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J36 Thursday 17th August 2017

Posted Thursday, 17 August 2017, 4.19pm

Calves and Stirks

The fortnightly sale of calves and stirks had another strong entry in the market. Not as many quality or beef calves on offer this week with there being a large proportion of young black and whites in the market.

Suckler bred Charolais calves topped the trade at £500 from M & C Booth of Kentmere. British Blue bull calves topped at £430 from JW & D Robinson of Nook with British Blue heifers topping at £340 from HJ Robinson & Son of Preston Patrick with plenty of beef calves selling in excess of £300.

There was a very young entry of black and whites today with the majority being a fortnight to three weeks old with best types of five week old rearing calves selling to £135 from GR Park & sons of Whinfell. Young black and whites were eagerly bid for by numerous buyers in the auction looking for this type of calf. A couple of Dairy shorthorns in the auction topped at £165 and £155 from Messrs Robinson of Old Hutton.

Cast Cows and OTM Cattle

There were more cast cows and OTM cattle on the market this week with over 50 forward selling to a continued strong trade, especially for the time of the year. The trade topped at 154.5p/kg for Stabiliser cows from A Dixon and Son of Selside, with others from the same home selling to 147.5p/kg. Black and white heifers topped at 147.5p/kg from AE & M Hayhurst of Natland. Black and white cows topped at 144.5p/kg from R & J Dodgson of Natland which were in the TB restriction section, showing that selling through the ring is the best option and vendors are strongly urged to take advantage of this service. Black and whites sold to a market average of 109p/kg with an overall market average of 114p/kg.

Store Cattle

There was a larger entry of store cattle than catalogued, with 50 forward selling to a brisk trade throughout. There were bullocks just over 12 months selling in excess of £1000 with a Charolais from SH Wightman of Milnthorpe topping at £1090 and British Blue steers selling to £1000 from the same home. Angus bullocks topped of £1,000 from John Twigge of Lindale. Yearling heifers sold to a top of £800 twice, for Limousins firstly from John Twigge and secondly from N Cooper & Sons of Broughton in Furness.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Brb £430 Hollins Farm, £340 Raens Lodge, £310 Overbeck, £190 Townhead Farm. Lim £330, £300 Sunny Bank, £160 Hawkrigg Farm. Char £305 Colby Laithes. Here £305 Moorhouse Farm, Mount Pleasant, £300 Moorhouse Farm. Fkv £290, £270, £130 Hawkrigg Farm. Mon £280, £210, £170, £165 Colby Laithes. Sho £165, £155 Strickley. Fri £125 Low Deepslack, £70 Far Audlands, £60 Sunny Bank, £55 Burneside Hall, £52 Halforth Farm.

Heifer Calf: Brb £340 Elm Tree Farm, £280 Elm Tree Farm, £275 Ravens Lodge, £165, £140 Townhead Farm. Char £290 Colby Laithes. Here £235, £230, £220 Moorhouse Farm, £165 Mount Pleasant. Ang £190, £180, £170 Colby Laithes. Mon £100, £90 Colby Laithes

Bull Stirk: Char £500 Hartrigg.

OTM Cow: Stab 154.5, 147.5, 144.5, 141.5 Kit Cragg. Fri 144.5 Cracalt Farm, 137.5 Lupton Hall, 134.5 Middle Birkby Farm, Lupton Hall. Sho 121.5 Strickley, 124.5 West Plain Farm, 109.5 Ghyll Farm, Borwick Lodge Farm, 101.5 Lile Yaks. Sim 114.5 Kate Farm, 109.5 High Fell Gate, Kate Farm. Ayr 111.5, 109.5 Sunny Bank. LNGH 109.5 Kate Farm.

OTM Heifer: Fri 147.5 Natland Park Fam. Ang 139.5 Capplerigg

Cast Steer: Lim 134.5 Singleton Park

Store Bullock: Char £1090 Low Woodhouse. Brb £1000 Low Woodhouse. Ang £1000 Holmelands, £990 Low Woodhouse, £910 Troughton Hall, £810 Holme Farm. Here £900 Holmelands, £740 Holme Farm. Sho £850 Holme Farm, £670 Abbots Reading Farm. Lim £700 Holmelands.

Store Heifer: Lim £800 Troughton Hall, Holmelands. Ang £750 Holmelands, £630 Milton Mill. Here £740 Holmelands. Sho £700 Holmelands.

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