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J36 Thursday 24th August 2017

Posted Thursday, 24 August 2017, 10.04am

Store Lambs

There was an increased entry of store lambs again this week with lambs well bid for although not all local buyers in the market yet, but will be looking to start shortly once they’ve finished cropping.

Strong well-fleshed lambs were eagerly bid for and regularly sold in excess of the sixty-pound mark with Suffolks topping at £68.50 from the Hoggarths of Low Hundhowe. Cheviot Mule lambs topped at £65 from RI Dixon of Low Newton with Mules from the same home selling to £60 and Mules from JF Cook of Witherslack selling to £59. Texel lambs sold to top of £67 from Martin Black of Staveley. A few more small lambs on the market begin to create more interest from long term buyers.

Next sale of store lambs will take place on Ambleside Fair on Friday 8th September. Please advise the office of entries.

Top Prices

Store Lambs: Suff £68.50 Low Hundhowe, £60 Gowan Bank, £59 Low Woodedge Farm, £56 Gowan Bank, £55 Low Hundhowe. Tex £67 Scroggs Farm, £64.50 Fold Farm, £64 Ouzlethorn, £63 Fold Farm, £62.50 Gowan Bank. Chev Mule £65 Low Newton Farm. Mule £60 Low Newton Farm, £59 Moss Howe Farm, £55 Castle Syke Farm, £52 Ouzlethorn, £50 Wilcock Farm. Bel £60 Gilsmere Farm. Char £60 School House, £59 School House, £58 Fold Farm, £55 Buck Bank Farm, £50 School House. Hamp £59.50 Winterscales. Chev £54, £49.50 Ellermire Farm.

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