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Lancaster Gimmer Lambs - Wednesday 13th September 2017

Posted Friday, 15 September 2017, 12.21pm

The annual show and sale of Mule and Continental gimmer lambs at Lancaster Auction, to include NEMSA member lambs was held on Wednesday 13th September. The pre-sale show saw the judging conducted by Harold Keast of Devon and Kevin Sowerby of Appleby. There was double figures put before the judges to cast their eye over, with the first prized rosette being awarded to Alan, Kim, Chris and Philip Pye of Dunkenshaw Farm. The second prize rosette for the pen of 10 was awarded to Wes, Ann, Colin and Bob Cornall of Bank Farm who also took the first prized rosette with pens of twenty.

The trade topped at £150 for the first prized pen from the Pye Family, this was closely followed by Steven Park of Highfield Farm selling his pen to £148. Many consignments of top pens sold between £120 and £135. Middle runs of lambs looked affordable with the bottom end lambs in demand and well sold with many looking to run lambs, and not as many looking to tup lambs. Gimmer lambs sold to a similar average of last year selling to an average of £93. The fifty pound prize for the highest averaged lambs, not including a prize winning pen, was awarded to W & A Cornall of Bank Farm averaging £105.20. A few Aberfield gimmer lambs on offer today from John Huddleston of Annasghyll sold to £82 twice.

Show Results

Pens of 10 Mule Gimmer Lambs
1st AC & K Pye & Son, Dunkenshaw Farm
2nd W & A Cornall, Bank Farm
3rd RH & C Ayrton Ltd, Ouzelthorn Farm
4th T Ayrton & Son, Yates Farm

Pens of 20 Mule Gimmer Lambs
1st W & A Cornall, Bank Farm
2nd AC & K Pye & Son, Dunkenshaw Farm

Top Price: MULE: £150 Dunkenshaw Farm; £148 Highfield Farm; £138 Cragg End; £130 Bank Farm; £130 Ouzelthorn Farm. SCOT: £112 Faitte. ABER: £82 Annasghyll.

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