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J36 Hoggs with Lambs Show & Sale - Tuesday 9th May 2017

Posted Tuesday, 09 May 2017, 5.39pm

Breeding Sheep

The great annual show and sale of Hoggs with Lambs at foot had an entry of over 600 families forward selling to a buoyant trade throughout and a busy ringside of buyers from throughout the North West. The pre-sale show was kindly judged by Martin Whitaker of Clapham and sponsored by the Farmers Guardian. There was an impressive line-up of Mule Gimmer Hoggs with over ten pens out to show. Winning first prize Mule Hoggs with lambs at foot was Winter Brothers Farming Ltd of Clickham Farm, Appbleby, who was also awarded the champion rosette. Second prize and reserve champion was awarded to Messrs G Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Appleby. An entry of seven pens of Continental and Suffolk Hoggs with Lambs saw Peter Cummings of Holme Fields, Holme awarded the first prize rosette.

The day’s trade topped at £260 for the reserve champion pen from Messrs Sowerby with others hoggs from the same home selling to £230 and the champion pen of Hoggs sold for £220 from Winters Brothers Farming Ltd. The annual consignment of home bred Mule Hoggs with Lambs from AR Edmondson of Hawkswell, Ulverston always create plenty of interest and demand and were eagerly bid for selling to a top of £212 and £200, twice. Plenty of pens of Mule Hoggs were selling around the £190 mark with an overall market average of £185.46 per family was achieved for Mules.

Continental hoggs and lambs sold to a top of £185 from J & M Wilson, Cooper House, Selside with other continental hoggs selling to £182 from JA Chapman, North Lodge, Kendal. An overall average for £172 per family was achieved for Continentals.

Once again, a good number of shearlings and ewes with lambs sold to a similar trade as seen over the previous weeks with still plenty of people looking to purchase.

Hoggs with Lambs Show Results


Mr M Whitaker, Clapham


Farmers Guardian

Class one: Pen of Five Mule Hoggs with Single Lambs
1st Winter Brothers Farming Ltd, Clickham Hall £220
2nd Messrs G Sowerby, Terrys Farm £260
3rd Winter Brothers Farming Ltd, Clickham Hall £190

Class two: Pen of Five Continental/Suffolk Hoggs with Single Lambs
1st P Cummings, Holme Field £180
2nd Fishwick Farms, Bank House £160
3rd JA Chapman, North Lodge £175


Winter Brothers Farming Ltd, Clickham Hall

Reserve Champion

Messrs G Sowerby, Terrys Farm

Spring Lambs

An entry of 107 Spring Lambs forward today sold to a similar trade to last week averaging 209p/kg. Once again, good quality lambs are always good to sell at J36 selling to a top of 244p/kg or £110 from W Garnett & Son, Ackenthwaite Farm. Plenty of pens of lambs were selling between 210-220p/kg. There was certainly more interest from buyers today as they look to swap from hoggs to lambs.

Prime Hoggs

Prime Hoggs saw a strong trade today and averaged 185p/kg as numbers begin to tighten. Plenty of pens of well finished hoggs easily selling in excess of 200p/kg with Continental and Cheviot Hoggs often selling between 210-216p/kg. Topping the day’s trade was ST Birkett & Son of Hall Croft Barn selling to a top of £107. Hoggs will still be in strong demand next week with vendors urged to forward them and take advantage of the end of season strong trade.

Cast Sheep

There was a good number of 445 cast sheep in the market today with all buyers eagerly looking to purchase ewes. Topping the trade was Alistair & Bradley Thompson, Poppy Farm with a Continental Ewe selling for £120. Some good quality ewes on offer today saw best ewes and rams selling between £110-£120 and smaller shapier ewes selling over the £100 mark. Masham ewes sold to a top of £89 from JE Read of Mealrigg with Mule ewes topping at £84 from Fishwick Farms, plenty of pens of strong Mule and Masham ewes were selling around the £80 mark. Rough Fell Ewes sold to a top of £83 from BJ Bainbridge, Steps Farm. Lean ewes continue to be very dear and vendors are urged to take advantage of this trade and forward cast sheep to the market.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs: Tex £110, £100 Ackenthwaite Farm, £98 High Biggarsbank, £96 Cockrigg Farm, £95 High Biggarsbank. Char £101, £99 Kingsland, £95 Broomfield Farm, £90 Kingsland, £87 Warth Sutton Farm. Suff £98, £93 Crooklands Brow, £89 Ackenthwaite Farm, £87, £86.50 Low Brundrigg. Dors £94, £91.50 Floraire, £91 High Biggarsbank, £87.50, £85.50 Warth Sutton. Hamp £94, £88.50 Endmoor Farm.

Prime Hoggs: Tex £107 Hall Croft Barn, £105 Killington Drive, £99 Mansrigg Hall, £94 Cooper House, Meathop Park Farm. Char £100, £98, £96 Floraire, £95 Clawthorpe Lodge, £91.50 Kendal House Farm. Suff £92 Mansrigg Hall, £90 Park Farm Barn, Hodgsons Green Farm, Broomfield Farm. Chev £91.50, £86.50 Halton Park Farm, £83.50 Hall Bank, £82 Hartirgg, Barrow House Farm. Herd £88 Rydal Farm, £87 Hawkswell, £84.50 High Birk Howe Farm, £83 Hodgsons Green Farm, £82 High Birk Howe Farm. Mash £87 Mealrigg, £84 Holme House Farm, £83 Killington Drive, £80, £75 Mealrigg. Rough £85 Killinton Drive, £79 Moss House Farm, £77 Borrow Bridge House, £71 High Green, £60 Moss House Farm. Swale £84.50 Cobble Hey Farm, £84 Rydal Farm, £82.50 High Green, £81.50 Cobble Hey, £79 Barrow House Farm. Mule £83 Gilthwaite, £79 Woodyard, £74 Black Bull Farm, £70 Moss House Farm. Horned £80.50 Black Bull Farm. Jac £76 High Mill Farm. Sco £5 Greenhills Farm.

Cast Ewes: Char £120 Poppy Farm, £117 Floraire, £112 Crooklands Brow. Tex £116 Mansrigg Hall, £114 Poppy Farm, £110 Mansrigg Hall, £108 Millom Castle, £106 Poppy Farm. Suff £114 Hall Croft Barn, £100 Crooklands Brow, £98 Poppy Farm, £97 Crooklands Brow, £93 Mansrigg Hall. Tees £98 Low Audlands, £90 Mealrigg, £89 Low Audlands. Mash £89 Mealrigg, £79, £75 Low Audlands, £71 West Plain Farm. Bel £88 Hutton Roof Hall, £80 Keer Falls. Mule £84 Bank House Farm, £81 Millness Hall, Mansrigg Hall, £80 Far Orrest, £79 Cantsfield. Rough £83 Steps Farm, £76 Marsh Grange Farm, £75 Mealrigg, £74 Bank House Farm, £65 Mealrigg. Chev £82 Bank House Farm, £78 High Borrowbridge, £73 Kate Farm, £70 Hutton Roof Hall, £63 Hall Bank. Cont £78 West Plain Farm. Horned £77 Keer Falls. Swale £71 Nether House Farm, £66 Hawkswell, £60 Thursgill, £59 Holme House Farm, £57 Nether House Farm. Llyren £70 Kate Farm. Zwart £64 High Biggarsbank, £64 Lupton High Farm. Herd £64 High Biggarsbank, Cockley Beck Farm, £62 Middle Fell, £58 Borwick Fold Farm. Dales £60 Low Audlands. BFL £62 Kate Farm.

Cast Ram: Char £115 High Green, £96 Crooklands Brow. Suff £112 Crooklands Brow, £110 Mansrigg Hall, £109, £102 Crooklands Brow, £94 Hawkswell Farm. Tex £100 Lowgill Farm, £80 Far Orrest. Rough £83 High Borrowbridge. Swale £68 Low Garths, £67 Holme House Farm. Herd £64 Borwick Fold Farm. BFL £60 Holme House Farm.

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