J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock - Tuesday 14th April

Prime Pigs

The dedicated sale for Prime and Cull Pigs saw a full row forward selling to a competitive trade with buyer’s keen to secure pigs to fulfil orders. Prime pigs sold to a top price of £128 for Pietrain x boars from NJ Wilkinson, Barrow in Furness. This was closely followed by prime Large White gilts from T Hornsby, Silloth selling at £125 which was also achieved for a Pietrain x gilt, again from NJ Wilkinson. Other heavy weight prime pigs generally selling to £110 to £122 with lighter weight pigs selling to £92 for Middle White x gilts and hogs from B Harrison, Windermere. A top pence per kilo today of 120p/kg was achieved for Pietrain x gilts from NJ Wilkinson with others well-finished pigs regularly 105p/kg to 115p/kg. Lighter weight pigs sold to 115p/kg from BR Harrison, Windermere. Prime gilts and hogs continue to sell to a premium with buyers showing caution towards boars and under-finished pigs.

Several cull sows forward today sold to a top price of £145 from Mrs W Stamper, Chipping with others at £122 from AJ & EJ Platt, Barrow in Furness. Top pence per kilo being 68p/kg, again, from AJ & EJ Platt who also sold a cull boar at £128 or 51p/kg.

Thank you to all vendors for continuing to support this sale. We will continue to hold a dedicated sale for Prime and Cull pigs on the regular sale patterned with the next sale being on Tuesday 28th April. Please contact the office with entries to assist with contacting buyers.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we are not permitted to sell store and weaner in the auction, however, we are able to facilitate the sale of through our private sale service, we have customers looking for weaners and stores so please contact Matthew Probert on 07540 446667.

Spring Lambs

The weekly sale of Spring Lambs had a reduced entry of 13 forward this week selling to a similar trade to the previous week. There was an overall market of 252p/kg achieved with an SQQ of 260p/kg or £106.85 a head. Charollais Spring Lambs sold to a top of £112 from A & B Fell, Millom with Suffolks from the same home selling to £108. The consignment of Suffolk lambs from MJ Waller, Lupton sold to £107 and £106 twice.

Prime Hoggs

The weekly sale of Prime Hoggs had increased entry of 1296 selling to an increased trade as seen nationwide. There was a strong market average of 214p/kg with an SQQ of 229p/kg with handy weighted hoggs weighing between 32-39kg in very strong demand, averaging 237p/kg. This is a very strong market average considering 51.2% were hill bred hoggs. As seen nationwide, heavy weight hoggs are still a sticky trade but there was a noticeable improvement in trade today saw them regularly selling at 200p/kg with best conformation ones selling easily beyond this.

The trade topped at £115 for 45kg Texel hoggs from AT Alcock, Inskip purchased by good market supporters Plumgarths Farm Shop. This was followed by Blue Texels to £114.50 and Texels to £112.50. Plenty of pen of heavy weight hoggs sold between £105 and £112. Heavy weight Mules topped at £105 with other pens of Mules selling one hundreds. Horned hoggs topped at £99.50 weighing 46kg from V & EJ Chadwick & Sons, Sowerby this was closely followed by Scottish Blackface selling to £99. Hoggs peaked at 268p/kg AT Alcock followed by 263p/kg from S Harryman, Keswick. J Fryars, Kirkham sold Charollais to 263p/kg and Beltex to 262p/kg.

Cast Ewes

There was an entry of 482 cast sheep forward for the weekly sale at J36. There was another excellent entry of ewes and rams which met another exceptional demand to return an average of £89.59 for ewes and £93.56 for rams. Taking into account that todays entry consisted of over 44% hill type sheep, once again, showing we have customers for all breeds and qualities and our averages are facts!

Texels led the way with GB Holt, Rossendale selling to £146, JS & KM Wilson & Son, Helsington sold to £146, G Nelson, Brigsteer sold to £134 and SP Pease, Kikrby Lonsdale sold to £132. Continental x sheep sold well with J Woodburn & Partners, Ulverston selling to £146 with others at £142, £138 and £129. Messrs W Garnett & Son, Ackenthwaite sold Continentals to £128. Suffolks sold to £141 from DM & D Cook, Ulverston with The Inman Family, Witherslack selling to £131. RF & CE Hodgson, Pennington sold Suffolks to £131, GM Redmayne, Ings sold to £129 and GB Holt sold to £128. Beltex ewes from G Nelson sold to £134. Zwartble ewes from AJ Bateman, Lowgill sold to £140. Charollais ewes from CA & J Alty & Sons, Warton sold to £136 with BR Harrison, Windermere selling to £136 and £129. M & D Hatton, Broughton sold Charollais to £125. North Country were, again, very good to sell with P Stephenson, Rathmell selling to £123 with W Garnett & Son, Milnthorpe sold to £113. GB Holt sold to £111 and MW & M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell sold to £110. Cheviots from SP Pease, Kirkby Lonsdale sold to £121, Stockdale Farms sold to £119, G, GU & D Swarbrick, Meathop sold to £113.

Scottish Blackface from JF Cook, Witherslack sold to £105, Rough Fells from MW & M Hodgson, Cartmel Fell sold to £104. Bluefaced Leicesters sold to £119 from WA Hodgson, Whinfell, JF Cook sold to £112, J & JA Burrow, Grayrigg sold to £111 and RI Dixon, Newton sold to £111. A Teeswater from DE & J Waine, Longsleddale sold to £11.

There was 106 Swaledale ewes forward which sold to a tremendous average of £71.94. Leading the way today was J & JA Burrow selling to £95 with Drinkall Bros, Over Wyresdale selling to £92. RM & D Dixon, Longsleddale sold to £87 with DJ Clarke, Underbarrow, GJ Ibbetson, Roeburndale also at the same money.

Cull rams were very well sold today with Drinkall Bros selling a Charollais x Beltex to £135. Texels from WT Whitaker & Son, Nether Kellet selling to £130. KR & CA Wilkinson, Kirkby Lonsdale sold Texels to £121. Teeswater tups from Messrs DE & J Waine sold to £117. Leicesters from the Inman Family, Witherslack sold to £118 twice with Suffolks from JF Cook, Witherslack selling to £112.

24 Suffolks to £141 av. £123.13
57 Continentals to £146 av. £111.98
128 Mules to £123 av. £83.43
106 Swaledales to £95 av. £71.94
28 Texels to £146 av. £113.71
48 Cheviots to £121 av. £93.29
6 Charollais to £136 av. £122.67
8 Rough Fells to £104 av. £84
7 Bluefaced Leicesters to £119 av. £110.71
27 Herdwicks to £76 av. £56.19
1 Zwartble to £140 av. £140
1 Beltex to £134 av. £134

Top Prices

Spring Lambs

Cheviot £112 Hodgsons Green Farm. Suffolk £108 Hodgsons Green Farm, £107, £106 Carlingwha, £106 Hodgsons Green Farm.

Prime Hoggs

Texel £115 Carr House Farm, £112.50 Home Farm, £111 Keskadale, £109 Swallowmire, Tabley House Farm. Beltex £110 Medlar Hall Farm, £105, £104 Keskadale. Charollais £105 Ashtree Cottage, £101 High Foulshaw Farm, £100 Medlar Hall Farm, £96.50 Tullithwaite Hall, £95.50 Poppy Farm. Suffolk £104 Home Farm, £102 Longfield Manor, £101 Home Farm, £100 Smithy Green Farm. Mule £103 Sowerby Lodge, Medlar Hall Farm, £100 Red Scar Farm, £99.50 KeskadaleContinental £100 Harbarrow Farm, £99 Home Farm, Kate Farm, £97 Harbarrow Farm. Horned £99.50, £95.50 Sowerby Lodge, £93 Poppy Farm, £91 Home Farm, £85 Low Fields. Cheviot £98.50 Poppy Farm, £98 Whinfield Farm, £97 Hartrigg. Herdwick £97 The Galleon, £96.50, £95.50 Brookfield, £93, £91 High Birk Howe Farm. Blue Texel £96 Small Holding. Rough Fell £95 Millriggs, £91 Rash Mill Cottage, £88.50, £84 Bradley Hill Farm. Masham £94 Home Farm. Leicester £93.50 Swallowmire, £90, £88 Strickland Hill. Teeswater £93, £91 Murthwaite. Dalesbred £92.50 Langdale, £90 Calderside Farm. Scottish Blackface £92.50 Moss House Farm, £84.50 Bradley Hill Farm. Swaledale £91 Wilcock Farm, £88 Wads Howe, £87.50 Guest Ford, £84 Rowe End Farm, Higher Salter. Kerry Hill £88 Low Fields. Jacob £84 Medlar Hall Farm.

Cast Ewes

Texel £146 Great House Farm, £145 High House, £134 Lane House Farm, £134 Lane House Farm, £132 The Courtyard, £130 Tailbert. Continental £146, £142, £138, £129 Mansrigg Hall, £128 Ackenthwaite Farm. Suffolk £141 Smithy Green Farm, £131 Strickland Hill, Rowe End Farm, £129 Gowan Bank, £128 Great House Farm. Zwartble £140 Ivy House. Charollais £136 Moss Head House, £136, £129 The Old Vicarage, £125, £105 Knott End Farm. Beltex £134 Lane House Farm. Mule £123 Far Cappleside Farm, £113 Ackenthwaite Farm, £111 Great House Farm, £110 Swallowmire, £109 Ackenthwaite Farm. Cheviot £121 The Courtyard, £119 Bowers Farm, £113 Kate Farm, £108 The Courtyard, £100 Low Waterside. Leicester £119 Whelpside, £112 Moss Howe Farm, £111 Thursgill, Low Newton Farm, £105 Kate Farm. Teeswater £117 Murthwaite. Scottish Blackface £105 Moss Howe Farm, £81 Low Garths. Rough Fell £104 Swallowmire, £93 Steps Farm, £85 Swallowmire. Swaledale £95 Thursgill Farm, £92 Catshaw Hall Farm, £87 Well Foot, Tullithwaite, Higher Salter. Jacob £89 Gowan Bank, £83 Kendal House Farm. Masham £81 Gowan Bank Farm. Herdwick £76 Low Waterside, £69 Middle Fell, £62 Fell House, £59 Flodder Hall. Horned £65 Guest Ford. Dalesbred £64, £61 Guest Ford.

Cast Ram

Continental £135 Catshaw Hall Farmm, £93 Moss End Farm. Texel £130 Lane Ends Farm, £121 Beckfoot Farm Cottage, £90 The Ginny Ring, £80 Croft Foot Farm, £70 Strickland Hill. Leicester £118 Strickland Hill, £106 Whelpside. Charollais £118 Shorthorn Farm. Teeswater £117 Murthwaite. Suffolk £112 Moss Howe Farm, £108 Cockrigg Farm, £100 The Ginny Ring, £88 High Butterbent. Rough Fell £104, £95 Croft Foot Farm. Herdwick £78 Fell House.

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