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Lancaster Friday 23rd June 2017

Posted Friday, 23 June 2017, 3.40pm

Store Cattle

There was another good number of store cattle forward, especially for the time of year, with a strong trade throughout for nearly finished cattle and younger grazing types were, as well, in strong demand at Lancaster and in short supply.

Topping the trade today was a trio of Angus bullocks from Joe Davis of Weavers Farm selling to £1560. Continental bullocks saw Charolais sell to £1450 from A & E Clarkson of Cock Hall and British Blues to £1440 from GE Turner of Scotch Green.

Topping the heifers was Harry Morgan of West Lynn selling Limousins to £1420. Beef bred bullocks sold to a market average in the mid eleven hundreds. Black and white bullocks topped at £1250 from L parsons of Low Levens.

Cast Cows

A smaller entry of cast cows today sold to a continued strong trade. Topping the day’s trade was RH & C Ayrton of Abbeystead selling Limousin cows to 209.5p/kg with, once again, numerous cows selling easily in excess of 150p/kg.

Top price per head today was Limousin cows from Alan Edmondson of Ulverston selling to £1269 and £1148. Black and white cows sold to £1132 from AW & AM Park and Son of Walker I’th Fields with seven black and whites selling in excess of £1000. Black and whites sold to a market average of 121p/kg and there was an overall market average of 129p/kg.


The weekly sale of calves had a similar number entry to last week selling to the continued strong trade. The trade topped at £445 for a British Blue bull from G & ME Woodhouse of Boldens with Angus calves from the same home selling to £315. Once again, plenty of beef calves selling in the region of £300.

A good entry of black and whites in terms of quality, met a strong trade with weaned calves selling to £185 from G & ME Woodhouse. Black and whites on milk sold to a top of £170 twice from TM Townley of Knowsley and JM Capstick of Brantbeck with Drinkall Bros of Catshaw selling calves to £160 and an overall market average of £105 including the bobby calves.

Next week more beef and Black and whites required including the monthly sale of stirks at 9.45am please inform Ian of entries 07766521472.

Top Prices

Heifer Calves: SIM: £275 Pump House Farm. BB: £275 School House; £160 North Farm.

Bull Calves:
BB: £445 Boldens Farm; £315 £305 Derby Lodge Farm. AA: £315 Boldens Farm. HER: £280 Derby Lodge Farm. FR: £185 Boldens Farm; £170 Knowsley Farm; £170 Brantbeck Farm.

Store Bullock: AA: £1560 Weavers Farm; £1420 Shaws Farm; £1330 Newsham Hall Farm. CHAR: £1450 Cock Hall Farm; £1270 Colt Park; £1220 Kate Farm. BB: £1440 Scotch Green Farm; £1390 Millstones; £1310 Daniel Fold Farm. LIM: £1400 New Elmridge Farm; £1370 Colt Park; £1330 Boarsden Farm. HERE: £1370 Daniel Fold Farm; £1300 Scotch Green Farm; £1250 Windy Hill Farm. SIM: £1340 £1270 Colt Park; £1310 Daniel Fold Farm; £1220 Kate Farm. BLO: £1340 Colt Park. FR: £1250 Low Levens; £1210 Boarsden Farm; £1150 New Elmridge Farm. SHO: £1060 Cock Hall Farm. MON: £990 Lane House. MRI: £930 Ribble Bank Farm. SWR: £750 Fanny House Farm.

Store Heifer: LIM: £1420 £1310 West Lynn; £1260 High House Farm; £1160 Mill House Farm. AA: £1240 Well House Farm. £1100 Church Farm; £1100 11 Kimberley Avenue. CHAR: £1240 West Lynn. SIM: £1200 £1090 Kate Farm. BB: £1170 King Bank Farm; £1150 Slack Farm; £1130 Newsham Hall Farm. SLR: £1150 £1120 King Bank Farm. HER: £1110 Mill House Farm; £830 The Old Stable. BAZ: £1050 £940 The Old Stable.

OTM COW: SIM: 174.5 Marsh House Farm; 134.5 Bank House Farm. LIM: 169.5 Far Orrest; 169.5 Hawkswell Farm; 164.5 High Underbrow Farm. FR: 164.5 Holly House Farm; 154.5 Kitchen Ground Farm; 149.5 Stirzakers Farm. BB: 161.5 154.5 Friars Moss; 157.5 Ouzelthorn Farm; 154.5 Fairclough Barn. AA: 147.5 141.5 Gilthwaiterigg; 134.5 Fairclough Barn. MON: 144.5 137.5 White Lund Farm. CON: 117.5 White Lund Farm. SRW: 107.5 White Lund Farm. BLO: 107.5 Gilthwaiterigg.

OTM Heifer: LIM: 209.5 Ouzelthorn Farm. FR: 144.5 Catshaw Hall Farm; 104.5 White Lund Farm.

OTM Steer: FR: 167.5 151.5 Higher Hollinhead Farm; 149.5 Borwick Fold Farm; 119.5 Halforth Fam.

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