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Lancaster Friday 21st July 2017

Posted Friday, 21 July 2017, 4.49pm

Store Cattle
Once again a large number of Store Cattle forward at Lancaster with the entry being mixed in the terms of quality, well fleshed and good quality cattle yielded a premium.

There was plenty of strong short keep cattle selling between £1200-£1400. The trade topped for Limousin Bullocks at £1490 from J Hesketh of Hutton closely followed by JA & LR Wilson of Millom selling to £1480.

British Blue Bullocks topped at £1480 from GE Turner of Inglewhite with the Heifer trade topping at £1400 from GE Billington of Garstang with a Charolais. Native Cattle saw Aberdeen Angus Bullocks sell to £1300 from I & ME Askew of New Hutton. Overall Angus Bullocks averaged £1102.

Friesian Bullocks topped at £1140 from SJ & AL Hargreaves of Morecambe with the best well fleshed selling over £1100 with plenty selling over the £1000 mark.

Overall Bullocks averaged £1007 and Heifers averaged £1015.

Cast Cows
A larger entry of Cast cows forward this week with well fleshed and good quality continue to be a strong trade, and leaner cows harder to place. Cows sold to an overall market average of 122p/kg.

The trade topped at 209p/kg for Limousin Cows from KM & KJ Curwen of Abbeystead with the top price of the day being £1364.39 from JG & PH Thompson of Selside.

Black and White cows sold to a top of £1104 from J & R Waller of Killington with AT Burrow & Son of Gressingham also achieving £1100. Best Friesian Cows still selling in the late 130p/kg.

The Calf trade remains very buoyant with all ages and sizes selling to strong demand and a busy ring of buyers.
British Blue Bulls sold to £375 from CR & A Baxter & Son of Middleton with GH Sanderson & Family of Catforth achieving £370. British Blue Heifer calves topped at £365 from CR & A Baxter & Son with all British Blue bulls selling to a market average of £361 and British Blue Heifers averaging £343.

The strong Black and White trade continues in Lancaster with all shapes and sizes eagerly bid for. Six week old calves topped at £155 twice from WN & D Smith & Son of Cockerham with well grown dark rearing calves selling between £140-£150 regularly. Young dark calves around the age of three weeks sold between £50-£80.

The renowned monthly sale of Stirks will take place next week with a trio of British Blues forward this week selling to £630 and six months old.

Breeding Sheep
A great sale to open the Autumn Sheep Sales at Lancaster. Following the strong Prime Lamb trade through the summer and Cast Ewe prices remaining firm there was lots of interest in the sale with a packed ring of buyers and onlookers.

Beltex x Charolais Gimmer Shearlings topped the trade at £155 from Peter Anderton of Scorton, again from the same home 1 crop Texels sold to £150, middle aged Texel ewes sold to £145 and Mule 1 crops also topping the Mule section sold to £142.

A consignment of Texel Gimmer Shearlings from Trevor Smith of Pilling sold to £150.

The ongoing flock dispersal on EE Thornton & Sons of Heaton saw 1-2 crop Lleyn Ewes sell to £148 with 2-3 crop Mule Ewes from the same good home selling to £140 twice.

A strong number of Mule Gimmer Shearlings forward sold between £135-£140 regularly.
MJ & K Ayrton of Thurnham with their ongoing flock dispersal sold 2 crop Texel ewes to £135 and 3 Crops sold to £130.

Overall a strong trade was enjoyed with vendors leaving pleased.

Just a few Tups on offer today saw Aged Texel from N Barker of Burton in Kendal sell to £340 and £300 with Aged Suffolk’s from the same home sell to £260.

STORE BULLOCK – LIM: £1490 Middle Grange Farm; £1480 Dunningwell Farm; £1280 Old Glasson. BRB: £1480 Scotch Green Farm; £1350 Daniel Fold Farm; £1310 Snub Snape Farm. SIM: £1370 Daniel Fold Farm; £1210 Old Glasson Farm; £1190 Staffords Farm. MON: £1330 Middle Grange Farm; £1280 Bensons Farm; £1100 Pilling Lane. AA: £1300 Raw Head; £1290 Scotch Green Farm; £1280 Windy Hill Farm. HERE: £1280 Raw Head; £1260 Newsham Hall Farm; £1190 Middle Grange Farm. WP: £1250 Rowell Farm. CHAR: £1190 Lathwaite Farm; £1110 Corney Hill Farm. FR: £1140 The Grange; £1130 Bensons Farm; £1120 Newsham Hall Farm. NOR: £1090 Fanny House Farm. SHO: £1030 Deansbiggin. BS: £1030 Old Glasson.
STORE HEIFER – CHAR: £1400 Myerscough House Farm; £1050 Lathwaite Farm. LIM: 1270 Myerscough House Farm; £1180 Cracalt Farm; £1140 High House Farm. AA: £1240 Greenlands Farm; £1150 Croppers Farm; £1120 Raw Head. BRB: £1180 Holmes Farm; £1170 Cracalt Farm. HERE: £1160 Raw Head; £1100 Bradley Farm; £1070 Foredales Farm. SIM: £1140 Foredales Farm; £1070 Brow Foot Farm.

OTM COWS – LIM: 209.5 Marshaw Farm; 179.5 Overthwaite Farm; 174.5 Poppy Farm. FR: 164.5 High Snab; 139.5 Green Dragon Farm; 139.5 Hallbeck. BRB: 154.5 Thornbush Farm. SIM: 144.5 High Tenement Farm. AA: 144.5 Ellers Farm; 139.5 Post Office Farm; 131.5 Gateside Farm. HERE: 134.5 Low Woodedge Farm; 119.5 Sunny Bank Farm. CHAR: 129.5 Lambrigg Park Farm. NOR: 124.5 Cote Farm.
OTM HEIFERS – FR: 154.5 Heaton Hall Farm.
OTM STEER – LIM: 204.5 Hazelslack Tower Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – BRB: £365 New Brows Farm; £350 Derby Lodge Farm. SHO: £260 Hatters Farm. AA: £190 Gibsons Farm.
BULL CALVES – BRB: £375 New Brows Farm; £370 Blackleach House Farm; £360 Derby Lodge Farm. LIM: £325 Stubb Place Farm; £290 Hatters Farm. AA: £265 Hatters Farm. MON: £200 Hatters Farm. FR: £155 Cocker House Farm; £152 Derby Lodge Farm; £142 Blackleach House Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – BRB: £630 Croppers Farm.

BREEDING EWES – TEX: £150 Wyre Farm; £150 Herdsman House; £138 Downlands Farm. LLEYN: £148 Downlands Farm. MULE: £142 Wyre Farm; £140 Downlands Farm; £132 Herdsman House. CHAR: £115 Wyre Farm. SUFF: £112 Downlands Farm; £110 Red Lodge; £100 Dalton Old Hall. CONT: £102 Red Lodge.
GIMMER SHEARLINGS – CHAR: £155 Wyre Farm. MULE: £140 Guides Farm; £140 King Bank Farm.
AGED RAMS – TEX: £340 Dalton Old Hall. SUFF: £260 Dalton Old Hall.
SHEARLINGS RAMS – CHAR: £250 Cinder Hill Farm

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