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J36 Thursday 20th July 2017

Posted Thursday, 20 July 2017, 5.29pm

Calves and Stirks
A bumper entry of calves and stirks forward this week with 125 going under the gavel. There was a brisk calf trade once again with a majority of younger entry of calves forward today. Good quality beef calves still sold in excess of the £400 selling to a top of £420 for British Blue bulls from V & EJ Chadwick & Son of Sowerby Lodge with British Blue heifers from the same home selling to £410. Also achieving the £400 was three-week-old Limousin bull calves from B & MJ Nelson of Heversham and British blue bulls from JW & D Robinson & Sons of Carnforth. Black and whites sold to a top of £210 from C Gibson and Son of Burneside with other best black and white rearing calves selling in the region of £200.

A larger entry of stirks forward this week met strong demand with stirks vendors urged to enter their cattle to gain full value of them. British blues sold to £550 from A Laidlow of Dufton with Herefords selling to £540 from E & SM Halpin of Barrow in Furness.

Store Cattle

A larger entry of store cattle then entered with 60 forward selling to a continued strong trade and all eagerly bid for by a busy ring of buyers. Trade topped at £1070 for Angus bullocks from Sam Hargreaves of Middleton with British blues from the same home selling to £1050. Heifers sold to £980 from KM & KJ Curwen of Marshaw Farm with 6-month-old Limousin bulls from the same home selling to £940. Store cattle remain a buoyant trade and needed with plenty of grass about and vendors urged to take advantage of this good trade.

Breeding Cattle
There was just a couple of families of cows and calves forward today once again well bid at j36 selling to £1,800 for a five year old cow with a smart Limousin heifer calf at foot from KM & KJ Curwen of Marshaw Farm .

Next sale of breeding cattle will be Thursday 3rd August.

Cast cows

The only disappointment of the day was the shortage of cull cows forward today with the trade remain so good vendors should be looking to off load any passengers and take full advantage of the current prices. Cows topped at £1263 for TB restricted cattle from JE Wightman of Lupton showing that selling cows live is the best way and vendors should be encouraged to take full advantage of our service we offer. There was 20% of the cows forward today selling over £1000 mark with an overall market average of 125p/kg.


BULL CALF: FRI: £210 Burneside Hall, £200 Mire House Farm. ANG: £300 Sowerby Hall Farm, £280 Colby Farms LTD. SHO: £165 Strickley. LIM: £400 Halforth Farm, £345 Sunny Bank. HERE: £275 Cotestone Farm. BRIT BLUE: £420 Sowerby Hall Farm, £400 Hollins Farm, £390 Sowerby Hall Farm. MON: £255 Colby Farms LTD. JER: Lockbank Farm.

HEIFER CALF: FRI: £85 Mire House Farm, £45 Halforth Farm. ANG: £270 Sowerby Hall Farm. LIM: £290 Sunny Bank, £250 Halforth Farm. HERE: £250 Cotestone Farm. BRIT BLUE: £410 Sowerby Hall Farm, £310 Sunny Bank.

STEER CALF: HERE: £310 Rakesmoor Farm.

BULL STIRK: ANG: £510 Dufton Wood Farm

HEIFER STIRK: HERE: £540 Rakesmoor Farm. SIM: £490 Hope Stead. BRIT BLUE: £490 Hope Stead.

STR STIRK: ANG: £520 Dufton Wood Farm, HERE: £520 Rakesmoor Farm. BRIT BLUE: £550 Dufton Wood Farm

STORE BULLOCKS: FRI: £600 The Grange, £510 Lower Hawthwaite. ANG: £1070 The Grange, £930 Holme Farm, £880 Homelands. LIM: £960 The Grange, £810 Old Croft, £640 Homelands. HERE: £800 Holme Farm. BRIT BLUE: £1050 The Grange, £890 Stribers Farm, £870 The Grange.

STORE HEIFERS: ANG: £920 Capplerigg, £890 School Hill, £570 Holmelands. LIM: £980 Marshaw Farm, £870 Oaks Farm, £830 Marshaw Farm. OTHER: £540 Pant End. HERE: £710 Lower Hawthwaite. BRIT BLUE: £700 Marshaw Farm, £600 Lower Hawthwaite.

BULL: LIM: £940 Marshaw Farm.

CAST COW: FRI: 127.5 Far Audlands, 114.5 Ackenthwaite Farm, 111.5 Far Audlands. AYR: 104.5 Sunny Bank. ANG: 149.5 Crabtree Farm. CON: 139.5 Croft Foot Farm. LIM: 164.5 Crabtree Farm, 159.5 Stribers Farm, 157.5 Low House. OTHER: 131.5 School House. STAB: 127.5 Ashstead. BB: 144.5 Crabtree Farm, 127.5 Oaks Farm.

CAST HEIFER: SHO: 131.5 Hawes Farm.

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