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Lancaster Monday 8th May 2017

Posted Monday, 08 May 2017, 5.16pm

Spring Lambs

A bumper entry of spring lambs in the market today with 266 forward. Many larger companies on the verge of switching from Hoggs to lambs with us just being in the stage before they turn over. As always, good quality spring lambs are in strong demand and easyily sold. The days trade topped at £98 from A & E Clarkson of Cock Hall with a run of Beltex lambs selling to 245p/kg. G & D Ball & Son of Great Eccleston sold Beltex x lambs to £97 or 249p/kg. Plenty of pens Continental lambs selling into the nineties. Suffolks out of mules sold to a top of £92 from EE Thornton & Sons of Downlands.

Prime Hoggs

A lot less prime hoggs on the market today sold to a dearer trade as numbers begin to tighten nationwide. Hoggs sold to a top of £88 for Mules from A & J Rhodes of Low Kit Brow. Plenty of pens of well fleshed hoggs were selling in the eighties as the trade begins to rise with numbers of prime hoggs decreasing.

Cast Sheep

The trade remains strong for cast sheep with Texel ewes selling to a top of £98 from P Lawrenson & Son of Brindle, Continental and Suffolk ewes were selling in and around the ninety pound mark. Mule ewes sold to a top of £77 from EE Thornton and Sons of Downlands and Swaledale ewes sold to a top of £55 from JS & S Atkinson of Sykes Farm.

Breeding Sheep

The annual show and sale of hoggs with lambs at foot at Lancaster had a good number forward for the sale. The pre-sale show was judged by Mr Tom Parker of Carnforth who we thank for his time and expertise awarding the first prized pen of Mule gimmer hoggs to Paul and Raymond Ayrton of Yates Farm, Lacaster which later went on to sell to £195 to the judge with a pen from the same home selling to £182.

WT & EM Townley of Ingleton sold Mule hoggs with Charolais Beltex lambs at foot to £185 twice. A smaller entry of aged ewes today saw broken mouthed Mule ewes and twins sell to £165 from David and Karen Swarbrick of Out Rawcliffe.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs: SUFF: £92 Downlands, £87 Cocker House Farm, Beaumont Gate, £86 Post Office Farm, £85.50 Cocker House Farm. CHAR: £87 Burrow Heights, £83 Springfield Farm, £80 Burrow Height Farm, £78 Springfield Farm. TEX: £98 Cock Hall Farm, £97 Post Office Farm, £92 Cock Hall Farm, £89 Fern Hill Farm. BEL: £94 Bambers Farm.

Prime Hoggs: SUFF: £85 Throstle Grove Farm, £76 Throstle. MULE: £88 Low Kit Brow, £80 Low Kit Brow, £76.50 Sykes Farm, £62 Low Moorhead. SWAL: £53 Park Farm Barn. HRN: £74 Crombleholme, £68.50 Crombleholme. CHAR: £75 Park Farm Barn, £70 Stubb Hall Farm, £57 Park Farm Barn. TEX: £86.50 Throstle Grove Farm, £84 Low Kit Brow, £83 Lee End Farm.

Cast Ewes: SUFF: £90 Post Office Farm, £88 Fleetwood Road South, £69 Post Office Farm, £68 Springfield Farm. MASH: £59 Moss House Farm. MULE: £77 Downlands Farm, £65 Springfield Farm, £64 Moss House Farm, £60 Lee End Farm. SWAL: £55 Sykes Farm, £35 Lentworth Farm, £29 Low Moor Head Farm. TEX: £98 Walmsley Fold, £90 Cock Hall Farm, £87 Downlands Farm, £78 Burrow Heights Farm. LEI: £64 Sykes Farm, £20 Lee End Farm. 

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