J36 Crooklands Livestock Auction: Primestock Tuesday 23rd January

Prime Hoggs

There was a smaller entry of prime hoggs in the market today, with a thousand forward and selling to a sharper trade then last week. The overall market average was 186p/kg, with 39-45kg lambs selling to an average of 195p/kg. Best shaped Beltex and Texel lambs were selling in excess of 210pkg, topping at 240p/kg for Beltex hoggs from George Harryman of The Galleon and Beltex hoggs to 235p/kg from TS & SM Park of Millom Castle. The trade was topped by George Harryman of The Galleon selling heavy weight Beltex lambs to £104 or 208p/kg. F & CE Bentley and Son of Hill Top Farm sold heavy weight Texel’s to £100.50. There was plenty of heavy, well fleshed hoggs selling into the nineties with 52kg plus hoggs selling to a market average of 192p/kg. There was a few more Mules on offer this week with heavy Mules to £93 from TW Nelson of Cockrigg and 46kg Mules selling to £86.50 and inside fed, 45kg Mules selling to £85 from WI & A Atkinson of Holme House. Herdwick hoggs topped at £79.50 from AW & AM Clarke of Low Longmire.

Cast Sheep

There was a similar entry of over four hundred and fifty ewes in the Market, selling to a sharper trade, with all buyers more interested in ewes today. Well fleshed ewes were in short supply and were easily sold with lean ewes slightly sharper but still a large number of these on the market with the current weather. The trade topped at £96 from GI & D Postlethwaite with Suffolk ewes. Cast rams sold to a top of £91 for Hampshires from J & O Galbraith and Son of Endmoor Farm. There were plenty of Continental ewes in the Market selling into the eighties. Mule ewes topped at £70 also from J & O Galbraith and Son of Endmoor Farm, with fit fleshed Mule ewes in the late sixties. Horned ewes topped at £57 for Rough Fells from EJ Hodgson and Son of Lambrigg Head Farm with well fleshed Rough ewes over fifty pounds. Fit Swaledale ewes sold into the mid-forties.

Prime Pigs

There was a smaller entry of prime pigs forward today with just three forward with many waiting for the Anniversary Show and Sale on Tuesday 8th February 2018. The trade topped at £100 from GC & G Taylor of High Farm.

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs

Beltex - £104 The Galleon, £99 Holmelands, £96 The Galleon, £94 Millom Castle, £90 Red Lodge. Texel - £100.5 Hill Top Farm, £99 Millom Castle, £99 Gilsmere Farm, £98.5 Millom Castle, £98.5 Steel Croft. Suffolk - £95 Millom Castle, £86.5 Station Hotel, £85.5 Park House Farm, £85 Cockrigg Farm, £84.5 5 Summer Hill. Mule - £93 Cockrigg Farm, £86.5, £85.5 Cuerdale Hall Farm, £85 Holme House Farm, £82 Low Longmire. Charollais - £90.5 Myers Farm, £86.5 Hollowmire Farm, £85.5 Yealand Manor, £85.5 west Plain Farm, £78.5 Yealand Manor. Teeswater - £87.5 Dane Hill Farm. Masham - £86.5 Holme House Farm. Cheviot - £81 High House, £75 Brow Head, £75 Marsh Grange Farm, £61, £59 Hartrigg. Herdwick - £79.5 Low Longmire, £52 High House Farm. Continental - £75 Park House Farm, £68 Brow Head. Leicester - £73 Beckside Farm, £56 Thursgill. Rough Fell - £71, £66 Millriggs. Horned - £60 Keer Falls, £40 Re Braida Garth. Zwartble - £60 Holmelands. Dales Bred - £55 Yarlsber, £53 Dane Hill Farm. Swaledale - £54 Thursgill, £48 Well Foot, £47 Jacques Farm House, £42 Tongue House Farm, £40.5 Middle Sadghyll.

Cast Ewes

Suffolk - £96 Riddings, £84 Sella Farm, £80 Ashstead, £76 Park House Farm, £75 Conder Green Farm. Texel - £91 Hollowmire farm, £86 Preston Patrick Hall, £81 3 The Park, £80 Hollowmire Farm, £78 Conder Green Farm. Beltex - £89 Poppy Farm. Leicester - £89 Barbon Fell House, £79 Hill Top Farm, £78 Ashstead, £70 Thursgill. Goat - £71, £50 Flat 3. Cheviot - £70 High House Farm, 356 Gilsmere Farm, £54 Marsh Grange Farm, £52 High House Farm. Mule - £70 Endmoor Farm, £69 Preston Patrick Hall, £69 Flodder Hall, £67 Park House Farm, £67 Singleton Park. Rough Fell - £57 Lambrigg Head Farm, £52 Riddings, £50 45A Main Street, £39 Croft Foot Farm. Jacob - £60 Park House Farm. Masham - £50, £49 Lambrigg Head Farm. Cheviot Mule - £49 High House Farm. Dales Bred - £49, £39 Fell End Farm. Herdwick - £47 Moss Howe Farm, £38 Poppy Farm. Swaledale - £46 Ashstead, £46 Low Mansriggs, £45 Thursgill, £42 Low Hall, £42 Moss Howe Farm. Bluefaced Leicester - £44 Moss Howe Farm.

Cast Ram

Hampshire - £91 Endmoor Farm. Charollais - £87 Hollowmire Farm. Texel - £73 45A Main Street, £71 3 Turners Farm, £70 The Borrans, £66 5 Summer Hill. Leicester - £70 Thursgill, £70 3 The Park, £61 Flat 3. Cheviot - £69 Park House Farm. Swaledale - £45 5 Summer Hill, £41 Flat 3.

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