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J36 NWTBC Texel Show & Sale - Sunday 13th August 2017

Posted Tuesday, 15 August 2017, 1.43pm

Caption: Champion Texel from PK Woof, Stainton

Caption: Reserve Champion from PK Woof, Stainton

Caption: 1st Prize Young Handler from K Aiken

Caption: Judging in Progress

Record Breaking Price for Texels at J36

The annual show and sale of Pedigree Texel Rams and Females on behalf of the North West Texel Breeders Club was held on Sunday 13th August 2017 at North West Auctions, J36 Rural Auction Centre. The sale is gaining momentum each year and attracting attention from breeders throughout the England.

The pre-sale show was skilfully judged by Mr Ben Vernon of Charben who had some impressive classes put before him, with seventeen entries for the Ram lamb class. A strong line up for the championship saw Peter Woof of Stainton awarded the champion rosette with lot 94, a Gimmer Shearling out of one of the best breeding lines in the Stainton flock, sired by Eden Valley Warrior King and mother sired by Sportsman Tremendous II. The reserve champion was awarded to lot 95, again, from Peter Woof with a Gimmer Shearling sired by Eden Valley Warrior King.

A tremendous pen of Gimmer Shearlings from Peter Woof attracted a lot of interest from far and wide and they truly are a credit to Peter and his family. It was lot 93 a Gimmer Shearling, which was awarded the 2nd prize in a strong class at Great Yorkshire show 2017, sired by Eden Valley Warrior King that sold to the day’s top price of 3,500gns to C Boden of the Sportsman Flock and breaking the auction mart record for the highest priced Texel. The champion, lot 94, sold to 2900gns joining Nick Woodmass of the Harene flock of Longtown, with Gimmer Shearlings from the same good home selling to 1450gns and 1050gns. Gimmer lambs sold to a top of 2,400gns for the first prized Gimmer Lamb, lot 133, which was sired by Knock Yankee, from R E J Pierce of the Oldford flock. In general, a brisk female trade was enjoyed throughout the sale.

The Ram trade saw better quality Rams in demand with a smart pen of Ram Lambs from Proctors Farms selling to a top of 850gns for lot 60, Proctors Alex, with others from the same home selling to 800gns and 780gns. Shearling Rams sold to 580gns, twice, from Richard Wilson of the Eden Valley flock, Appleby with Aged Rams topping at 500gns from M P Berry of Stalmine.

Our thanks must go to the North West Texel Breeders Club committee, sponsors Agri-Lloyd, vendors and purchasers for making this year’s sale a huge success.

Show Results




Mr B Vernon

Class one – Best Shearling Ram

1st Lot 10, R Wilson, Low Field Farm
2nd Lot 9, R Wilson, Low Field Farm
3rd Lot 2 F & HJ Booth, Wigglesworth Hall Farm
4th Lot 11 R Wilson, Low Field Farm
5th Lot 24 R Knipe, Hullater Farm

Class two – Best Ram Lamb

1st Lot 49, PK Woof, Storth End Farm
2nd Lot 60 Procters Farm, Moss House Farm
3rd Lot 29 R Wilson, Low Field Farm
4th Lot 31 R Wilson, Low Field Farm
5th Lot 41 JD Houghton, Isherwood Farm

Class three – Best Gimmer Shearling

1st Lot 94 PK Woof, Storth End Farm
2nd Lot 95 PK Woof, Storth End Farm
3rd Lot 116 R Wilson, Low Field Farm
4th Lot 102 JD Houghton, Isherwood Farm
5th Lot 90 J Mortimer-Tarbatt, Winter Hill Farm

Class four – Best Gimmer Lamb

1st Lot 133 REJ Pierce, Oldfields Farm
2nd Lot 127 IP Jones, Bryn Clochydd
3rd Lot 131 S & T Evans, Coedhirion

Class five – Best Young Handlers
(Open to under 17’s)

1st K Aiken, Age 10
2nd E Tarbatt, Age 10
3rd H Jones, Age 10
4th H Keighley, Age 3
5th H Rodworth, Age 8
J Keighley, Age 7
R Aiken, Age 9


Lot 94 PK Woof, Storth End Farm

Reserve Champion

Lot 95 PK Woof, Storth End Farm

Leading Prices

Aged Ram: 500gns Highgate Farm.

Shearling Ram: 580gns Low Field Farm, 500gns Higher Bold Venture Farm, 450gns Low Field Farm, 380gns Wigglesworth Hall, 350gns Hullater Farm, 320gns Thorncliffe, 200gns Wigglesworth Hall, Thorncliffe, 200gns North Lonsdale Road

Ram Lamb: 850gns, 800gns Tatham Hall, 800gns Storth End Farm, 780gns Tatham Hall, 600gns Oldfields Farm, 580gns Storth End Farm, 500gns Higher Bold Venture Farm, Oldfields Farm, 480gns Beautry House, 420gns Storth End Farm.

Gimmer Shearling: 3500gns, 2900gns, 1450gns, 1050gns Storth End Farm, 880gns Winter Hill Farm, 600gns Low Field Farm, 500gns Beautry House, 450gns Bryn Clochydd, 420gns Low Field Farm.

Gimmer Lamb: 2400gns Oldfields Farm, 480gns Bryn Clochydd, 450gns, 420gns Coedhirion, 400gns Bryn Clochydd, 300gns Coedhirion, 280gns, 200gns Highgate Farm.

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