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J36 Breeding Ewes & Gimmer Shearlings - Saturday 19th August 2017

Posted Saturday, 19 August 2017, 9.35am

The Great Annual Show and Sale of Breeding Ewes and Gimmer Shearlings at J36 saw a fantastic catalogued entry of 6003, the largest entry seen at North West Auctions. The pre-sale show saw both quality and quantity forward for judging, with judges, George and David Whitwell for the Mules and James Burrow for the Continentals facing the difficult task of selecting their prize winners.

The best pen of ten Mule Shearlings was awarded Richard Batty of Kendal, who also went onto achieve the Overall Champion Rosette. F & SA Edmondson of Ulverston remain unbeaten in the Mule Ewe class taking home the Derek Cleasby Memorial Trophy for the fourth year in a row. The Continental Shearling class grows stronger each year and saw Sue Cunliffe, Grange-Over-Sands, being awarded first prize with her Charollais x Texels.

Following the judging the packed out sale ring was buzzing from start to finish with buyers in attendance from throughout the UK. The breeding ewes were the first section for sale which saw the first prized ewes from F & SA Edmondson sell to £145 to Frankland Farms. The annual consignment of Mule Ewes from AR Edmondson, Broughton Beck, sold to a high of £158 for a pen of 10 to Mr M Cook of Ulverston, with Alan’s run of Ewes averaging £135.

The Gimmer Shearling section, which always attracts a great deal of attention for purchasers for the quality stock on offer, saw a steady trade from start to finish with both vendors and purchasers leaving satisfied.

The Champion pen from Richard Batty, looked tremendous in the sale ring, attracting frenzied bidding with the hammer falling at £220 per head to the pre-sale judges George & David Whitwell. All the Mule Shearlings forward for sale averaged £126.

The sale day top price was achieved by Messrs Ladds of Benson Hall for a Texel x Beltex Shearling, perfect for future tup breeding selling for £340, followed by others at £200.

Show Results

MR G & D Whitwell and Mr W Burrow

Class one – Pen of 10 Mule Shearlings
1st RA Batty, Candy Slack
2nd PJ Elliot, Bank House
3rd GE Jackson, Mount Pleasant

Class two – Pen of 10 Mule Ewes
1st F & SA Edmondson, Netherhouses
2nd FI & ME Little, Helm Croft
3rd AR Edmondson, Hawkswell

Class three – Pen of 10 Continental Shearlings
1st S Cunliffe, Seatle Hall
2nd JD & V Towers, Camp House
3rd J Woodburn & Partners, Mansrigg

RA Batty, Candy Slack


Breeding Ewes
Overall average - £109
Charollais av. £114
Texel av. £111
Mules av. £110
Masham av. £100

Gimmer Shearlings
Overall average - £125
Cheviot av. £145
Mules av. £126
Zwartble av. £124
Texel av. £123
Masham av. £121
Charollais av. £112
LLeyn av. £108

Breeding Ewes: Mule £158, £155 Hawkswell Farm, £145 Netherhouses Farm, Hawkswell Farm, £140 Helm Croft, Netherhouses Farm, £135 Hole Beck, £135, £132 High Green. Texel £130, £122 Forth House Farm, £120 Seatle Hall, £120, £116 Forth House Farm, £115 Helm Croft, £114 Forth House Farm, £112 Wath Farm. Charollais £130, £117, £115, £110 High Green, £95 Espford. Suffolk £110 Espford, Netherhouses Farm, £95 Helm Croft. Zwartble £105 Moor Farm. Continental £102 Helm Croft, £95 Bambers Farm. Masham £100 Helm Croft. Lleyn £90 Hare Tarn Farm, Gaitbarrow Farm.

Gimmer Shearling: Texel £340, £200 Benson Hall, £192 Seatle Hall, £168 Camp House Farm, £165 Mansriggs Hall, £160 Camp House Farm, £150 Seatle Hall, £145 Parkside Farm. Mule £220 Candy Slack, £180, £170 Bank House, £168 Mount Pleasant, £165 Candy Slack, Mearsbeck Farm, £162 Marsh House Farm, £158 Bank House, High Tenement Farm, £155 Davy Bank, Murthwaite, £152 Murthwaite. Cheviot £158, £155 High House, £150 Marsh House Farm, £146, £145 Summer Close Farm, £118 Fernlands. Masham £135, £130, £128 Moss End Farm, £122 Herdsmans House, £110 Cobble Hey, Herdsmans House, £102 Herdsmans House. Zwartble £130, £115 Moor Farm. Charollais £125 Espford, £120, £112, High Green, £102 Riddings. Beltex £120 Grandy Close. Suffolk £110 Espford. Lleyn £116, £106, £104 Gaitbarrow Farm. Continental £102 Fairbank Farm.

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