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Lancaster Friday 30th June 2017

Posted Saturday, 01 July 2017, 6.49pm

Calves & Stirks
The weekly sale of Calves to include the special monthly sale of Stirks saw a larger entry than expected met by a busy ring of buyers, with many looking to purchase following a good grass growing summer. Trade topped at £770 for 11 month old Angus Bullocks from the Sutcliffe Family of Cockerham.

Limousin Bullocks sold to £740 from Sam Hargreaves of Middleton who also sold Angus Bullocks to £730. 10/11 month old Beef Bullocks regularly selling around the £700 mark.

5/6 month old Limousin Bulls sold to £580 & £560 from David Townley of Stodday with Heifers from the same home selling to £535. 5/6 Beef Shorthorn Bullocks & Heifers sold to £520 & £500 from J & DE Mitchell & Son of Cabus.
A buoyant black and white trade saw yearling Friesian Bullocks sell to £490 & £475 from ME Kidd of Out Rawcliffe.

A young entry of Calves forward today met a brisk trade of Simmental Heifers selling to £295 from JR Newsham and Son of Conder Green with Hereford Bulls from the same home selling to £255.
All sizes and ages of black and white calves once again in strong demand topping at £145 from J Bargh and Son of Heaton with Oxcliffe with 4-6 week old rearing calves selling between £105-£130 and smaller dark sorts between £50-£80. With all Friesian Bull Calves averaging £89.39

Cast Cows
There was a similar number of Cast Cows in the market today with a plainer show on offer. Well meated and fleshed cows continue to sell well with leaner and plain cows slightly cheaper on the week

The trade was topped by R Oldfield of Yealand Redmayne for an Aberdeen Angus Cow selling to 204.5p/kg. Top price per head today was for a Friesian Cast Cow selling to £1123.08 from H Wright & Son of Heslington.
Black and Whites sold to 177.5p/kg from RS & IM Kellet of Mill House Farm. Black and Whites sold to a market average of 121p/kg with all Cows overall averaging 128p/kg.

Store Cattle
The Store Cattle trade still remains good for all sizes and ages of Cattle at Lancaster.
Once again topping the trade was Joe Davis of Cabus just missing beating his top price of £1560 last week, only making £1550 for Angus Bullocks with other Bullocks from the same home selling to £1520.

Limousin Bullocks sold to £1420 from A & E Clarkson of Thurnham. Heifers sold to £1440 from JA & LR Wilson of Millom for a Limousin Heifer. Native Bred Heifers sold to £1310 for a pair of Aberdeen Angus from JD & GM Bracken of Garstang.

Black and White Bullocks sold to £1120 from L Parsons of Levens. Overall all Bullocks sold to an average of £1058 and all Heifers to £1052.

STORE BULLOCK – AA: £1550 Weavers Farm; £1460 Godson House Farm; £1330 Snub Snape Farm. LIM: £1420 Cock Hall Farm; £1380 New Elmridge Farm; £1350 The Grange. CHAR: £1310 Langthwaite Heights; £1000 Bull Bank Farm; £1060 Cock Hall Farm. HERE: £1300 The Grange; £1290 Dalton Old Hall; £1210 Old Glasson Farm. MON: £1280 Old Glasson Farm; £1240 Bensons Farm; £1170 Holme Head. BRB: £1270 Scotch Green Farm; £1240 Parkside Farm; £1230 The Grange. WB: £1220 New House Farm. SHO: £1180 Cock Hall Farm; £1020 Bull Bank Farm. FR: £1120 Low Levens; £1110 Grizdale; £1100 Staffords Farm. SLR: £1190 Rowell Farm. SD: £1160 Hawkrigg End. NOR: £1140 Holme Head. FKV: £1140 Holme Head. STAB: £1070 Cock Hall Farm. SIM: £1050 Bouthwaite Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – LIM: £1440 Dunningwell Farm; £1310 Millom Castle; £1270 Windy Hill Farm. BRB: £1360 New House Farm; £1260 Dunningwell Farm; £1160 Windy Hill Farm. SIM: £1330 Dunningwell Farm. AA: £1310 Greenlands Farm; £1160 New House Farm; £1160 Ivy Barn. HERE: £1090 Windy Hill Farm; £1080 Ivy Barn; £1070 Brow Foot Farm. SLR: £1070 King Bank Farm. BLO: £930 Intack Farm.
BULLS – FR: £870 Sycamores. AA: £690 Dale Barns.

CAST COWS – AA: 204.5 Brow Foot Farm. FR: 177.5 Mill House Farm; 164.5 Hillam Lane Farm; 159.5 Slack Farm. HIGH: 151.5 Borwick Fold Farm. LIM: 144.5 Ouzelthorn Farm; 139.5 Causeway Farm; 119.5 Low Groves. CHAR: 141.5 Raw Head. BRB: 141.5 Causeway Farm. JER: 139.5 Hodgkinson Farm. BLO: 139.5 Houlker Barn Farm. NOR: 134.5 Holme Head. MON: 131.5 Ghyll Farm. SRW: 131.5 Newfield.
CAST HEIFER – FR: 171.5 Newfield.
CAST STEER – CHAR: 174.5 Lambrigg Park Farm. FR: 159.5 Beck House.
CAST BULL – LIM: 114.5 Stonehead.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £305 High House Farm; £255 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £295 Sellerley Farm. HERE: £180 Sellerley Farm.
BULL CALF – HERE: £255 Sellerley Farm. FR: £145 North Farm; £130 Blackleach House Farm; £130 Catshaw Hall Farm.
BULL STIRK – LIM: £580 Whinney Carr Farm. FR: £465 Pain Hill; £300 Whinney Carr Farm. SR: £220 Walkers I’th Fields. AA: £120 Walkers I’th Fields.
HEIFER STIRKS – LIM: £595 Crook Farm; £535 Whinney Carr Farm. SHO: £520 Snapewood Farm.
BULLOCK STIRKS – AA: £770 Lathwaite Farm; £730 The Grange. LIM: £740 The Grange; £620 Crook Farm. BRB: £670 The Grange. HERE: £670 Lathwaite Farm. SHO: £570 Lathwaite Farm; £525 Hatters Farm; £500 Snapewood Farm. SIM: £560 Bank House Farm; £555 The Grange. FR: £490 Crook Farm; £390 Whinney Carr Farm.

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