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J36 Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Posted Wednesday, 24 May 2017, 11.18am

Prime Pigs

The fortnightly sale of prime pigs had an entry 26 forward. The trade saw best types of white pigs a very good trade and easily sold with coloured traditional pigs still a decent trade but just not quite as good. All pigs forward sold to a market average of over £100 a head with trade topping at £160 for Pietrain prime gilts from NJ Wilkinson of Barrow in Furness or 185p/kg with plenty of best types of pigs selling around £150.

Breeding Sheep

A similar number of sheep with lambs at foot forward to the previous week, with the majority forward being hoggs with lambs at foot. The good weather and many vendors drawing lambs to take advantage of the Spring Lambs strong trade saw a quieter ring side. The trade topped at £182 from S Waller of Killington with Dorset hoggs and lambs at foot. Dorset ewes and lambs from the same home sold to £175. Mule hoggs with lambs sold to a top of £170 from R & E Holme of Penrith with plenty of pens of hoggs with lambs selling between £150 and £160. Mule shearlings with twins sold to £165 from WI & A Atkinson and Son of Holme House.

Spring Lambs

The largest entry to date this season of spring lambs with nearly three times as many lambs forward this week to last with 553 going under the gavel. There was a strong trade from start to finish with all lambs forward selling to a market average of 246p/kg with all buyers eagerly looking to purchase lambs. Best quality export lambs were in short supply today and more could have easily been sold to the advantage of the vendor. Lambs topped at 311p/kg or £121.50 from JN and DJ Bowes of Low Brundrigg with Texel lambs. The top price per head of the day was £122 for a pen of seven Beltex lambs from J & O Galbraith of Endmoor. Plenty of those export type lambs were selling in and around the £120 mark or 300p/kg with plenty of pens of lambs selling in excess of the £100 mark. Suffolk mule lambs were eagerly bid for with more companies now switching onto lambs with plenty of pens selling over £100.

Prime Hoggs

A good number of hoggs in the market today, selling to a continued strong trade with a mixed entry forward for the sale. Fleshed hoggs were selling in excess of 200p/kg topping at 225p/kg for a pen of 31 Cheviot hoggs from SH & PI Bowes of Stainton with plenty of continental type hoggs around 220p/kg.

Cast Sheep

A larger entry of cast sheep in the market this week sold to a similar trade to the previous week with plenty of demand for all specification of ewes and leaner types looking especially dear. Big cast tups were selling in excess of the £100-mark topping at £115 for Texel tups from Forest Hall Farms. Ewes topped at £104 for Continentals from J Woodburn and Partners of Ulverston. Plenty of continental and Suffolk ewes were selling between £90 and £100. Best Mule ewes were selling between £70 and £80. Horned ewes were good to sell with Rough Fell ewes selling to £70 from AJ & JL Sansom of Windmere. Swaledale ewes sold to a top of £65 from RI Dixon of Low Newton with best Swaledale ewes selling in excess of £60 with plenty of pens selling in the £50’s.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs: Bel £122 Endmoor Farm, £120 Green Lane End Farm, £117.50, £112, £108 Camp House Farm. Tex £121.50 Low Brundrigg, £117 Camp House Farm, £114.50 Cinderbarrow Farm, £113.50 High Biggarsbank, £113 Ackenthwaite Farm. Suff £114 Park House Farm, £113 Low Levens, £112.50 Hallbeck, £112 Broomfield, £111 Lawsons Farm. Dors £109.50 Hallbeck, £106 Yealand Manor, £106, £96.50 Home Farm, £92 Warth Sutton Farm. Hamp £107.50, £101.50 Endmoor Farm. Char £102.50, £101 Hebblethwaite, £95 Brown Edge, Ancliffe.

Prime Hoggs: Tex £102, £97.50 Clawthorpe Lodge, £94 Moss End Farm, £88 Hallgarth, £87 Harbarrow Farm. Suff £99 Breaslacks, £94.50 Cobble Hey, £89.50, £89 Harbarrow Farm, £80 Green Close. Char £98 Oxenholme Road, £93.50 Harbarrow, £91 Lynacres. Mule £96 New Hall, £92 Stubb Hall Farm, £90.50 Cobble Hey Farm, £90 New Hall, £88.50 Stubb Hall Farm. Swale £94, £93 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £89 Eskew Beck, £84 Tongue House Farm, £83.50 Overhouses. Chev £90 Harbarrow Farm, £85 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Zwart £90 Cobble Hey Farm. Mash £89.50, £88.50 Cobble Hey Farm. Herd £87, £84.50 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £84 Harbarrow Farm, £80 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Cont £84 Harbarrow Farm. Sco £83.50 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Horned £79 Moss End Farm, £78.50 Harbarrow Farm. Jac £77.50 Harbarrow Farm. Dales £76 Low Audlands.

Cast Sheep: Tex £104 Mansrigg Hall, £100 Hill Park, £94 Springs Farm, £93 Lower Highfield, £92 Low Levens. BLF £99 Main Street, £94 Hill Park. Chev £99 Red Lodge, £89 Main Street, £86 Green Lane End Farm, £80 Forest Hall, Orphan Cragg. Cont £95 Borwick Fold Farm, £77, £73 Orphan Cragg, £70 Abbey Drive. Mule £92 Lower Stanger Thwaite, £77 Broomfield, Benson Hall, £76 Mansrigg Hall. Suff £91 Benson Hall, £86 Deansbiggin, £76 Mansrigg. Bel £89 Moss End Farm, £74 Mansrigg Hall. Dors £79 Yealand Manor, £75 Abbey Drive. Rough £70 Blackmoss Farm, £66 Gateside Farm, £64 Ghyll Farm. Horned £68, £67 Gilpin Bank Farm, £67 High Salter, £55 Gilpin Bank Farm, £50 Moss End Farm. Herd £68 Borwick Fold Farm, £66 High Biggarsbank, £60 Borwick Fold Farm, £50 Main Street. Swale £65 Low Newton Farm, £62 Orphan Cragg Barn, £60 Garnett House, £58 Forest Hall, £57 Moss Howe Farm. Zwart £61 Singleton Park.
Cast Tups: Tex £115 Forest Hall, £101 Hill Park, £97 Old Croft, Springs Farm. Suff £110 Breaslacks, £90 Toadpool, £85 Breaslacks. Char £100 Benson Hall. BFL £100 Springs Farm.

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