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J36 Thursday 10th August 2017

Posted Thursday, 10 August 2017, 4.07pm

Store Lambs

The fortnightly sale of Store Lambs saw an increased entry forward this week. There has been a busier ringside of buyers at previous sales but the ring side was slightly quieter today with many farmer buyers taking advantage of the good weather and making silage.

Medium and short keep Continental and Suffolk lambs were eagerly bid for, selling to plenty of interest with long keep and Mule lambs harder to place. The largest lambs were still selling in excess of £70, topping at £82 for Texels from M Potter of Tebay, with other Texels from Simon Temple of Yealand selling to £73.50. Suffolks from topped at £73 from M Gibson of Sedbergh with others selling to £69.50 from SJ & NS Wood, Windermere. Beltex lambs topped at £70 from RH & C Ayrton of Abbeystead. Mule lambs sold to a top of £65.50 from E Parker of Crag Bank with Mules in general slightly harder to place following what has been a very brisk trade at J36.

The next sale of Store Lambs will take place on Thursday 24th August. Please advise the office of entries.

Top Prices

Store Lambs: Tex £82 Westfell, £78 Close Foot Farm, £73.50 Yealand Hall, £69 Marsh House Farm, £68 Borwick Fold Farm. Suff £73 Mouse Syke, £69.50 Causeway Farm, £66 Bowfield Farm, £62 Gowan Bank, £61 Borwick Fold Farm. Bel £70 Ouzelthorn. Mule £65.50 Marsh House Farm, £57.50 Howe Farm, £55 Gilpin Farm, £54 Marsh House Farm, £50.50 Close Foot. Chev £65 Rankthorn. Char £63 Low Bendrigg, £58.50 Low Bendrigg. Swale £38 Marsh House Farm, £34 Long Green Head.

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