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Lancaster Monday 18th Septemeber 2017

Posted Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 9.51am

Prime Lambs

A difficult task this morning placing lambs in the sale ring at Lancaster this morning with an overall average of 149.33p/kg for a smaller show. Top price of the day was £85, forward from GR Newsham, Sellerley Fields for heavy Texel Lambs, with top price per kilo noted at 186p/kg from K Whitaker & Son Ltd of Stirzakers Farm.

Cast Ewes

A smaller show of Cast Ewes forward this week. Top price for a Cast Ram at £102 coming from JA Simpson of Millstones. Ewes topping at £98 from PD Anderton of Wyre Farm.

Top Prices:

Prime Lambs: DORS: £58.50 Corney Hill Farm. SUFF: £74.50 Lundholme Farm, Beaumont Gate, £74 Hallbeck, £70 Hall Croft Barn. CONT: £62 Old Glasson Farm, £61 Lundholme Farm, £58 Botton Hall Farm, MASH: £67 Middle Lee Farm, £60.50 Yarlsber. MULE: £62 High House Farm, £60.50 Cragg End, Field Head, £60 Yarlsber, £58 Millbeck. HRN: £57 Botton Hall. CHAR: £75 Burnt House, £68 High Hallbeck, £65 Yarlsber, £59.50 Corney Hill Farm. TEX: £85 Sellerley Fields, £80.50 Hall Croft Barn, £79 Hazel Brae, £77 Hutton Roof Hall. LEI: £50 High House Farm. ZWART: £61 Millstones. BEL: £82 Stirzakers Farm, £67.50 Wyre Farm, £60 Hall Croft

Cast Ewes: DORS: £51 Corney Hill Farm. SUFF: £86 Bambers Farm. CONT: £72 Middle Lee Farm, £37 Goose Green. MULE: £75 Bambers Farm, £69 Low Kit Brow, £64 Brown Brook. SWAL: £47 Millstones, £32 Dunkenshaw Farm, £20 Middle Lee Farm. CHEV: £28 Goose Green, £10 Marshaw Farm. TEX: £102 Millstones, £98 Wyre Farm, £91 Brown Brook, £84 Hutton Roof Hall. LEI: £60 Dunkenshaw Farm, £20 Cragg End. DALES: £41 Birch House Cottage. TEES: £68 Middle Lee Farm. ZWART: £60 Millstones

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