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J36 Tuesday 30th May 2017

Posted Tuesday, 30 May 2017, 5.12pm

Breeding Sheep

A better show of breeding sheep forward today at J36 saw Mule Hoggs with Texel Lambs at Foot top at £175, twice, from R & E Holmes, The Green. Aged Ewes with Twin Lambs topped at £150 from BJ Bowness, Blea Tarn. Buyers are still looking for younger sheep with Lambs at foot.

Spring Lambs

There was an entry of 501 Spring Lambs at the weekly sale at J36. There was a good show of lambs put before six active buyers, buying across ten accounts. Heavy weight lambs sold to a top of £119 a head from TW Nelson & Son, Cockrigg Farm. Handy weight lambs sold to the strongest trade topping at 266p/kg for 39kg Beltex from AE Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm. Beltex Lambs sold to an average of £100 per head with local butchers looking for best quality lambs.

Prime Hoggs

A large end of season show of hoggs forward today saw 413 sell to a strong trade. Continental hoggs topped at £100 for a pen of Texels from FP & G Slater, Bellart Howe and also for a large pen of Scotch Blackface Hoggs. Heavier hoggs were in demand today averaging 193p/kg. A strong show of Herdwick Hoggs sold to a top of £83 GM & AJ Jackson, Little Eccleston Hall Cottage with an overall average of £81 seen for all Herdwicks forward.

An overall average of 193p/kg was achieved.

Cast Sheep

A smaller show of cast sheep sold to another respectable trade with a lot of hill bred ewes in the market. Horned ewes topped at £74 for a Rough Fell from JE Wightman, Crabtree Farm with Swaledales selling to £70 from JW Thwaite, Eskew Beck with all Swales forward averaging £52. Strong continental Ewes were in demand, topping at £118 for a pen of Texels from E Dodgson & Son, Spital Farm with Beltex Ewes from the same good home selling to £110.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs: Suff £119 Cockrigg Farm, £114 Station Hotel, £109 Ackenthwaite, £107 Cracalt Farm. Tex £113 Pyes Bridge, £112 Crosscrake Farm, £108 Pyres Bridge, £104 Low Barrows Green. Bel £104, £100, £95 Stubb Farm. Dors £99, £95 Floraire, £94.50 Hallbeck, £93, £90.50 Warth Sutton Farm. Hamp £97.50 Endmoor Farm, £82 Abbey Drive. Char £97, £96 Floraire, £96 Ancliffe Hall, £93 Station Hotel, £90 Warth Sutton Farm. Cont £89 Crosscrake Farm.
Prime Hoggs: Tex £100 Bellart Howe, £96 The Orchard, £95 Overplains, £92 High Swinklebank Farm, Haveriggs Farm. Sco £100, £92 Hill Farm, £87 Slcak Farm, £80 Greenhills Farm. Mule £99 Hill Farm, £90 Harbarrow Farm, £89, £84 High House Farm. Suff £95, £87 Arnside Tower Farm, £84, £83 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £77 Harbarrow Farm. Chev £91 Plough Inn, £87 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £82 Harbarrow Farm, £77 Ullathorns. Swale £85, £80 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £79.50 High Salter, £76.50, £76 Cobble Hey. Herd £83, £81, £78.50 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Char £81, £78 Pyes Bridge.

Cast Ewes: Tex £118, £115 Spital Farm, £94 Jackson Ground, £90 Hallbeck, £89 Jackson Ground. Bel £110 Spital Farm, £101, £94 Beaumont Grange Farm. BFL £94 Yoad Pot, £90 High House Farm, £86 Preston Patrick Hall, £75 Boundary Beck. Chev £92, £77 Spital Farm, £72 Ullathorns. Char £88 Floraire. Suff £76 Scroggs Farm, £66 Crabtree Farm. Zwart £76 Jackson Ground. Mule £74 Preston Patrick Hall, £73 Beaumont Grange Farm, £72 Cracalt Farm, Crabtree Farm, Preston Patrick Hall. Rough £74 Crabtree Farm. Swale £70 Eskew Beck, £67 Yoad Pot, £64 Crabtree Farm, £63 Preston Patrick Hall, £62 High House Farm. Herd £63 Bellart Howe.
Cast Ram: Suff £102 Low Woodedge. Tex £94 Tarnside Quarry. BFL £94 Woodside Farm. Bel £82 Low Woodedge Farm.

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