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J36 Tuesday 5th September 2017

Posted Wednesday, 06 September 2017, 11.03am

Prime Lambs

This week saw the Show & Sale for the Best Pair of Beltex sired Prime Lambs, kindly sponsored by the Northern Beltex Club. Simon Jenner kindly took on the role of judge, with a tremendous show being placed in front of him. All pens forward in the sale went on to see a fantastic trade, with the prize results as follows: -

1st J Allonby & Son 47kgs £141.00 (300p/kg)
2nd AR&BJ Thompson 49kgs £114.00 (232p/kg)
3rd J Twigge 47kgs £109.00 (231p/kg)

Other pens which were forward for the show, also going on to see a firm trade with lambs from: -

J Twigge – 47kg £109 (231p/kg); J Allonby & Son – 51kg £109 (213p/kg); AR&BJ Thompson – 42kg £104 (247p/kg); JG&PH Thompson – 47kg £97 (206p/kg).

All lambs forward for the show, achieving an overall average of 237p/kg.

Many thanks to the sale sponsor, The Northern Beltex Club for their generous support and to Simon Jenner for his time and expertise.

Outside of the show, the top price of the day being achieved twice at £103 was for Beltex Lambs from MA&JA Winn of High Underbrow and from GH Bell of Red Lodge. Top price per kilo at 235.7p/kg from RJ&P Nicholson & Son of Green Lane Ends Farm also for Beltex Lambs.

An overall average of 168.39p/kg being achieved for just short of 1400 lambs forward, very much in line with the current trade regionally.

Cast Ewes

The weekly sale of cast ewes had a similar number of just shy of 600 cast sheep forward. There was a tougher trade today with the majority been plain to lean ewes and a shortage of heavy fit ewes in the market. Top price of the day coming for J&E Nuttall of Low Bendrigg Farm for a pen of Texel x Ewes selling for £100. The majority of Mule ewes forward recently weaned and proving hard to sell, topping at £64 for several pens forward.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: BEL - £141.00 Green Head Farm, £114.00 Poppy Farm, £109.00 Holmelands, £109.00 Green Head. TEX - £99.50 Ullathorns, £98.00 Holmelands, £96.50 Gibraltar Farm, £92.00 St Annes Farm, £89.00 Gibraltar Farm. SUFF - £98 Red lodge, £97.50 Mountain View, £80.00 Mouse Syke, £79.00 Mountain view, £78.00 Lane Ends Farm. CHAR - £89.00, £86.00 Redbank Farm, £79.50 Hollowmire Farm, £77.00 Yealand Farm, £70.00 Crooklands Farm. CONT - £82.00 Mountain View, £76.50 Hollowmire Farm, £73.00 Low Brundrigg, £66.00 Crooklands Farm, £64.50 High Greenside. HAMP - £76.50 Redbank Farm. MULE - £75.00 Low Hall Farm, £65.00 Cinderbarrow Farm, £58.00 Low Fold. CHEV - £74.50 Ullathorns, £70.50 Green Head. ZWART - £64.00 Lupton High Farm. SWAL - £60.00 Mouse Syke. RYEL - £54.50 Vicaradge Road.

Cast Sheep: TEX - £100.00 Low Bendrigg Farm, £74.00 St Annes Farm, £73.00 Greenbank Farm, £73.00 Yeat House, £71.00 Brown Edge. CONT - £90.00, £57.00, £54.00 Underhelm Farm, £52.00 Low Bendrigg Farm. CHEV - £79.00, £68.00 Ashtree Cottage, £73.00 Green Head, £51.00 Overmere. ZWART - £71.00 Bowston Hall, £50.00, Lambrigg Head Farm. LEI - £68.00 Lambrigg Head Farm. MASH - £68.00 High Underbrow Farm. BEL - £65.00 Grandy Close. MULE - £64.00 Low Bendrigg Farm, £64.00 Ashtree Cottage, £64.00 Bowston Hall, £61.00 Mouse syke, £61.00 The Cart House. Goat - £61.00 Lupton High Farm. SUFF - £59.00 Crabtree Farm, £58.00 Lambrigg Head Farm. RGH - £48.00 Becknook, £30.00 Turners Farm, £30.00 Lambrigg Head Farm. SWAL - £41.00 White House, £35.00 Yoad Pot, £34.00 Mouse Syke. LLEYN - £40.00 Strickland Tenement. HERD - £35.00 Overmere, £34.00 High Briggarsbank.

Cast Ram: Tex - £85.00 Brown Edge, £75.00 Low Fold. CHEV - £75.00 Hall Bank. LEI - £73.00 School House, £70.00 Thursgill.

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