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Lancaster Monday 24th April 2017

Posted Monday, 24 April 2017, 1.16pm

Breeding Sheep

A smaller entry of sheep with lambs at foot this week following from last week’s show and sale. The trade topped at £182 for Texel Shearlings with Twins from J Burr of Quernmore. There is still plenty of interest in old sheep with lambs as the grass growing season continues to be good and people looking for something for grazing.

Spring Lambs

The largest entry to date of Spring Lambs at Lancaster this season saw 80 forward with increased interest from buyers with fresh faces around the ring purchasing. Seven buyers were all eager to purchase lambs leading to a strong trade and a market average of 225p/kg including a large proportion of lambs sold being Suffolk or Charollais out of Mules, but all were eagerly sought after.

The first consignment of the year from S Wilson & Son of Scotforth topped the day’s trade at £122 for Beltex x Lambs. Continental Bred Lambs from G & D Ball of Great Eccleston sold to a top of 286p/kg with plenty of Beltex type lambs selling in excess of 250p/kg. A selection of Spring Lambs were bought on behalf of butchers with the top price lamb selling to Mercers Traditional Meats of Bamber Bridge. PW & DW Roskell of Pilling sold Charollais x Lambs to £117. Suffolk Mules topped at £101 from WN & D Smith of Cockerham.

Spring Lambs continue to be required at Lancaster, for more information or questions please contact Ian Atkinson on 07766 521472.

Prime Hoggs

More Prime Hoggs could have easily of been sold this week and, once again, Lancaster enjoyed a strong trade with medium weight Hoggs selling to a market average of 182p/kg and an overall market average of 171p/kg. The trade topped at £94 from Andrew Butler of Hambleton with Texel Hoggs with plenty of pens of well finished Texel and Beltex type hoggs selling around the £90 mark. Beltex Hoggs sold to 214p/kg from Bargh Contractors of Heaton. Cheviot Hoggs sold to a top of £88 or 200p/kg from J & H Davis of Cabus.

Hoggs vendors are urged to take advantage of the strong trade at Lancaster on a Monday morning.

Cast Sheep

A large entry of Cast Sheep this week sold to the continued strong trade with buyers looking to purchase all types. Topping the trade today was SM & EW Backhouse of Inskip sold Texel Ewes to £114 with strong Continental and Suffolk Ewes regularly around £90 mark. Mule Ewes topped at £82 from D France of Over Wyresdale with Horned Ewes from the same home selling to £62.

Prime Cattle

There was more interest in Prime Cattle today with a couple of fresh buyers looking to purchase with more required week on week to fulfil these buyers’ requirements. People interested in selling Prime Cattle should contact Ian Atkinson on 07766 521472.

A couple of Prime Angus Bulls in the market today from P & A Bell of Pilling both sold to 184.5p/kg.

Top Prices

SPRING LAMBS – TEX: £122 Burrow Heights Farm; £117 Springfield Farm. SUFF: £120 Post Office Farm; £102 St Johns Avenue; £101 Cocker House Farm. CHAR: £116 Burrow Heights Farm; £98 Springfield Farm.
PRIME HOGGS – TEX: £94 Park Farm Barn; £90.50 Throstle Grove Farm; £89.50 Blackleach House Farm. BEL: £91.50 Old Woodhouse; £82 Conder Green Farm; £76 Wyre Farm. CHEV: £88 Weavers Farm. CHAR: £87 Middle Ridge Farm; £80.50 Throstle Grove Farm; £75 Wyre Farm. SUFF: £87 Throstle Grove Farm; £83.50 Rye Close; £82 Middle Ridge Farm. HAMP: £82 Rye Close. MULE: £80 Rye Close; £77 Rooten Brook. HRN: £78.50 Rye Close; £66 Rooten Brook. SWAL: £76.50 Park Farm Barn; £67 Rooten Brook.

CAST SHEEP – TEX: £114 Burns House Farm; £99 Corney Hill Farm; £88 Burns House Farm. LEI: £85 Sykes Farm. SUFF: £84 Springfield Farm; £81 Burrow Heights Farm; £77 Ivy Farm. MULE: £82 Isle of Syke Farm; £77 Springfield Farm; £76 Burns House Farm. CHAR: £68 Corney Hill Farm. DALES: £67 Isle of Skye Farm. CONT: £67 Corney Hill Farm. DORS: £65 Corney Hill Farm. CHEV: £62 Springfield Farm. ZWART: £40 Oak Avenue.

CAST RAM – TEX: £57 Oak Avenue. SWALE: £55 Sykes Farm.

PRIME BULLS – AA: 184.5 Village Farm.

SHEARLINGS & LAMBS: TEX: £182 Little Fell.

EWES & LAMBS: MULE: £172 Little Fell.

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