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Lancaster Monday 17th April 2017

Posted Monday, 17 April 2017, 4.20pm

Breeding Sheep

The Spring Show and Sale of Ewes and Shearlings with Lambs at foot had a good show of sheep forward and was kindly and expertly judged by Andrew Butler of Hambleton. The Championship Rosette was awarded to James Burr of Quernmore with a Pen of 5 Continental Ewes with Texel Twin Lambs with Reserve Champion Rosette awarded to Myerscough College for a pen of 5 Suffolk Shearlings with Beltex Twin Lambs.

A packed ringside saw a buoyant trade throughout with the trade topping at £200 for the Champion pen from James Burr, who also sold Continental Ewes with Twins to £185.Suffolk Shearlings with Beltex Twins sold to £185 from Myerscough College and Mule Ewes with Texel Twins topped at £175, again, from James Burr.
A mixed single trade saw Strong Ewes with strong single lambs topping at £132 with an overall market average of £55 a life achieved.

Show Results

Mr A Butler, Hambleton

Class one: Pen of Five Shearlings with Twin Lambs
1st Myerscough College, Myerscough Hall

Class two: Pen of Five Ewes with Twin Lambs
1st J Burr, Little Fell
2nd J Burr, Little Fell

J Burr, Little Fell

Reserve Champion
Myerscough College

Spring Lambs

There was a smaller entry of Spring Lambs forward this morning all of which were Charollais out of Mules from PW & DW Roskell of Pilling selling to a market average of 231p/kg with the trade topping at £99.

Prime Hoggs

A smaller entry of Prime Hoggs forward today with vendors cautious of the Bank Holiday, but a strong trade was enjoyed throughout. A slightly mixed entry as the end of the Hogg season approaches saw Hoggs sell to £92 and £90 from RS & IM Kellet of Cockerham.

A run of well fleshed Hoggs from Cardwell Farms sold to 199p/kg with pens from the same home regularly in the mid £80. Mule Hoggs sold to a top of £82 from A & J Rhodes of Ellel. An overall market average of 174p/kg was achieved.

Cast Sheep

A similar number of Cast Sheep forward this week saw a consignment of Texel Tups from MJ & K Ayrton of Thurnham sell to a top of £153 and average well over £100. The trade was very similar to last week with lean ewes in very strong demand.

The ewe trade topped at £88 for Texel Ewes from CA & J Alty & Son of Warton with Mule ewes from the same home selling to £77. All Cast Ewes forward averaging in the mid-sixties.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs: CHAR: £99, £90 Springfield Farm

Prime Hoggs: SUFF: £83 Throstle Grove Farm, £81.50 Moss Side Farm, £81 Moss Side Farm, £70 Throstle Grove Farm. MULE: £82 Low Kit Brow, £80 Hillam House Farm, £75 Low Kit Brow, Low Moor Head Farm. SWALE: £73 Parks Farm Barn, £71.50 Parks Farm Barn, £69 Moss House Farm. HRN: £72 Moss House Farm, £68 Tarnwater Farm, £65 Moss House Farm. CHAR: £83 Hillam House Farm, £77 Hillam House Farm, £70 Moss House Farm, £59 Moss House Farm. TEX: £90 Mill House Farm, £88 Mill House Farm, £87 Moss Side Farm, Bambers Farm, £85.50 Moss Side Farm, Bambers Farm. BEL: £92 Mill House Farm, £72.50 11 Oak Avenue.

Cast Ewes: MULE: £77 Moss House Farm, £75 Springfield Farm, £67 Moss House Farm, Forgelands Estate, £64 Springfield Farm, £54 Springfield Farm. CHAR: £71 Burrow Heights Farm. TEX: £153 Bambers Farm, £88 Moss House Farm, £86 Bambers Farm.

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