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Lancaster Monday 3rd July 2017

Posted Monday, 03 July 2017, 1.50pm

Spring Lambs

A reduced entry of Spring Lambs saw a better trade than anticipated with Lambs selling to an overall market average of 215p/kg.

Achieving the top price today was D Cockett of Ingleton making £109 for a Texel Lamb and also a pair of Texels from GA Haston & Son of Galgate also selling to £109.

Topping pence per kilo was for a pen of Texels from JA & VM Lamb of Conder Green selling to 255p/kg.

Suffolk Lambs sold to a top of £101 from T Nelson & Partners of Cockerham and Charollais Lambs sold to £100 from S Wilson & Son of Scotforth.

Cast Sheep

A small entry of Cast Sheep forward this morning are still selling to a good trade.

The trade today was topped by PD Anderton of Scorton selling a Texel to £106. Suffolk Ewes sold to £98 from RD Lambert of Preston.

A strong entry of Mules sold to £84 from D Cockett of Ingleton with all forward selling to £68.15. A run of Swaledale Ewes from BM Pye of Abbeystead sold to £53.

All Ewes forward sold to a market average of £63.

Top Prices:

SPRING LAMBS – TEX: £109 Wilson Wood; £109 Lane House; £103 Fanny House Farm; £98 Middle Lee Farm. SUFF: £101 Cockerham Hall; £96 Fell End Farm; £93 Middle Lee Farm. CHAR: £100 Burrow Heights Farm; £97 Lundholme Farm; £93.50 Park Farm Barn. CONT: £84 Humblescough Farm.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £106 Wyre Farm; £94 Ellers Farm; £93 Greenbank Farm. SUFF: £98 Jacksons Farm; £90 Lundholme Farm; £78 Greenbank Farm. CONT: £88 Lathwaite Farm. MULE: £84 Wilson Wood; £81 North Farm; £69 Old Glasson Farm. CHAR: £79 Lathwaite Farm. SWALE: £53 Moorbottom Farm.

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