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Lancaster Monday 4th Septemeber 2017

Posted Tuesday, 05 September 2017, 5.46pm

Spring Lambs

The largest entry of spring lambs forward at Lancaster for some time with the trade better than first thought, it may have been because of the end of the Qurbani festival on Sunday many companies were unsure how many lambs were required or not wanting sheep.

There was an overall market average 167p/kg with well-fleshed heavy lambs easiest to sell. Texel lambs topped at £90 and £86 both from GR Newsham of Galgate. Texel lambs sold to 202p/kg from MJ Shepherd of New Biggin and 198p/kg from C & B Lowther of Over Wyresdale. Suffolk lambs sold to a top of £83 twice from PM & ST Entwistle of Abbeystead and DJ Casson & Son of Slyne. Mule and Mashams sold to a top of £70.50 from BD Gill of Ingleton. The under finished lambs were tough to place and sold to a store trade with buyers in the market to purchase these types of lambs.

Cast Sheep

There was an entry of 150 cast sheep forward selling to a very similar sort of trade to the previous ewes with more leaner type of ewes in the market today. Texel ewes sold to a top of £92 JM Sanderson of Lower Highfield with James Sanderson of the same home selling Texel ewes to £91. Mule ewes topped at £71 from WTC Farms of Preston. Horned ewes saw Dalesbred from BD Gill of Ingleton sell to £51 while Swaledales from James Whewell of Scorton topped at £45.

Prime Beef

There was a couple of prime beef forward today from Peter and Ann Bell of pilling. Angus bulls sold to 191.5p/kg or £1041 while shorthorns from the same home sold to 194.5p/kg.

For more information regarding prime cattle please contact Ian Atkinson 07766521472

Top Prices 

SPRING LAMBS – TEX: £90 Sellerley Fields; £83 Newhouse Farm; £83 Gaskell House. SUFF: £83 Beaumont Gate; £83 Lentworth Farm; £79 Hallbeck. CONT: £81 Fell End Farm. CHAR: £76 Hallbeck; £74 Moss Side Farm. MASH: £70.50 Yarlsber. LEI: £74 High House Farm. MULE: £69 Lentworth Farm; £68 High House Farm; £65 Botton Hall Farm. CHEV: £64 Cragg Farm

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £92 Lower Highfield; £84 Low Kit Brow; £84 Lower Castle o Trim. SUFF: £75 Lowcroft. MULE: £71 Old Grange Farm; £69 Lower Highfield; £ 67 Low Kit Brow. DALES: £51 Yarslber. SWALE: £45 Wyresdale Park; £40 Lentworth Farm; £35 Marshaw Farm. CHEV: £40 Marshaw Farm.

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