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J36 Tuesday 8th August 2017

Posted Wednesday, 09 August 2017, 8.43am


The monthly sale of pigs, which included weaners, stores, prime and cast saw an increased entry of over 100 forward with interest from both far and wide with the most buyers in attendance for some time.

Vendors are strongly urged to castrate their pigs, especially prime and store, to gain full financial benefits from their pigs. Well-fleshed gilts and hogs were eagerly bid for in the prime section selling to a top of £198 and £180 from PK & R Woof of Stainton, with pigs from the same good home selling to 180p/kg. Prime gilts from B Walton of Great Asby sold to £145 and £128.

There was a larger entry of cast boars and sows in the market selling to a top of £110 from R Crawford of Cleator Moor. Store boars sold to a top of £72 from G Braithwaite of Appleby. Weaner pigs sold to £58 from W Routledge and £52 from D Baldwin with plenty of pens of shapely weaners selling in the forties. A gilt with four piglets sold to £105.

Prime lambs

There was a larger entry of prime lambs forward today selling to a slightly easier trade, averaging 186p/kg with well-fleshed finished lambs selling to a premium and vendors who have fed lambs seeing the benefits.

Lambs sold to a top of £101 from WS Burrows of Gibraltar Farm for Charollais lambs with the same breed also selling to £100 from Trevor Sharp of Burneside. Lambs are still selling in excess of 200p/kg, topping at 220p/kg from RT Robinson of Old Hutton and K Thomas of Firbank.

Cast Sheep

There was a smaller entry of cast sheep but there was well over 800 cast sheep forward this week. Strong ewes continue to be just as good a trade with plainer, leaner ewes slightly cheaper this week. The trade topped at £116 for Continentals from Andrew Butler of Hambleton with plenty of strong Continental and Suffolk sheep selling in excess of £100. Mule ewes topped at £80 from JS & KM Wilson of Kendal with strong Mules selling into the seventies.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Char £101 Gibraltar Farm, £100 Moss Side, £99 Gibraltar Farm, £88 Crabtree Farm, Gibraltar Farm. Tex £99 Greaves Farm, £96 Smithy Cottage, £94 Hall Croft Barn, £90.50 Larkrigg. Suff £96 Cockrigg Farm, £88, £87.50 Lane Ends Farm, £86.50 Hallbeck, £84 Low Brundrigg. Bel £90 Homelands, £89 Crosscrake. Chxmu £78 Homelands, £73 Hill Farm, £69 Low Bendrigg, £67 Hill Farm. Mule £76.50 Holme House Farm, Gunner Fleet Farm, £73.50 Mosergh Farm, £72 Cragg End, £67 Gunner Fleet Farm. Zwart £75 Crosscrake Farm, £66 Park End Farm. Cont £73 Moss Side, £71 Hebblethwaite, £60 Moss End Farm. Jac £73 Park End Farm. Horned £70 Hall Drive.

Cast Ewes: Tex £116 Park Farm Barn, £106 Lingmoor Rise, £104 Low Chapel Farm, £104 Park Farm Barn, £98 Beckfoot Farm Cottage. Suff £109 Gowan Bank Farm, £97 Mansrigg Hall, £95 Par Farm Barn, £90 Low Audlands. BFL £104, £74 Overthwaite, £67 Lawkland Hall Farm. Bel £96 Crake Hall. Char £96 Park Farm Barn, £84 Beckfoot Farm. Chxmu £89 Beckfoot Farm Cottage, £85, £83 The Courtyard. Cont £83 Killet Bridge Farm. Mule £80 High House, £77 New Parkside Farm, Ashtree Cottage, £76 Hodgsons Green Farm, Beckfoot Farm. Mash £78, £70 Low Audlands. Chev £77 Beckfoot Farm Cottage, £76 Viver Mill Farm. Horned £65 Grange Rise, £42 Plough Inn. Lleyn £58, £47 Gaitbarrow Farm. Rough £55 Howes Lodge. Herd £55 Latterbarrow Farm. Zwart £54 Grange Rise. Swale £52 Roundthwaite, £50 Skelwith Fold Farm, £48 Howe Farm, £47 Overthwiate, Yoad Pot. Dales £45 Holme House Farm.

Cast Tups: Tex £106 Garnett House, £93 Overplains, £90 Hall Croft Barn, £87 Brow Head, £62 Endmoor Farm. Char £100 Garnett House, £70 Espford. BFL £96 Middle Sadghyll, £88 Holme House Farm, £78 Middle Sadghyll. Suff £80 Kit Cragg, £75 Espford. Swale £74 Overthwaite Farm.

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