J36 - Calves, Stirks, Store Cattle, Cast Cows, OTM & Prime Cattle

Fortnightly on Thursdays

Dates for this event

Fortnightly Sale of Stirks following Calves. 

10.30am - Sale of All Classes of Cast/Feeding Cows, OTM & Prime Cattle 

Followed by TB Restricted Cast Cows, cows to be pre-entered with the Office Prior to Sale Day. DEFRA Approved.

11am - Sale of all classes of Store Cattle from Hill Farms in North Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire.
(catalogue entries close Thursday prior to sale date)

Catalogues available online or by request.

Please note that the closing day for catalogued entries is now a Wednesday a week before the sale

Thursday 7th December

Christmas Show & Sale of Dairy, Calves, Cast Cows, Prime Butchers Cattle & Store Cattle 

Calves - under 56 days
Penned by 9.15am
Judging at 9.30am
Sale at 10.15am

1. Beef Bred Bull Calf
2. Beef Bred Heifer Calf
3. Dairy Bred Bull Calf

Judging at 10am
Sale at 11am

1. Dairy Heifer in Milk
2. Dairy Cow in Milk 

Cast Cows
Sale at 10.30am

Prizes for
1. Highest Price Beef Bred per kg
2. Highest Price Black & White per kg
3. Highest Price Price Per Head Overall

Prime Butchers Cattle
Judging at 10am
Sale at 10.30am

1. Prime Heifer
2. Prime Bullock
3. Prime Bull

Store Cattle 
Judging at 9.30am
Sale at 11am

1. Store Bullock
2. Store Heifer


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