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J36 Thursday 11th May 2017

Posted Thursday, 11 May 2017, 5.12pm


A slightly smaller entry of calves saw a good show of Beef Bred Calves forward. The trade topped at £390 for British Blue Bull from JW & TE Sharp, Flodder Hall with all Blue Bull Calves averaging £335. Heifer calves topped at £360 from V & EJ Chadwick & Sons, Sowerby Lodge for British Blue with plenty of buyers looking for heifers for breeding purposes. Black and White calves sold to a good trade topping at £150 from CG Birkett, Netherbeck Barn.

A smaller entry of Stirks this morning sold to a top price of £510 for a 5 month old British Blue Bull with more needed to fulfil buyer’s requirements.

OTM Cattle

OTM Cattle sold to a strong trade today with a good show of cows forward. The sale topped at 214.5p/kg or £1306 for a superb Limousin Cow from DP Escolme, Audlands Park. A run of Limousin Cows from G Jones, Fold Farm averaged 154p/kg or £1100. Black and white cows also enjoyed the good trade topping at 131.5p/kg from W Garnett & Son, Ackenthwaite Farm and all black and white averaged 108p/kg. A cast Bullock from JE Read, Mealrigg sold to 194.5p/kg or £1210 for an Angus. All cast cows forward averaged 127p/kg.

Breeding Cattle

The first Beef Breeding sale of the spring had a nice entry of 20 forward with all vendors leaving satisfied with their trade. The sale topped at £1700 for British Blue Heifer with a Limousin Heifer Calf at Foot from AW & AM Clarke, Low Longmire with a Hereford Heifer with a Hereford Calf at Foot making £1600. RC Billington & Son, Stubbins Farm had run of Limousin Heifers with British Blue Calves averaged £1440 an outfit.

A small show of in-calf Heifers topped at £1120 a Limousin Heifer in calf to a Limousin Bull from JT & J Kelsall, Summerlands.

The Great Annual Show & Sale of Beef Breeding Cattle will be held on Thursday 8th June with entries closing on Wednesday 31st May. Show class for Cow/Heifer with at Foot.

Store Cattle

Just under 100 Store Cattle went under the gavel today at J36 with grazing continuing to sell well and eagerly bid for. Bullocks topped at £1100 for a Limousin from R Keith of Grange over Sands with others from the same good home selling £1090 and yearling Bullocks topped at £1070 from F & JM Mason, Mireside Farm. Heifers were in demand today and sold to £1040, twice, for a Limousins J & M Wilson, Cooper and AW & AM Clarke, Low Longmire for yearling heifers. A smart Charolais x Heifer from AW & AM Clarke sold to £1030.

Store Bulls were sought after today selling to £1000 for a 10 month old Angus from MJ & JD Handley, Archers Hall with British Blue from the same home selling to £970, also 10 months old.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Brb £390, £360 Flodder Hall, £360 Netherbeck Barn, £350 Ravens Lodge. Ang £360 Sowerby Lodge. Lim £310 Halforth. Here £270 Moss House Farm. Fri £150 Netherbeck Barn, £85, £70 Far Audlands.
Heifer Calf: Sho £450 Stirk Hey Farm. Brb £360 Sowerby Lodge, £340 Stirk Hey Farm, £330 Flodder Hall, £300 Sowerby Lodge, Kitchlow Farm. Here £300 Stirk Hey Farm.

Bull Stirk: Brb £510 Ravens Lodge.

OTM Cow: Lim 214.5 Audlands Park, 161.5 Fold Farm, 154.5 Hollin Hall, 154.5, 144.5 Fold Farm. Brb 164.5 High Borrowbridge. Sho 149.5, 139.5 Broad Oak. Ang 144.5 Broad Oak. Fri 131.5 Ackenthwaite Farm, 124.5 Halforth, 124.5 Far Audlands, Elm Tree Farm, 121.5 Nehterbeck Barn. Con 119.5, 117.5, 114.5 Poole Bank Farm. SRW 119.5 Low Sizergh Farm. Mon 109.5 Green Lane End Farm.
OTM Heifer: Fri 117.5 Mealrigg.
Cast Bullock: Ang 194.5 Mealrigg.

Cow & Calf: Brb £1700 Low Longmire. Here £600 Low Levens. Lim £1550, £1520, £1480 Stubbins Farm, £1220 Castle Syke Farm, Low Garths Farm, £1200 Stubbins Farm. SD £1500 Bowkerstead Farm.
In Calf Heifer: Lim £1120, £1100 Summerlands.

Store Bullock: Lim £1100, £1090 Granby Road, £1090 Fold Farm, £1070 Mireside Farm, £1000 Fold Farm. Brb £890 High Biggarsbank, £880 Flodder Hall. Char £880 Low Longmire. Con £790 Cooper House.
Store Heifer: Lim £1040 Low Longmire, Cooper House, £850 High Biggarsbank, £840 Bramaskew, £830 Couland Beck Farm. Char £1030, £820 Low Longmire, £750 High Wray Farm, £600 Fell House. Ang £1020 Capplerigg, £930, £900 Natland Mill Beck, £830, £780 Archers Hall. Brb £800 Flodder Hall, £750 Burnt House. Con £740 Cooper House. Here £730 Cooper House.
Store Bull: Ang £1000, £960, £880 Archers Hall. Brb £970 Archers Hall.

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