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J36 Tuesday 29th August 2017

Posted Wednesday, 30 August 2017, 11.11am

Prime Lambs

The weekly sale of Prime Lambs at Junction 36 saw an entry forward of 1704, with an overall market average of 182.47p/kg for all lambs sold. Lambs proved to be harder than originally thought to place, with large numbers of lambs forward across all sales centres nationally.

Top price of the day, was achieved twice by Drinkall Bros of Catshaw Hall at £97 for Texel Lambs. JA&VM Lamb of Conder Green Farm selling to 207.5p/kg for 40kg Texel Lambs.

Once again lambs weighing 39-45kgs proving the easiest to sell, with an overall average for this section of 184.31p/kg being achieved.

Mule lambs selling to £81 per head twice from R Capstick & Son of Fell End Farm and Charollais’ lambs going on to achieve £92 from E Dodgson of Spital Farm.

Cast Ewes

An entry of just short of 700 Cast Ewes forward this week. Top price of the day being achieved for Charollais ewes from PW Rhodes Ltd of Floraire selling for £117, also selling lots at £113, £107 and £104. Other Continental ewes selling to £106 for Texels from David Dixon of Grayrigg Foot. Half Bred ewes selling well, with several pens exceeding the £80 mark, with Mashams selling to £81 from JA Bennet of Middale Farm and Mules to £84 from DM&D Cook of Smithy Green. Horned ewes selling to £63 twice, for Roughs from BJ Bainbridge of Steps Farm and Scotch Black Face from R Renwick of Stanley Road. Swaledale ewes selling to £59 for a pen of 10 from Drinkall Bros of Catshaw Hall.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Tex £97 Catshaw Hall Farm, £88 Park Farm Barn, £87.50 High Hallbeck, £86 Catshaw Hall Farm. Char £92 Spital Farm, £86.50 Crook o Lune, £85.50 Low Bendrigg, Hollowmire Farm, £85 Hallowmire. Bel £90 Bramaskew, £85 Poppy Farm. Suff £88 Lawsons Farm, £87 Cockrigg Farm, £86 Topthorn Farm, Lawsons Farm, £85 Clawthorpe Lodge. Mule £81 Fell End Farm, £73.50 Thornbush Farm, £72.50 Dunkenshaw Farm, £72 Cooper House.

Cast Ewes: Char £117, £113, £107, £104 Floraire. Tex £106 Grayrigg Foot, £104 Spital Farm, £97 Poppy Farm, £95 The Courtyard, £93 Spital Farm. Suff £97 Smithy Green Farm, £94 Topthorn Farm, £88, £74 Ninezergh. Chev Mule £93 Cinder Barrow, £87, £85 The Courtyard. Mash £81 Middale Farm. BFL £88, £74 Fellside Farm. Mule £84 Smithy Green Farm, £83 Moss Head, Topthorn Farm, North Lodge, £81 Raw Head. Chev £81 Poppy Farm, £73 The Courtyard. Zwart £79 Catshaw Hall Farm, £76 Jackson Ground. Rough £63 Steps Farm. Sco £63 Stanley Road. Swale £59 Catshaw Hall Farm, £45 High Bridgestone, £41 High Skelgill, £39 Wilcock Farm, £35 Moss Head. Herd £48 Wilcock Farm.

Cast Rams: Tex £97 Cockrigg Farm. BFL £91 Catshaw Hall Farm.

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