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J36 Tuesday 16th May 2017

Posted Tuesday, 16 May 2017, 5.49pm

Breeding Sheep

A smaller entry of sheep with lambs at foot forward this week following the annual show and sale last week. Mule Hoggs with Single Lambs at Foot continue to sell well topping at £180 for J & T Hunter, Moser Hill. G & KM Atkinson of Green Farm sold Mule Hoggs with Texel Lambs to £172. A run of Texel Hoggs with Beltex Lambs from JA Chapman, North Lodge sold to £165 and £160, twice.

A smaller number of older ewes with lambs in the market today saw Texel Ewes with Texel Lambs selling to £160 from P Whitehead of Sedbergh.

Spring Lambs

Another strong entry of in excess of 200 Spring Lambs sold at J36 selling to market average 218p/kg. A strong trade for good quality export and butcher type lambs sold to a top of £109 for Texel Lambs from WJ & L Barker, Brown Edge to Higginsons Butchers of Grange of Sands. Beltex Lambs sold to a top of 252p/kg or £104 of AE Atkinson & Son, Stubb Farm. A larger number of Suffolk Mules in the market today sold to a sharper trade with Suffolk Lambs topping at £103 from M & RW Stirzaker, Station Hotel with Suffolk Lambs averaging 214p/kg and Beltex Lambs averaged 247p/kg.

Prime Hoggs

A very end of season entry of Prime Hoggs saw well fleshed hoggs regularly selling in and around 200p/kg. An overall market average of 187p/kg and an SQQ average of 193p/kg was achieved. The trade topped at £116 for Alan Thompson of Carnforth for Texel Hoggs.

Cast Sheep

The cast ewe trade remains strong with all specification of sheep eagerly bid for. Topping the trade was a Texel Ewes from Alan Thompson selling to £140. Thor Atkinson of Ulverston sold Texel Ewes to a top of £116 with those strong Continental Ewes selling in and around the £100 mark. Mule Ewes topped at £81 from Thor Atkinson. Horned Tups sold to a top of £77 from P & TL Edmondson of Low Hall Farm with Swaledale. Horned Ewes topped at £69 for Rough Fells from CP Bateman, Croft Foot Farm. Lean horned Ewes continue to be a strong trade selling between £35 and £45 with stronger fitter ewes £50+

Top Prices

Spring Lambs: Tex £109 Brown Edge, £102 Ackenthwaite, £98 Warth Sutton Farm, £96 Orchard House. Bel £104, £101, £100, £95.50 Stubb Farm. Suff £103 Station Hotel, £101.50 Low Barrows Green, £100 Dale View Farm, £97 Low Barrows Green, £96.50 Brown Edge. Hamp £93 Endmoor Farm. Dors £87.50 Warth Sutton Farm.

Prime Hoggs: Tex £116 Southways, £102.50, £99 Harbarrow Farm, £99 Haveriggs Farm, £97 Harbarrow Farm. Char £98 Bouthwaite Farm, £94, £93, £92.50 Harbarrow Farm, £84 High Farm. BFL £94 Overhouses. Mule £93 Low Greenriggs, £91 Mowbray Drive, £87 Low Greenriggs, £85.50 Harbarrow Farm, £83 Cobble Hey. Suff £92 Low Woodedge Farm, £85 Hodgsons Green Farm. Chev £92.50 Harbarrow Farm, £86 Rydal Farm. Mash £91 Cobble Hey, £90 Keer Falls. Cont £89.50 Harbarrow Farm. Dales £89 Fell End Farm. Herd £87, £86, £85 Rydal Farm, £80 Moser Hill, £79.50 Hodgsons Green Farm. Swale £84.50 Higher Salter, £83 Low Hall Farm, £79 Rydal Hall, £77 Barrow House Farm. Horned £84, £71 Keer Falls. Rough £83 Birds Park Farm.

Cast Ewes: Tex £140 Southways, £116 Newland View, £97 Low Hall Farm, £95 The Barn, £92 Dale View Farm. Char £107 Garnett Folds Farm, £96 The Barn, £90 Low Foulshaw, £85 The Barn. Chev £99, £81 Low Tarn Green, £78 Moorland Cottage, £64 Low Tarn Green. Suff £93 Low Barrows Green, £76 Harbarrow Farm. Zwart £93 Lambrigg Head Farm, £70 Brown Edge. BFL £90 Keskadale, £75 Ellerneck. Mule £81 Newland View, £80 Ouzlethorn Farm, £76 Crabtree Farm, £75 Hollins Farm, Middale Farm. Bel £75 Blea Tarn Road. Kerry £73 Keskadale. Rough £69 Croft Foot Farm, £61 Castlefield. Swale £66 Low Hall Farm, £63 Brown Edge, £59 Barrowfield, £58 Castle Syke Farm, £56 Keskadale. Dales £63 Stanley Farm, £53 Middale Farm.

Cast Tup: BFL £105 Ouzlethorn. Tex £96 Stanley Farm, £91 The Borrans. Hamp £89 Endmoor Farm. Swale £77 Low Hall Farm.

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