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Lancaster Friday 19th May 2017

Posted Friday, 19 May 2017, 9.18am

Store Cattle

Lancaster saw an entry of 250 forward with a strong show of store cattle throughout, with cattle topping at £1540, from J Hesketh, Moor Middle Grange Farm for an Angus bullock followed by another bullock which came from the same home making £1340. Heifers topped today with a Limousin heifer reaching £1360 from A&E Hodkinson, Bank Field Farm. With Native Heifers reaching £1240 For a Angus Heifer consigned by TJ Robinson, Rowell Farm.
Black and White Stores saw Bullocks top at £1170 from D & K Swarbrick, Bensons Farm, closely Followed by a Bullock from J Stott, Kingsland making £1110.

OTM Cattle

A smaller number of OTM Cattle forward this morning at Lancaster but a still a good trade for all cattle forward. Trade topping at 184.50p/kg for an Angus Cow from EJ Ward & Sons. Limousin cast cows sold to 174.50p/kg from D & E Whitaker, Little Fell Farm. OTM Heifers topped today at 184.50p/kg from C Hargreaves & Son, Sunderland Brows Farm, with an Angus Heifer and Cast Bulls Sold to 137.50p/kg From SC Brown, Lane House with a Charollais Bull.


A Strong entry of calves today went under the gavel with a full ringside of buyers. Trade topping at £480 for a Strong British Blue Bull Calf from G & ME Woodhouse & Sons, Boldens Farm with Calves from the same good home Making £470 and £450. Angus Bull calves sold to £420 from the same home. Heifer Calves sold to a top of £390 for a British Blue heifer calf consigned by J & G Thornley Ltd, Derby Lodge with Hereford heifer calves from the same home reaching £300.
Black and white calves saw a top of £130 From WN & D Smith & sons, Cocker House Farm with a Bull Calf. With a total average for Friesian Calves coming out at £67.50.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – AA: £1540 Middle Grange Farm; £1250 Cock Hall Farm; £1240 New Ridge Farm. MON: £1340 Middle Grange Farm; £1100 Cock Hall Farm; £990 Billinge Hall Farm. BRB: £1320 Bensons Farm; £1260 Woodlands Farm; £1230 Abrahams Farm; £1220 Cragg Farm. LIM: £1320 Foredales Farm; £1290 Woodlands Farm; £1200 Cock Hall Farm. SIM: £1230 Gibraltar Farm; £1100 Billinge Hall Farm; £1030 Park House Farm. HE: £1180 Challon Hall Farm; £1160 High House Farm; £1070 Old Glasson. FR: £1170 Bensons Farm; £1110 Kingsland; £980 Old Glasson. SHO: £990 Billinge Hall Farm; £840 Lathwaite Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – LIM: £1360 Bank Field Farm; £1180 Low Groves Farm; £1120 Longlands. AA: £1240 Rowell Farm; £1220 Abrahams Farm; £1210 Cragg Farm. BRB: £1210 Pasture House Farm; £1160 Manor House Farm; £1100 Bouthwaite Farm. SIM: £1210 Windy Hill Farm; £1000 Longlands. HERE: £1200 Raw Head; £1200 Windy Hill Farm; £1170 Raw Head. BLO: £990 Intack Farm. MON: £900 Holme Head. CHAR: £960 Brown Edge. FR: £920 Abbotsons Farm; £890 Sheardley Fold.
BULLS – MON: £980 Cumming Carr Farm. AA: £910 Cumming Carr Farm. LIM: £840 Hollyovenbeck Farm.

CAST COWS – AA: 184.5 Intack Farm; 144.5 Sunderland Brows Farm; 134.5 Steel Croft. LIM: 174.5 Little Fell Farm; 149.5 Far Orrest. BRB: 161.5 Bank Field Farm. FR: 151.5 Crook Farm; 149.5 Kiln Hall; 144.5 Lathwaite Farm. CHAR: 139.5 Fellside Farm; 137.5 Brown Edge. MON: 139.5 Corney Hill Farm; 129.5 Lane House. SRW: 134.5 Sandvilla. HE: 127.5 High House Farm.
CAST HEIFERS – AA: 184.5 Sunderland Brows Farm. FR: 159.5 Docker Hall; 149.5 Hoggetts Lane Farm. SHO: 117.5 School House.
CAST BULL – CHAR: 137.5 Lane House. SHO: 119.5 Lathwaite Farm.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £390 Derby Lodge Farm; £280 School House. HERE: £300 Derby Lodge Farm; £230 New Brows Farm. SIM: £280 Sellerley Farm.
BULL CALF – BRB: £480 Boldens Farm; £440 Derby Lodge; £380 North Farm. AA: £420 Boldens Farm. HE: £350 New Brows Farm; £200 Sellerley Farm. FR: £130 Cocker House Farm; £90 Boldens Farm.
STEER CALF – HERE: £300 Low Hall Beck
STEER STIRK –HERE: £680 Upper Greenbank.

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