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J36 Thursday 22nd June 2017

Posted Thursday, 22 June 2017, 3.34pm
Highest Priced Calf from Colby Farms of Appleby selling to £460 for a Charolais bull calf born 26th May 2017.

Caption: Highest Priced Calf from Colby Farms of Appleby selling to £460 for a Charolais bull calf born 26th May 2017.


The fortnightly sale of Calves & Stirks had an entry of 55 forward with the largest proportion of beef calves seen for some time.

The day’s trade topped at £460 for a Charolais bull calf born on the 26 May from Colby Farms of Appleby, who also won the £50 Voucher presented by Genus for the highest priced calf sold in June. A very young entry of beef calves saw bulls and best types of heifers selling in and around the £300 mark. A typical entry of young black and whites for Junction 36 met strong demand with fortnight to three week old rearers selling between £60 and £90.

The Stirk trade remains strong with many purchasers looking for stirks to put out on to grass. Topping the trade was DW Robinson of Milnthorpe selling Hereford bulls to £690 and British Blues to £680. Four month old Limousin steers from B&HM Wilson of Selside sold to £500. A consignment of 7-8 month old Holstein steers from Ryan Holmes of Lyth sold to £400.

OTM Cattle

The buoyant Cast Cow trade, which many have enjoyed so far this summer, looks set to continue, with the day’s market average finishing at 123p/kg.

The trade topped three times at 169.5p/kg for Beef bred cows twice from N Cooper & Son, Troughton Hall and R&BJ Cleasby, Lower Hawthwaite. Top price per head was £1120 for a Holstein Friesian Cow from RG&J Clark, Far Audlands. Also selling in excess of the £1000 mark was a British Blue Cow from ML&SM Dobson, Esps Farm realising £1017.

Store Cattle

There was once again a shortage of Store Cattle in the market with vendors strongly urged and encouraged to take advantage of the current good trade.

Yearling steers were regularly selling between £900 and £980 topping at £990 from F&JM Mason of Mansergh. Topping the heifer trade was G Cuthbertson of New Hutton selling Angus’ to £920 and £900. Continental yearling heifers regularly selling in the region of the mid £800’s.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Char £460 Colby Laithes. Brb £330 Ravens Lodge, £290 Townhead Farm, £280 Elm Tree Farm. Ang £310, £305, £280 Sowerby Lodge, £230 Ravens Lodge, £215 Strickley. Lim £295, £280, £265 Sunny Bank. Mon £230, £200 Colby Laithes. Here £200 Cotestone Farm. Fri £90 Elm Tree Farm, £85 Cotestone Farm, Elm Tree Farm, £65 Wraysholme Tower, £62 Low Brundrigg.

Heifer Calf: Ang £305, £245 Sowerby Lodge, £220 Strickley. Lim £290 Forest Hall, £240 Sunny Bank, £225 Forest Hall. Char £260 Colby Laithes. Here £250 Cotestones Farm. Brb £215 Elm Tree Farm.

Bull Stirk: Here £690 Lower Rowell. Brb £680 Lower Rowell. Lim £500 Ashstead. Fri £440 Lower Rowell, £400 Johnscales Farm.

OTM Cow: Here 169.5, 144.5 Lower Hawthwaite. Lim 169.5 Troughton Hall, 139.5 Low Barrows Green, 124.5 Cooper House. Fri 149.5 Elm Tree Farm, 134.5 Low Gregg Hall, 134.5, 129.5 Far Audlands, 124.5 Low Gregg Hall. BB 144.5 Espford Farm. Ang 131.5 Natland Mill Beck. Ayr 109.5, 91.5 Sunny Bank.

OTM Heifer: Fri 159.5, 141.5 Cotestone Farm.

Store Bullock: Lim £990 Mireside Farm, £980 Garden Terrace, £960 Old Croft, £960, £940 Mireside Farm. Sim £800 High Skelgill, £770 Old Croft. Brb £780 The Grange. Sho £660 The Grange.

Store Heifer: Ang £920, £900 Capplerigg. Lim £870 High Skelgill, £850, £830 Old Croft, £780 Stribers Farm. Brb £780 Old Croft. Sim £780, £650 High Skelgill.

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