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Lancaster Monday 3rd April 2017

Posted Monday, 03 April 2017, 4.46pm

Prime Hoggs

There was the largest entry of prime hoggs for some time at Lancaster today with 600 forward, as seen nationally the edge slightly off the prime hogg trade with more on the market. A market average of 166p/kg was achieved with 39kg-45kg hoggs averaging 168p/kg. Hoggs sold to a top of 192p/kg from Kevin Purtill of Wigan. The trade topped at £94 for Dutch Texels from Andrew Foy of Conder Green. Mules sold to a top of £80 from Cardwell farms of Stalmine with Swaledales selling to £74 from Andrew Butler of Hambleton.

Cast Sheep

An entry of 80 cast ewes this week sold to the continued strong trade with all eagerly bid for. Trade topped at £115 and £109 from Andrew Foy of Conder Green with Dutch Texel ewes. Suffolk cross ewes sold to a top of £100 from Andrew Wilson of Scotforth with plenty of pens of strong Suffolk and Continental ewes selling in the late eighties and nineties. Mule ewes sold to £83 from K & DE Woodhouse of Ellel with all Mule ewes forward selling to a market average of £75.64. Horned ewes sold to £66 from Andrew Butler.

Breeding Sheep

The largest entry of Sheep with Lambs by far to date with 288 forward for the sale with plenty of people in the market looking for sheep with lambs. The majority of vendors were leaving well satisfied with their trade with Texel ewes and Texel twins from PD Anderton of Wyre Farm selling to £180. Aged Mule ewes sold to £178 with Texel twins and broken mouthed Mule ewes with Texel twins selling to £175 from Karen Swarbrick of Out Rawcliffe. Texel ewes with young twins to £122 from W Pinder of Newton in Bowland and Mule ewes with single Texel lambs to £118 from Karen Swarbrick.

Top Prices

PRIME HOGGS – TEX: £94 Parkside Farm; £85.50 Lane House; £83.50 Park Farm Barn. CHAR: £84 Mill House Farm; £79 Park Farm Barn; £78 Inverbervie. MULE: £80 Inverbervie; £78 Medlar Hall Farm; £76 Low Kit Brow. CHEV: £77.50 Weavers Farm; £77 Inverbervie HRN: £75.50 Sowerby Lodge. SWALE: £74 Park Farm Barn; £69.50 Sowerby Lodge; £65.50 Rooten Brook. SUFF: £73.50 Medlar Hall Farm. DORS: £71.50 Corney Hill Farm. RGH: £68 Medlar Hall Farm. SCO: £64 Tarnwater Farm. HAMP: £57 Beech House.

CAST EWES – BEL: £115; £109; £103 Parkside Farm. SUFF: £100 Burrow Heights Farm; £81 Moss Side Farm. CHAR: £97 Moss Side Farm; £85 Ivy Farm; £80 Park Farm Barn. TEX: £91 Burrow Heights Farm; £78 Stirzakers Farm; £76 Upper Greenbank. ZWART: £85 Upper Greenbank. MULE: £83 Kitchen Ground Farm; £81 Burrow Heights Farm; £78 Longlands Road. HRN: £66 Park Farm Barn. SCO: £60 Tarnwater Farm. SWALE: £59 Park Farm Barn; £44 Thornbush Farm.

CAST RAMS – BEL: £101 Parkside Farm. TEX: £91 Conder Mill; £79 Moss Side Farm. LEI: £41 Thornbush Farm.

EWES WITH LAMBS AT FOOT – TEX: £180 Wyre Farm; £162 Longstripes Farm; £142 Angerton Farm. MULE: £178 Goadbarrow Farm; £175 Bensons Farm; £170 Cobble Hey Farm; £168 Myerscough Hall. CONT: £122 Longstripes Farm. MASH: £122 Longstripes Farm.

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