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J36 Tuesday 4th July 2017

Posted Tuesday, 04 July 2017, 9.44am

Caption: 1st Prize Pen of Five Texel Sired Lambs from GR & A Foy

Spring Lambs

There was a slightly reduced entry of 1366 spring lambs forward this week selling to an improved trade to the previous week.

The Tex-Factor Show on behalf on the North West Texel Breeders Society was kindly judged by Andrew Dawson. There was ten pens forward of Texel sired lambs with GR & A Foy of Parkside Farm, Conder Green achieving the first prize rosette for five 40kg Lambs.

Show Results

1st GR & A Foy, Parkside Farm 40kg £106
2nd GR & A Foy, Parkside Farm 37kg £95
3rd JG & PH Thompson, Poppy Farm 40kg £97

Prime Lambs sold to a top of 265p/kg from GR & A Foy of Conder Green for the first prize Texel Lambs. The top price per head was £110 from J Handley & Son of Ingleton also for a Texels.

Lightweight Lambs sold to a top of 263p/kg, again, from GR & A Foy of Conder Green. Lambs weighing between 39 and 45kg averaged 215p/kg and 46 to 50kg Lambs averaged 213p/kg with all lambs forward selling to a market average of 215p/kg.

Cast Sheep

A large entry of 450 Cast Sheep saw a fantastic trade seen throughout for all types of ewes. The sale topped at £115 from Drinkall Bros of Over Wyresdale for a Leicester Tup.

Cast Ewes sold to a top of £108 three times, firstly by AG Butler of Poulton le Fylde for a Charolais, secondly by D & J & A Freeman of Troutbeck for a Texel and also for a pen of Beltex ewes from KD Harryman of Cockermouth.

A large entry of Horned Ewes topped at £86 from JJ & D Huddleston for a Lonk. A pen of Rough Fells sold to a top of £73 from CP Bateman of Docker with Swaledale Ewes selling to £70 from J Bryning of Gaisgill, with all horned ewes forward averaging £60.

A large entry of Mules sold to £96 from AR & CA Fawcett for a pen of five with all Mules forward averaging £77.22.

Beltex Ewes sold to an overall average of £90.74 and all Texels forward averaged £86.
All Cast Ewes forward averaged £65.98 and all Tups sold to an average of £83.23.

Top Prices

Prime Lambs: Tex £110 Gunner Fleet Farm, £106 Parkside Farm, £105 Catshaw Hall Farm, £100 Leighton House, £98 Catshaw Hall Farm. Suff £104 Birks Farm, £102 Lane Ends Farm, £100 Low Groves Farm, Smithy Green Farm. Zwart £104 Glenfield, £92 Birks Farm. Bel £100 Parkside Farm, £85.50 Poppy Farm. Cont £98 Smithy Green Farm, £92 Birks Farm, £89.50 Town House, £87 Low Woodedge Farm, £81 Mosergh Farm. Char £94 Bank House Farm, £92 Holmelands, £88, £87 Redbank Farm, £86 Hollowmire Farm. Chev £88, £87 Silvershow Farm. BFL £81 Nibthwaite Grange Farm. Mule £80 Crabtree Farm, £78.50 Benson Hall, £74 Strickland Hill, £72 Cragg End.

Cast Ewe: Tex £108 Town End, £107 Red Lodge, £104, £100 Laithwaite, £99 Silverhow Farm. Bel £108 Keskadale, £104 Laithwaite, £102 Bank House Farm, £96, £86 Laithwaite Farm. Char £108 Park Farm Barn, £93 Low Stanger Thwaite, £80 Kirket Nook, £77 Kingsland. BFL £100 Red Lodge, £79 Hebblethwaite, £73, £72 Marsh House Farm. Suff £96 Orchard House, £92 Hebblethwaite, £85 Red Lodge, £83 Brow Head, £74 Low Groves Farm. Mule £96 Silverhow Farm, £85 Park Farm Barn, £84 Smithy Green Farm, £83 Garnett Folds, £82 Orchard House. Zwart £94, £90 Glenfield. Chxmu £90 Orchard House. Chev £88 Green Cottages, £60 Croft Foot Farm, Hebblethwaite, £52 Green Lane End Farm, £50 Orphan Cragg. Horned £86 Hall Drive. Lleyn £78 Cragg Farm. Rough £73, £67 Croft Foot Farm, £60, £56 Archer Hill, £52 Croft Foot Farm. Dors £70 Park Farm Barn. Swale £70 Archer Hill, Well Foot, £69 Strickland Hill Farming, £62 Catshaw Hall Farm, £61 Keskadale. Dales £61, £53 Hebblethwaite.

Cast Ram: BFL £115 Catshaw Hall Farm. Suff £102 Green Lane End Farm, £88 Orchard House. Tex £102 Orphan Cragg. Swale £86 Keskadale, £83 Archer Hill, £70 Orphan Cragg, £56 Well Foot. Dors £84. Zwawrt £78 Glenfield.

Hogg: Tex £82 Brow Head, £67 Tarnside Farm, Benson Hall Farm. Dors £78 Brow Head. Cont £70 Brow Head. Mash £68 Mosergh Farm. Herd £65 Green Cottages. Rough £64 Croft Foot Farm.

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