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Lancaster Monday 10th July 2017

Posted Monday, 10 July 2017, 9.18am

Spring Lambs

A larger entry of 757 Spring Lambs forward sold to an overall market average of 209p/kg.

Heavy weight Suffolk lambs sold to a top of £115 from GR & RA Surtees of Stodday. Texels sold to a top of £114 from GA Haston & Son of Galgate with other Texel lambs from the same home selling to £106. Also achieving £100 was Elsie Hartley of Hornby with plenty of lambs selling in the 90’s.

A few more Mules coming available on the market saw 41kg lambs from S Park of Halton sell to £80.

Cast Ewes

A bigger entry of Cast Ewes with over 100 in the market today sold to a continued strong trade with all buyers keen to purchase all types of ewes.

Texels sold to a top of £126 from Elsie Hartley this was closely followed by from GR & RA Surtees selling a pen of Texel ewes to £116. Strong Mule ewes once again sold around the £80 mark topping at £83 from MJ & K Ayrton of Cockerham. More Hill bred ewes in the market saw Swaledales sell to a top of £67 from JS & S Atkinson of Scorton. Vendors are urged to keep forwarding ewes to Lancaster and take advantage of this strong trade.

Top Prices: 

SPRING LAMBS – SUFF: £115 Rowallen House; £99 North Farm; £99 Maddison Avenue. TEX: £114 Lane House; £100 Hazel Brae; £100 Lower Castle O Trim. BEL: £83 The Dingle; £82 Moss Side; £77 Farleton House. DORS: £83 Corney Hill Farm. CHAR: £82 Middle Ridge Farm; £81.50 Jacksons Farm. MULE: £80 Highfield Farm; £76 Sykes Farm.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £126 Hazel Brae; £116 Rowallen House; £93 Highgate Farm. MULE: £83 Bambers Farm; £81 Tarnwater Farm; £79 Ellers Farm. RGH: £70 Greenbank Farm House. CHEV: £70 Hazel Brae. SWALE: £67 Sykes Farm; £65 Highfield Farm.

CAST RAM – CONT: £133 Greenbank Farm House. TEX: £111 Rowallen House.

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