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Lancaster Friday 26th May 2017

Posted Friday, 26 May 2017, 4.56pm

Store Cattle

The Store Cattle ring saw good quality cattle selling to a stronger trade and short in supply with all buyers very keen for cattle today. Plainer types slightly were harder to place.

Again, another headline top price at Lancaster with a British Blue Bullock selling to £1520 from J Bargh of Heaton with Oxcliffe. Native Cattle good to sell at Lancaster with Aberdeen Angus Bullocks selling to £1490 from JA & LR Wilson of Millom. A pen of 4 Aberdeen Angus Bullocks from O Butler of Kirkham sold to £1440. Heifers today topped at £1340 from JA & LR Wilson of Millom with a Simmental. Plenty of cattle easily selling to excess of £1200.

There was certainly more demand for well fleshed heavy Black and White Bullocks selling to a top of £1250 for a pen of 3 from S Kellet & Son of Pilling.

OTM Cattle

The Weekly sale of Cast Cows had a smaller entry of 46 forward due to the bank holiday weekend and many people busy with silage.

The trade remains very strong with vendor urged to take advantage of this and sell live weight.

Young Limousin Cows topped the trade at 2.19p/kg or £1248 from JD & EM JA Atkinson of Skelsmergh. An overall market average of 131p/kg was achieved. Black and Whites sold to a top of 164p/kg with the best types of ows around the 140p/kg and overall all Black and Whites averaging 123p/kg.


The monthly stirk sale had a smaller entry this month selling to a continued strong trade in which more could have easily been sold as summer is here and the grass is growing well. Charolais suckler bred bullocks from DC miller of Cobble Hey sold to £825 and £780 with heifers from the same home selling to £690. A consignment from Robert Mason of Out Rawcliffe saw British Blue and Angus steers sell £750 at 10 month old with Angus heifers from the same home selling to £625. Montbeliarde steers sold to £590 from JR Pye of Stalmine with Black and Whites topping at £470 from John Maxwell.

A shortage of beef bull calves forward today we more could have easily been sold to the advantage of vendors. Just one beef bull saw a British blue bull sell to £350 from J & A Sheerin of Quernmore, with Simmental heifers selling to £260 from JR Newsham of Conder Green with Herefords from FW Rhodes & Son of Ellel. A very strong black and white trade with plenty selling easily in excess of £100 topping at £162 from Drinkall Bros of Catshaw.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – BRB: £1520 Old Woodhouse; £1300 Shaws Farm; £1300 The Grange. AA: £1490 Dunningwell Farm; £1440 Elm Bank Farm; £1290 Billinge Hall. FR: £1250 Pilling Hall; £1200 Grizdale; £1170 Bensons Farm. LIM: £1240 Billinge Hall; £1190 Cock Hall Farm; £1180 Thorns Farm. CHAR: £1200 The Grange. HERE: £1200 Windy Hill Farm; £1140 Bradlow Farm; £1000 Cock Hall Farm. BAZ: £1050 The Old Stable. BS: £1130 Lambrigg Head. CONT: £850 Flodder Hall.
STORE HEIFER – SIM: £1340 Dunningwell Farm; £1040 Manor House Farm. AA: £1200 Windy Hill Farm; £1160 Little Town Farm; £1150 Manor House Farm. BRB: £1170 Manor House Farm; £1100 King Bank Farm; £1050 Bouthwaite Farm. LIM: £1140 New House Farm; £1050 Manor House Farm; £950 Lostock Bridge Farm. FR: £1110 Shore Top Farm. BAZ: £1100 The Old Stable. MON: £1020 Lane House. SLR: £990 King Bank Farm. CHAR: £980 Lane House. HERE: £900 Bull Bank Farm.

CAST COWS – LIM: 219.5 Low Groves Farm; 149.5 Moss Head; 137.5 Capplethwaite Hall. BLO: 177.5 Capplethwaite Hall. BRB: 144.5 Capplethwaite Hall. FR: 139.5 Spital Farm; 137.5 Friars Moss; 134.5 Bank End Farm. SD: 139.5 Braida Garth. AA: 134.5 Manor House; 131.5 Lundholme Farm.MON: 117.5 Lawrence House; 114.5 Whinney Carr Farm. WB: 107.5 Black Syke.
CAST HEIFER – BRB: 184.5 Ivy Farm. FR: 154.5 Tunstall Hall; 149.5 Stubb Place Farm; 109.5 Spital Farm.
CAST STEER – LIM: 179.5 Hawkrigg End. AA: 169.5 Croft House. FR: 164.5 Hawkrigg End; 149.5 Ivy Farm; 129.5 Croft House.
CAST BULL – SIM: 131.5 Todgill Farm.

HEIFER CALF – SIM: £260 Sellerley Farm. HERE: £250 Barrow Greaves Farm. SHO: £125 Hatters Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £350 Knotts Farm. FR: £162 Catshaw Hall Farm; £135 Blackleach House Farm.
BULL STIRK – BRB: £750 Hoskingshire Farm. SIM: £610 Sellerley Farm. LIM: £540 Hare Apple Tree. AA: £495 Newhouse Farm; £490 Lathwaite Farm; £480 Hare Apple Tree. SHO: £480 Lathwaite Farm.
HEIFER STIRK – CHAR: £690 Cobble Hey Farm; £440 Lathwaite Farm. AA: £625 Hoskingshire Farm; £525 Low Stennerley; £445 Newhouse Farm HERE: £520 Sellerley Farm. SIM: £490 Sellerley Farm. LIM: £475 Hare Apple Tree. BRB: £425 Newhouse Farm.
BULLOCK STIRK – CHAR: £825 Cobble Hey Farm. AA: £750 Hoskingshire Farm; £470 Cobble Hey Farm. MON: £590 Hatters Farm. FR: £470 Whinney Garth.

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