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J36 Thursday 31st August 2017

Posted Friday, 01 September 2017, 4.47pm

Store Cattle

A sale typical of the time of year, although all cattle sold well, and more could have been sold to the vendors advantage. The sale day top price for a pair of Angus Steers 19 months old were forward from RR&M Bamber of Barkin House, achieving £970 per head. Another pen of 3 Angus Steers 15mo from the same home also sold for £960. All Steers forward sold for a sale day average of £815.45. Top price in the heifer section, a pair of British Blue Heifers sold for £940 from MJ Waller of Carlingwha. All heifers forward averaging £820.71. All cattle forward looking well sold. The next sale is the Annual Prize Show & Sale of Continental Store Cattle, a renowned sale for both quality and quantity which is on Thursday 28th September, entries close on Wednesday 20th September.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle

A strong trade for all grades of OTM cattle forward. With all cows forward for sale averaging 113.54p/kg. Top price of the day 141.5p/kg being achieved twice, for B+W cows from WR Clarke & Partners of Cinderbarrow and Montbeliarde cows from JJ&MA Park & Son of Low Sizergh. Messrs Clarke also achieving 139.5p/kg for another B+W and Messrs Park selling Flekviehs to 139.5p and 137.5p. One bull forward today, a Hereford achieving 99.5p/kg or £1289.52 from A&B Pickthall of Bradley Farm.

The next sale of Cull Cows, due to the Westmorland County Show, will be held on Thursday 28th September. Due to the number of Store Cattle forward for sale that day, there will not be a TB restricted section. Please contact Ian Atkinson or Bradley Thompson should you wish for your cattle to be sold on a deadweight basis.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Brb £340 Elm Tree Farm, £300, £250 Broomfield. Lim £310 Low Deepslack, £24 Wraysholme Tower. Char £300 Colby Laithes. Here £280 Kitchlow Farm, £245 Colby Laites. Ang £240, £130, £185 Colby Laithes. Mon £175, £150, £130 Colby Laithes. Fri £150, £130 Beck Side, £122 Borrans Farm, £90 Sunny Bank, Middle Birkby Farm. Sho £125, £100, £80 Strickley.

Heifer Calf: Brb £400 Hollins, £340 Beck Side, £300, £290 Elm Tree Farm, £270 Birds Park Farm. Ang £240, £160 Colby Laithes. Here £205 Colby Laithes.

Bull Stirk: Lim £460, £420 Low Laithe Barn.

Heifer Stirk: Lim £460 Low Laithe Barn. Brb £450 Kitchlow Farm.

OTM Cow: Fri 141.5 Cinder Barrow, 139.5 Cinder Barrow, 137.5 High House Farm, Low Sizergh Farm, 119.5 Low Stanger Thwaite. Mon 141.5, 111.5 Low Sizergh Farm. FKV 139.5, 134.5 Low Sizergh Farm. Ang 129.5 Broad Oak Sho 121.5 Kingsland. Lim 121.5 Kingsland. Nor 119.5 Low Stanger Thwaite. Ayr 111.5 Sunny Bank. Con 97.5 Low Sizergh Farm.

Cast Bull: Here 99.5 Bradley Farm.

Store Bullock: Ang £970, £960 Barkin House Barn, £880, £860 Holme Farm, £840 Barkin House Barn. Brb £940, £840 Tranthwaite Hall. Here £700 Yew Tree House. Fri £630 Stribers.

Store Heifer: Brb £940 Carlingwha, £850 Tranthwaite Hall. Ang £850 Capplerigg, Carlingwha, £830 Capplerigg, £800 Barkin House Barn. Lim £770, £700 Stribers. Sho £730 Low Woodside.

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