sale of Prime Pigs (no stores, weaners or breeding pigs) (sale of prime, stores, weaners & breeding pigs sold on 2nd Tuesday of each month) Please note: vendors and purchasers of PIGS must be pre-registered with BPEX before buying &

    • J36 - Calves, Stirks, Store Cattle, Cast Cows, OTM & Prime Cattle

      Fortnightly on Thursdays

      • 28th September 2017,
      • 12th October 2017,
      • 26th October 2017,
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      • 9th November 2017,
      • 23rd November 2017,
      • 7th December 2017,
      • 21st December 2017
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      Fortnightly Sale of Stirks following Calves. 

      10.30am - Sale of All Classes of Cast/Feeding Cows, OTM & Prime Cattle 

      Followed by TB Restricted Cast Cows, cows to be pre-entered with the Office Prior to Sale Day. DEFRA Approved. 11am -

    • Lancaster - Calves, Stirks, Cast Cows, Store Cattle

      Weekly on Fridays at 10.15am

      • 29th September 2017,
      • 6th October 2017,
      • 13th October 2017,
      • show more
      • 20th October 2017,
      • 27th October 2017,
      • 3rd November 2017,
      • 10th November 2017,
      • 17th November 2017,
      • 24th November 2017,
      • 1st December 2017,
      • 8th December 2017,
      • 15th December 2017
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      10.15am Weekly Sale of Rearing Calves & Stirks 

      10.15am Cast/Feeding Cows, OTM & Clean Cattle  11.15am Catalogued Sale of Store & Beef Breeding Cattle 

      Entries close 2pm Monday prior to sale


      Friday 22nd September 

      Annual Prize Show

    • Lancaster - Stirks

      Last Friday of each Month commencing 9.45am

      • 29th September 2017,
      • 27th October 2017,
      • 24th November 2017
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      9.45am Special Monthly Sale of Stirks & Young Feeding Bulls  Please ring Ian Atkinson on 07766 521472 for more info

      Friday 27th January - Entries close Monday 23rd January Friday 23rd February - Entries close Monday 20th February Friday

    • J36 - Bluefaced Leicester Rams & Females

      Monday 2nd October - Evening Sale

      • 2nd October 2017

      Annual Show &Sale of Registered & Unregistered Bluefaced Leicester Rams & Females 

      Sale at 5pm

      Entries close Monday 18th September  

    • J36 - Dairy Cattle

      First Thursday of the Month at 11am

      • 5th October 2017,
      • 2nd November 2017,
      • 7th December 2017
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      Monthly Catalogued Sale of Dairy Cattle.

      Sales held on the first Thursday of every month.

      Comprising of both Pedigree & Commercial Freshed Calved Cows & Heifers, Bulling Heifers and Youngstock from Local Farms.

      Dairy entry form is

    • J36 - Store Lambs

      Fortnighty on Thursdays at 11am

      • 5th October 2017,
      • 19th October 2017,
      • 2nd November 2017,
      • show more
      • 16th November 2017,
      • 30th November 2017,
      • 14th December 2017
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      All Sheep must be EID Tagged.

      Please advise the office of entries for catalogue 

      Please note that the closing day for catalouged entries is now a Wednesday a week before the sale

    • J36 - Second Sale of Gimmer Lambs

      Thursday 5th October 2017

      • 5th October 2017

      Second Sale of Mule, Masham & Continental Gimer Lambs

      Entries close Wednesday 27th September 

    • J36 - Machinery Sales

      Collective Sale of Tractors, Machinery, Implements & Small Tools at 10.30am

      • 7th October 2017,
      • 4th November 2017,
      • 2nd December 2017
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      Collective Sale of Tractors, Farm Machinery, Equipment, Tools & Timber

      Items can be unloaded the day before the sale day strictly between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

      The yard gates will open at 7am for unloading on the sale day.


    • Lancaster - Store Lambs

      Fortnightly on Fridays at 1.30pm approx

      • 7th October 2017,
      • 20th October 2017,
      • 3rd November 2017,
      • show more
      • 17th November 2017,
      • 1st December 2017,
      • 15th December 2017
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      All Sheep must be EID Tagged.

      Please advise the office of entries for catalogue

    Latest Sales Report

    • Lancaster Friday 22nd September 2017

      Posted 25 September 2017
      Store Cattle Another large catalogued entry of 473 Cattle was forward for the Annual Show and Sale of Store Bullocks. The sale saw a mixed show of cattle forward with quality and meaty cattle selling to a premium. This morning’s show of pens of 4 Continental Bullocks was kindly judged by Barry Dunkley of Ripon. The Champion pen was awarded to Stuart and Joan Cornthwaite, Lane House for a pen of Limousin Bullocks selling to £1300. Second Prize also was also awarded to Stuart and Joan Cornthwaite for a mixed pen of Limousin and Blonde Bullocks selling to £1380. Third prize was awarded to RG & H Preece, Thornbush selling a pen of Limousin Bullocks to…
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    • J36 Thursday 21st September 2017

      Posted 21 September 2017
      Store Lambs The fortnightly sale of store lambs had an increased entry than catalogued, with an entry of 2,000 forward. The trade was stronger than expected with the prime lamb trade slipping like it has this week. Strong short keep lambs were well bid for topping at £70.50 and £67.50 for Texel lambs from JH Wilson of Settle. Beltex lambs sold to a top of £71 from LM & C Whitaker of Kirkby in Furness. Strong, well-fleshed Texels sold in excess of the £60 mark. Cheviot Mule lambs sold to a top of £59 from RI Dixon of Low Newton with Mules from the same home selling to £58. Strong fleshed Mule store lambs sold in the mid to late fifties region…
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    • J36 Tuesday 19th September 2017

      Posted 20 September 2017
      Prime Lambs There was a smaller entry of prime lambs forward this week with the drastic drop in the price at start of this week and with the better weather, people are taking the opportunity to get some grass. Lambs were a slightly sharper trade then the previous day’s trade selling to a market average of 154p/kg. Export type and Beltex lambs were good to sell topping at 213p/kg from Ian Little of Barrows Green with plenty of pens of that type selling either side of 190p/kg. Heavy weight Suffolks sold to a top of £99 from JM Sedgwick of Sedbergh with heavy weight and best bred lambs selling into the eighties. Heavy weight Mule lambs sold to a top of £75.50 from ST &…
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    • J36 Pedigree Beltex Rams & Females - Friday 15th September 2017

      Posted 20 September 2017
      North West Auctions held the annual show and sale of Beltex sheep on Friday evening, which attracted customers from across the region. A catalogue entry of 38 forward for the sale met a buoyant trade throughout for the females forward, with a selective trade for the males. The pre-sale show was expertly judged by Bradley Thompson of Selside, who awarded the champion rosette to Ann Moss, Barnard Castle with her gimmer shearling, ‘Holmebeck Barbie’, sired by ‘Bardnaheigh Torque’ that went onto sell for the top price of the evening of 1,000gns. The run of gimmer shearlings forward from Messrs Moss went on to average 757gns. Rams sold to a top price of 1000gns also from…
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    • Lancaster Dairy Sale - Monday 18th September 2017

      Posted 19 September 2017
      A fantastic entry of 49 Newly Calved Dairy Cattle and Holstein Bulls were forward for Septembers Dairy Sale at Lancaster. Judging this month was conducted by Mr Raymond Wharton of Segbushwell, he awarded the Champion ticket to the first prize non-halter led heifer, ‘Liscabank Ashley Sweet 2’ forward from AB&J Parkinson & Son, Liscoe Farm and the Reserve honours to ‘Bleaston Doorman Pauline’ from S Blease, The Barn. Our thanks must go to the judge, Mr Wharton for his time and expertise and to the generous support of our sponsors, Wynnstay. Leading the way in the Newly Calved Heifer section was ‘Pennine Peace 703’ forward from Drinkall B7ros,…
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    • Lancaster Monday 18th Septemeber 2017

      Posted 19 September 2017
      Prime Lambs A difficult task this morning placing lambs in the sale ring at Lancaster this morning with an overall average of 149.33p/kg for a smaller show. Top price of the day was £85, forward from GR Newsham, Sellerley Fields for heavy Texel Lambs, with top price per kilo noted at 186p/kg from K Whitaker & Son Ltd of Stirzakers Farm. Cast Ewes A smaller show of Cast Ewes forward this week. Top price for a Cast Ram at £102 coming from JA Simpson of Millstones. Ewes topping at £98 from PD Anderton of Wyre Farm. Top Prices: Prime Lambs: DORS: £58.50 Corney Hill Farm. SUFF: £74.50 Lundholme Farm, Beaumont Gate, £74 Hallbeck, £70 Hall Croft…
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    • Lancaster Gimmer Lambs - Wednesday 13th September 2017

      Posted 15 September 2017
      The annual show and sale of Mule and Continental gimmer lambs at Lancaster Auction, to include NEMSA member lambs was held on Wednesday 13th September. The pre-sale show saw the judging conducted by Harold Keast of Devon and Kevin Sowerby of Appleby. There was double figures put before the judges to cast their eye over, with the first prized rosette being awarded to Alan, Kim, Chris and Philip Pye of Dunkenshaw Farm. The second prize rosette for the pen of 10 was awarded to Wes, Ann, Colin and Bob Cornall of Bank Farm who also took the first prized rosette with pens of twenty. The trade topped at £150 for the first prized pen from the Pye Family, this was closely followed by Steven…
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    • Lancaster Friday 15th September 2017

      Posted 15 September 2017
      Store Cattle There was a fantastic catalogue entry of 483 Store Cattle this week. The day’s trade was topped at £1500 for an Aberdeen Angus Bullock from CB Heald and Son of Ingleton which was closely followed by JD & GM Bracken of Garstang selling a pair of Angus Bullocks to £1490. Bullocks from RH Dodgson of Burton in Kendal sold to £1480 for a Charolais and £1440 for a Limousin. A large consignment of Charolais Bullocks from P & R Galligan of Woodford saw a pair top at £1390. Aberdeen Angus Heifers sold to £1330 from JD & GM Bracken of Garstang. Black and White Bullocks sold to £1270 from WS Burrow & Son of…
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    • J36 Tuesday 12th September 2017

      Posted 13 September 2017
      Pigs There was the largest entry of prime pigs seen at J36 for some time with nearly seventy forward. Good confirmation and well fleshed gilts and hogs in strong demand with boars and leaner types harder to place. Vendors are urged to castrate their pigs where possible to achieve the premium prices. Pigs sold to a top of £135 or 142p/kg from EA Harrison of Scarside Farm for prime gilts. Cast boars and sows sold to a strong trade with well meated pigs eagerly sought after, selling to £140 for a sow from James Andrew of Firtree Cottage. A smaller show of store and weaner pigs in the market today, all being eagerly bid for. Stores sold to a good price throughout topping at…
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    • Say Hello To Our Two New Faces...

      By Olivia Muir, 06 September 2017 – 
      Blog image
      Emily Warin Emily joined the team in 2017 as a Land Agent having obtained her RICS accreditation in 2016 and she is currently working towards her CAAV exams. Having graduated from Harper Adams University…
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    • Gimmer Lamb Closing Dates

      By Olivia Muir, 16 August 2017 – 
      GIMMER LAMB SALES Entries for all our Gimmer Lamb Sales close Friday 18th August, make sure you phone the office with your entries J36 - Friday 8th September - Ambleside Fair Annual Show & Sale of…
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