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Lancaster Monday 31st July 2017

Posted Monday, 31 July 2017, 2.58pm

Spring Lambs

The weekly sale of Prime Lambs saw a smaller entry put before buyers but there was more fleshed lambs forward to meet buyers’ specifications. It was good to have regular weight lambs selling in the Eighties and Nineties this week. The day’s trade topped at £105 for Texel Lambs from GR Newsham of Sellerley Fields. M Graham of Quernmore sold Texels to £98, with Andrew Butler of Hambleton selling two pens of Texels to £97 and TR Prickett of Hutton Roof also achieving £97 for Texel Lambs. Beltex Lambs sold to £92 or 224p/kg for IT Richardson of Goosnargh.

Better types of Continental Lambs sold between 210p/kg and 220p/kg with buyers paying a premium for well-fleshed hopper fed lambs.

A few more Mules are now on the market which saw heavy Mule lambs top at £90 from Alisdair Prickett of Farleton with BD Gill of Ingleton selling 45kg Mules to £82.

Cast Sheep

Once again, 150 Cast Sheep at Lancaster were met by a busy ring of buyers, eager to purchase all types of ewes. The day’s trade topped at £120 for Texel Tups from T Nelson & Partners of Cockerham. Biggest Texel Ewes, once again, were selling around the £100 mark topping at £104 from J & H Huddleston of Brookhouse.

Mule Ewes sold to £91, twice, from GS Lander of Warrington with Strong Mule ewes still selling around the £80 mark. Horned Ewes topped at £65 for Rough Fells from E Lund & Son of Ingleton.

Top Prices:

SPRING LAMBS – TEX: £105 Sellerley Fields; £98 Terrace Farm; £97 Park Farm Barn. BEL: £92 Northgate; £74 Farleton House. MULE: £90 Farleton House; £82 Yarlsber; £74 Highfield Farm. SUFF: £86 Old Glasson; £83.50 Conder Green Farm; £79 North Farm. CHAR: £83 Old Glasson Farm. CHEV: £75.50 Cragg Farm. HERD: £70.50 High House Farm.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £120 Cockerham Hall; £104 Annasghyl; £102 Cock Hall Farm. MULE: £91 Broseley Hall Farm; £85 Knowsley Farm; £80 Heights Farm. CHEV: £83 Terrace Farm; £71 Cock Hall Farm; £51 Cragg Farm. LEI: £71 Conder Mill. SWAL: £65 Lundholme Farm. RGH: £40 Park Farm Barn.

CAST RAM – SUFF: £89 Broseley Hall Farm. TEX: £65 Broseley Hall Farm.

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