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Lancaster Friday 25th August 2017

Posted Friday, 25 August 2017, 4.37pm

Store Cattle

There was another good entry of 300 store cattle at Lancaster. Well-fleshed short keep cattle continue to be in strong demand at Lancaster and eagerly bid for with a pen of four Angus bullocks from T & M Halhead of Priest Hutton selling for £1570.

OTM Cattle

A smaller entry of just 73 cast and OTM cattle in today, with many vendors cautious of selling this today with the bank holiday weekend. There was an overall market average of 132p/kg with black and white cows selling to an average of 117p/kg or £745. There was numerous cattle in the cast end adding up to over £1000 with cast black and white heifers topping at £1338 from GA & A Atkinson of Cantsfield and cows topping at £1156 from GB & EA Metcalfe of Mansergh.

Calves and Stirks

The monthly sale of stirks had a smaller entry forward this month with an entry of 70 forward. The trade was slightly mixed with well-fleshed and good types of cattle continuing to be easy to sell and others slightly harder work with buyers not wanting to purchase cattle to lie in quite yet, making it an even longer winter. MJ & K Ayrton of Thurham sold strong Angus bullocks to £845, and Shorthorns to £590 from J & DE Mitchell & Son of Cabus. Seven month old Simmental steers and heifers to £580 from JS Taylor of Lancaster with J & DE Mitchell & Son selling Hereford heifers to £575. Yearling British Friesian bullocks sold to £550 and £525 from S Kellet & Sons of Pilling Hall. Three month old Montbeliarde bulls sold to £380 and £420 from JK & B Birkett and Son of White Lund with black and whites the same age selling to £300 from DJ Townley of Ashton. A very small entry of calves sold to continued strong trade with British Blues topping at £405 from T & CM Kelsall of Chipping with weaned black and whites from the same home selling to £260.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCK: FRI: £1070 Burnt House Lane, £1060 Low Levens, £950 Cock Hall Farm, £880 New Laund Farm. AYR: £570 Stribers Farm. ANG: £1570 Upp Hall, £1490 Yealand Manor, £1480 Outerthwaite Farm, Greenlands Farm, £1440 Adamsons Farm. SHO: £1280 Cock Hall Farm, £940 Bull Bank Farm, £800 Lundholme Farm. LIM: £1290 Cock Hall Farm, £1190 Downlands Farms, £1160 Broughton House Farm, £1140 Downlands Farm, £1120 Cock Hall Farm. CHAR: £1290 Cock Hall Farm, £1090 Toulbrick Farm. HERE: £1130 Hindleys Farm, £1120 Windy Hill Farm, £1040 Ellers Farm, £1030 Cock Hall Farm, £980 Oddlands Farm. SIM: £750 Yew Tree House. BRIT BLUE: £1430 Greenlands Farm, £1340 121 Pilling Lane, £1300 Low Levens, £1280 Green Close, £1170 Fell End Farm. MON: £1090 Lane House, Ellers Farm, £1010 Singleton Grange Farm, £930 Lane House Farm. SRW: £840 Fanny House Farm. FKV: £1170 Broughton House Farm.

STORE HEIFERS: FRI: £900 Lodge Farm. ANG: £1340 Greenlands Farm, £1280 Adamsons Farm, £1180 Yew Tree Farm, £1170 Toulbrick Farm. WB: £890 Kitchlow Farm. LIM: £1270 Hall Croft Barn, £1140 Windy Hill Farm, Toulbrick Farm, £1090 Lodge Farm. CHAR: £1270 Toulbrick Farm. HERE: £1040 Bradley Farm, £730 Singleton Grange Farm, £700 Oddlands Farm. BRIT BLUE: £1150 Windy Hill Farm, £1070 Town House, 121 Pilling Lane, £1050. DEV: £690 Scale House Farm. BLO: £1050 Town House, £880 Bull Bank Farm.

STORE BULL: ANG: £600 Forgelands

OTM COW: FRI: 149.50 Docker Hall Farm, 144.50 Holme House Farm, Pilling Hall, 139.50 Bambers Farm. ANG: 159.50 Upp Hall. SHO: 124.50 Yew Tree House, LIM: 144.50 The Old Stable. CHAR: 134.50 RE Braida Garth. HERE: 137.50 The Old Stable. SIM: 164.50 Upp Hall, 134.50 The Old Stable, Moss Gate Farm. MON: 109.50 Lane House. BAZ: 131.50 Yarlsber. SRW: 144.50 I’th Fields, 134.50 Holme Head. BB: 131. 50 Botton Hall. JER/GUE: 114.50 Espford Farm.

OTM HFR: FRI: 174.50 Abbotson Farm, 167.50 Gibsons Farm, 159.50 Brantbeck Farm, 141.50 Bambers Farm. ANG: 189.50 Upp Hall. CHAR: 174.50 Lambrigg Park Farm. SIM: 177.50 Upp Hall. BRIT BLUE: 169.50 Nether Hall Farm.

CAST STEER: FRI: 149.50 Green Dragon Farm, 121.50 Cliftons Farm. ANG: 144.50 Green Dragon Farm. BRIT BLUE: 149.50 North Farm. MON: Lane House. SRW: 131.50 Cliftons Farm.

CAST BULL: FRI: 209.50 Higher Knowehill, 129.50 Brown Brook, 94.50 Arnside Tower Farm. LIM: 144.50 Far Orrest.

BULL CALF: FRI: £100 Newhouse Farm, £50 Knotts Farm, Brown Brook. BRIT BLUE: £315 Brown Brook.

STR CALF: FRI: £260 Brown Brook. BRIT BLUE: £405 Brown Brook.

BULL STIRK: FRI: £345 Hare Apple Tree, £300 Whinney Carr Farm. BRIT BLUE: £530 Bambers Farm. MON: £420 White Lund Farm.

HFR STIRK: FRI: £410 Pilling Hall. SHO: £460 Snapewood Farm. LIM: £260 Hall Croft Barn. HERE: £575 Snapewood Farm, £400 Stirk Hey Farm. SIM: £580 56 Farmdale Road. BRIT BLUE: £490 Folly Villa.

STR STIRK: FRI: £550 Pilling Hall. ANG: £845 Bambers Farm, £470 Hare Apple Tree. SHO: £590 Snapewood Farm. HERE: £590 Snapewood Farm. SIM: £580 Farmdale Road.

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