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Lancaster Friday 16th June 2017

Posted Friday, 16 June 2017, 3.31pm

Store Cattle

There was, once again, a good entry of Store Cattle for the time of year at Lancaster with a catalogue entry of just short of 300 and nearly 20% of those cattle selling in excess of £1200.

There was a strong trade seen, again, throughout for all specifications of cattle. Topping the trade today was CW Holt of Thornton Cleveleys selling Angus Bullocks to £1550 and £1480. Limousin Bullocks sold to a top of £1460 from S Jackson of Overton.

Topping the Heifer trade today was Craig and Hannah Mason of Caton selling a Limousin heifer selling to £1440 which is also the highest priced heifer so far this year.

There was another strong trade for Black and Whites with Bullocks from J Prest & Son of Bay Horse selling to £1240 and £1210. Plenty of strong black and white bullocks sold over the £1050 mark

Cast Cows

The weekly sale of Cast Cows had a smaller entry this week with 88 forward selling to an overall market average of 135p/kg with OTM Cows averaging 130p/kg and more could easily have been sold to the advantage the vendor.

A consignment from the Isle of Man saw Cast Cows top of 194.5p/kg for a Hereford and Cast Bulls sold to 217.5p/kg for a Hereford Bull. Plenty of Beef Cows and Bulls selling easily in excess of 150p/kg.

Friesians sold to a top of 159.5p/kg from JR Newsham & Son of Conder Green with plenty of the best Black and Whites selling around the 140p/kg mark. Top price Black and White per head was £1233 from R & J Miller of Barnacre with numerous cows selling over the £1000 mark.

Cast Bulls sold to a top of £1585 from Clark & Johnson of Windermere


A small entry of calves in the market today with many in the local area busy with grass. A continued nice trade with nearly all calves forward today being beef calves.

The trade, twice, topped at £325 firstly for a Hereford Bull Calf from JR Newsham and Son of Conder Green and secondly for a British Blue Heifer calf from MJ Fell of Whittington. There was plenty of young beef calves in the late two hundreds. Black and White calves sold to a top of £170 from WN & D Smith and Sons of Cockerham in which more Black and Whites could have easily been sold and are required every week.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – AA: £1550 Trapp Farm; £1300 Forton Bank Farm; £1290 Cock Hall Farm. LIM: £1460 Colloway Farm; £1280 Colt Park; £1230 Downlands Farm. SIM: £1290 Colt Park; £1090 Ballacutchel Farms. BRB: £1280 Colt Park; £1250 Mearsbeck Farm; £1240 Windy Hill Farm. HE: £1260 Windy Hill Farm; £1020 Ballacutchel Farms. FR: £1240 Upper Foxholes Farm; £1170 Bensons Farm; £1090 Outerthwaite Farm. CH: £1220 Colt Park. MON: £1160 Mearsbeck Farm; £1160 Pilling Lane; £980 Fanny House Farm. FKV: £1060 Slack Farm; £940 Summerlands. SLR: £1050 Ribble Bank Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – LIM: £1440 Mearsbeck Farm; £1170 Greenlands Farm; £1120 Croppers Farm. AA: £1300 Well House Farm; £1260 Greenlands Farm; £1200 New Parkside Farm. BRB: £1220 Windy Hill Farm; £1140 King Bank Farm; £1120 Woodside Farm. SLR: £1130 King Bank Farm. MON: £1120 Croppers Farm; £1100 Rowell Farm. HERE: £1060 Forton Bank Farm. SIM: £930 Todgill Farm.

STORE BULLS – AA: £1060 Ballacutchel Farms. LIM: £1060 Ballacutchel Farms; £1060 Greenwood Drive.
CAST COWS – HERE: 194.5 Ballacutchel Farms. LIM: 189.5 Ballacutchel Farms; 149.5 Dunkenshaw Farm; 139.5 Intack Farm. SIM: 169.5 Longlands; 149.5 Ballacutchel Farms. BB: 159.5 Ballacutchel Farms. CH: 151.5 Ballacutchel Farms. SD: 149.5 Ballacutchel Farms. FR: 144.5 Bambers Farm; 139.5 Lower Lingart; 139.5 Barnfield Farm. AA: 139.5 Ballacutchel Farms; 139.5 Intack Farm. CONT: 134.5 High House Farm. SHO: 131.5 Ballacutchel Farms. BLO: 121.5 Ballacutchel Farms.

CAST HEIFER – FR: 159.5 Sellerley Farm; 154.5 Brown Brook. CHAR: 159.5 Lambrigg Park Farm.

CAST BULL – HERE: 217.5 Ballacutchel Farms. LIM: 194.5 Far Orrest; 169.5 Downlands Farm. FR: 119.5 Barnfield Farm. AA: 101.5 Trapp Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £325 Chapel House; £270 Sellerley Farm; £230 Norbreck Farm. HERE: £295 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £235 Sellerley Farm.

BULL CALF – HERE: £325 Sellerley Farm. BRB: £300 Norbreck Farm; £290 New Brows Farm; £290 Sellerley Farm. FR: £255 Norbreck Farm; £170 Cocker House Farm.

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