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Lancaster Friday 7th July 2017

Posted Friday, 07 July 2017, 4.42pm

Store Cattle

Another strong entry of nearly 300 Store Cattle saw a plainer show of cattle forward but there was a decent trade for good quality meaty types.

The day’s trade topped at £1500 for a 28 month old Charolais Bullock from JA & LR Wilson of Millom. Aberdeen Angus Bullocks sold well topping at £1490 four times, firstly from AJ & D Knowles, New Hutton, secondly by H & JA Gorst, Preston, thirdly by O Butler, Esprick and lastly by J & H Davis, Cabus with all Angus Bullocks forward averaging £1234. British Bullocks sold to a top of £1440, again, from JA & LR Wilson and Limousins sold to a top of £1360 from FI & ME Little of Barrows Green.

A smaller show of Heifers sold to a top price of £1180 for an Aberdeen Angus from AJ & D Knowles followed by a Saler selling to £1150 from JM & F Gillett of Mellor.

Black and White stores continue to sell well with JM & AG Swarbrick of Out Rawcliffe achieving the top price of £1130 for a 23 month old.

Cast Cows

There was a plainer show of Cast Cows forward today with meaty cows selling to the continued good trade with all cast cows averaging 124p/kg.

Top price of the day went to a 30 month old Bullock weighing 640kg selling for 209.5p/kg or £1340 from DH & M Kellet & Sons. Cast cows sold to a top of 174.5p/kg for a Limousin from B & SE Carter, Ellel.

Black and Whites sold to a top of 169p/kg for a Heifer from H Halhead & Son, Nether Kellet with Cows selling to 149.5p/kg from D Fox & Co, Lancaster.


There was a reduced entry of Calves this week but all sold to a stronger trade.

Bull Calves sold to a top of £440 for a one month old Limousin from JM Capstick, Ashton with Stodday. British Blue Bulls sold to £430 from J & M Sanderson, Wesham. Beef Bull calves continue to be a strong trade with more required to fulfil buyer’s requirements.

Heifer Calves also sold well today with J & G Thornley of Roseacre achieving £420 for a British Blue with other Blues from the same good home selling to £370.

Friesian Bull calves also enjoyed the day’s strong trade with J & M Sanderson selling to highs of £190 and £180 for 2 month old calves. D & E Monk, Ormskirk also enjoyed the solid trade selling to calves to £150 and £130, twice.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCK – CHAR: £1500 Dunningwell Farm; £1280 Sunnyside Farm; £1250 Cock Hall Farm. AA: £1490 Shaws Farm; £1490 Elm Bank Farm; £1490 Windy Hill Farm; £1490 Weavers Farm. BRB: £1440 Dunningwell Farm; £1260 Windy Hill Farm; £1260 Billinge Hall Farm. SD: £1420 Daniel Fold Farm. LIM: £1360 Helm Croft; £1240 Bensons Farm; £1240 Downlands Farm. MON: £1320 Bensons Farm. HERE: £1290 Daniel Fold Farm; £1180 Snub Snape Farm; £1150 Brow Foot Farm. FR: £1130 Bensons Farm; £1110 Well House Farm; £1100 Lambrigg Head Farm. SIM: £1100 Sunnyside Farm; £1090 Bradlow Farm; £1050 Hawkrigg End. BS: £1080 Lambrigg Head.

STORE HEIFER – AA: £1180 Windy Hill Farm; £1140 Forton Bank Farm; £1140 Brow Foot Farm. SLR: £1150 King Bank Farm. LIM: £1100 Sykes Fold Farm; £1020 Intack Farm; £990 Lodge Cottage. BRB: £1100 King Bank Farm; £1050 Kendal Hill; £1010 Lodge Cottage. SIM: £1070 Sunnyside Farm. MON: £1000 Lane House. SHO: £990 Bouthwaite Farm. HERE: £860 The Old Mistle; £860 Forton Bank Farm. FR: £850 Downlands Farm; £700 Crook Farm.

OTM COW – LIM: 174.5 Cragg End; 169.5 Summerlands; 139.5 Barkin Gate. FR: 149.5 Holly House Farm; 147.5 Catshaw Hall Farm; 144.5 Boon Town Farm. MON: 149.5 Lane House. FKV: 139.5 Holme Head. BRB: 134.5 Stoneybank Philpin Farm; 117.5 Barker Knott. AYR: 109.5 Stubb Place Farm. HIGH: 97.5 Low Dubbs Farm.

OTM HEIFER – FR: 169.5 Lawsons Farm; 161.5 Holly House Farm; 157.5 Brown Brook.

CAST STEER – LIM: 209.5 Boundary House.

CAST BULL – CHAR: 139.5 Hartrigg.

HEIFER CALF- BRB: £420 Derby Lodge Farm; £360 Brown Brook; £300 Stubb Place Farm. CHAR: £370 Folly Villa. LIM: £350 Helm Croft. AA: £270 Brown Brook.

BULL CALF – LIM: £440 Brantbeck Farm. BRB: £340 Pasture Barn Farm. HERE: £360 Derby Lodge Farm. AA: £360 Pasture Barn Farm. FR: £190 Pasture Barn Farm; £150 Bannister Farm.

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