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J36 Thursday 6th July 2017

Posted Thursday, 06 July 2017, 4.26pm


An entry of 78 calves and stirks was forward for this fortnight’s sale at J36. Top price calf was a British Blue sired bull from Messrs Chadwick of Sowerby Lodge which achieved £440, with another from the same home selling at £420. Angus Bull calves also selling well from Sowerby Lodge topped at £350. Continental Heifer calves were also well bid for with Limousin calves to £370 from Messrs Nelson of Halforth and Simmentals to £340 from Messrs Morris-Eyton of Beckside. Black & White bull calves selling well, with a pair of Friesian type bulls from Messrs Park of Low Deepslack achieving £250 and £200, with all black & white bulls selling to an average of £89.11.

A small selection of young stirks forward selling to £730 for Angus bulls from Messrs Hayhurst of Milton Mill, others from the same home achieving £660 and £640, twice.

OTM Cattle

An overall average of 123.29p/kg was achieved for Cast Cows & OTM at J36 this week. Top price in the Beef section was from Messrs Atkinson of Capplerigg a Limousin Cow selling for 169.5p/kg, with others from the same home selling to 150p/kg, twice. Black and White Cows topped at 139.5p/kg from Messrs Batty of Laithwaite. OTM Heifers sold to 149.5p/kg for a Holstein Friesian from Messrs Robinson of Hollins.

Beef Breeding Cattle

23 families were forward for sale today with a busy ringside of prospective purchasers. Top price of the day was achieved by Messrs Armer of Bowston Hall selling a Limousin Cow with Limousin Heifer Calf to £1650. Messrs Armers’ consignment sold to average £1530. One Breeding Bull forward for sale today from Messrs Stamper a Pedigree Hereford 21mo which sold for £1500

Store Cattle

A small entry of Store Cattle forward as normal at this time of year, with all classes selling well. A 17 month old Charolais Steer from Messrs Batty of Laithwaite Farm sold to £1100 to top the day’s trade, with others from the same home selling to £1090 and £1000. Heifers were also selling well, with top price paid for an Angus heifer also from Laithwaite Farm at £940, with Charolais also to £920. All steers forward selling to average £901.36 and heifers to average £815.24.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Brb £440, £420 Sowerby Lodge, £420 Hollins Farm, £420, £410 Beck Side. Ang £350 Sowerby Lodge, £280, £270 Beck Side. Sim £340 Bank House Farm. Here £250 Cotestone Farm, Mount Pleasant, £230 Cotestone Farm, £220 Mount Pleasant. Fri £250, £200 Low Deepslack, £160, £150 Beck Side. Sho £240 Pedgecroft.

Heifer Calf: Lim £370, £350 Halforth Farm, £290, £260 Lupton Hall. Sim £340, £290 Beck Side, £290 Wraysholme Tower. Ang £320 Beck Side, £300 Sowerby Lodge, £290 Beck Side. Brb £300 Hollins Farm, £260 Lupton Hall. Here £150 Cotestone Farm.

Bull Stirk: Ang £730, £660, £640 Milton Mill. Lim £460, £400 Syke Lodge. Fri £460 Syke Lodge.

Heifer Stirk: Brb £470, £440 Syke Lodge. Lim £400 Syke Lodge.

Cast Cow: Lim 169.5, 150 Capplerigg Farm, 144.5 Hollin Hall Farm, 137.5 Oaks Farm. Con 151.5, 137.5 Low Sizergh Farm. Ang 144.5 Stribers. Fri 139.5 Laithwaite, 134.5 Lupton Hall, 125 Low Gregg Hall. Sho 107.5 Bank House Farm.

OTM Heifer: Fri 149.5 Hollins Farm, 124.5, 109.5, 107.5 Broomfield, 101.5 Hollins Farm. Con 109.5 Long Green Head.

Breeding Bull: Here £1500 Coldcoates Farm.

Cow & Calf: Lim £1650 Bowston Hall, £1550 Castle Syke Farm. Brb £1600 Bowston Hall, £1600, £1550 Kit Cragg, £1450 Bowston Hall. Ang £1450 Bowston Hall.

Heifer & Calf: Brb £1500 Bowston Hall. Lim £1400 Hawkrigg Farm.

Store Bullock: Char £1100, £1050 Laithwaite. Brb £1090 Laithwaite, £850, £820 The Grange. Ang £980 Mislet Farm. Here £920, £910, £780 Mislet Farm, £770 The Grange. Lim £870 Troughton Hall, £810, £750 The Grange. Blo £810 The Grange. Sim £730 Low Garths Farm.

Store Heifer: Ang £940 Laithwaite. Char £920 Laithwaite, £890 Stockber, £870 Laithwaite. Sho £900 Troughton Hall. Lim £870, £800 Troughton Hall. Brb £810 Woodside. Mon £790, £670 Low Sizergh Farm. Fri £760, £670, £640 Low Sizergh Farm. Sim £630 High Skelgill.
Store Bull: Lim £790 Troughton Hall.

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