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Lancaster Monday 17th July 2017

Posted Monday, 17 July 2017, 5.00pm

Prime Lambs
A larger entry of Prime Lambs forward today sold to an overall market average of 207p/kg.

It is fantastic to have lambs selling over the £100 mark at this time of year with Suffolks from WN & D Smith of Cockerham and DM Eames of Abbeystead selling to £103. Texel lambs sold to £101 from GA Haston & Son of Galgate. Plenty of pens of Lambs easily selling into the £90’s.

Ian Richardson of Goosnargh sold Beltex Lambs to 241p/kg with plenty of pens of quality Texel Lambs selling around the 225p/kg mark.

Best Lightweight Lambs saw 34kg Texels sell to £73.50 from D & DW Prickett of Farleton.
Only a handful of Mules on the market today saw 39kg sell to £78 from T Ayrton & Sons of Over Wyresdale.
Vendors are urged to ensure that lambs are well finished with buyers cautious of lean lambs.

Cast Ewes
There was once again another entry of over 100 Cast Sheep forward with the trade holding very firm and as strong as ever. Vendors are urged to take full advantage of this strong trade and cash in any Cast Sheep.

Topping the trade today was Elsie Hartley of Hornby with Texel Ewes selling to £100 with strong Texel Ewes regularry selling in the 90’s. Masham Ewes topped at £85 from Kevin Purtill of Wigan with Mule Ewes from WN & D Smith of Cockerham selling to £85. Big Mule Ewes regularry in the £80’s with an overall market average of £75.10 for all Mules forward.

Best Horned Ewes sold to £61 from JW & SE Drinkwater of Quernmore with straight horned ewes selling around the £50 mark.

SPRING LAMBS – SUFF: £103 Cocker House Farm; £103 Middle Lea Farm; £98 Park Farm Barn. TEX: £101 Lane House; £98 Ivy Bank Farm; £96 Park Farm Barn. BEL: £90 Farleton House; £89 Northgate. CHAR: £96 Northgate; £89 Stirzakers Farm; £84.50 Burrow Heights Farm. DORS: £83 Corney Hill. HAMP: £79 Upper Greenbank. MULE: £78 Yates Farm; £73 Botton Hall Farm. LLYEN: £78 Low Pleasant. LEI: £75 Conder Mill.
CAST SHEEP – TEX: £100 Hazel Brae; £93 Stirzakers Farm; £91 Conder Mill. MULE: £90 Lathwaite Farm; £85 Cocker House Farm; £85 Barrow Greaves Farm. SUFF: £86 Tarnwater Farm; £85 Cocker House Farm. MASH: £85 Oak Avenue. LEI: £77 Upper Greenbank; £75 Conder Mill. CONT: £75 Conder Green Farm. SWALE: £61 Conder Mill; £50 Hare Apple Tree; £48 Moorbottom Farm. BEL: £57 Northgate. DORS: £41 Lee End Farm.

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