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Lancaster Friday 21st April 2017

Posted Friday, 21 April 2017, 5.28pm

Store Cattle

There was a mixed show of cattle today at Lancaster with a total of 279 forward with all sizes and ages selling to a very good trade. The trade topped at £1,410 for a British Blue bullock from M Shepherd & Sons, Pasture House Farm who also had Blue bullocks selling to £1300 followed by J & M Cockett, Foredales Farm selling bullocks to £1,260. Limousin Bullocks sold to a top of £1380 from PM & ST Entwistle, Lentworth Farm with JH Gardner of Preston selling Limousin Bullocks to £1350, twice. Black and White bullocks saw A & E Clarkson Ltd, Cock Hall Farm sell to £1040 with JB Moore, Outerthwaite Farm sell bullocks to £1000.

The Heifer trade topped at £1,260 for a Blonde from SA Hill, Beaumont Grange, followed by a British Blue heifer from JS & KM Wilson & Son, High House selling for £1,200. Simmental Heifers sold to £1160 also from JS & KM Wilson and Limousin Heifers sold to £1150 from D Fox & Co, Holly House Farm.

Native bred cattle topped the market at £1,340 for an Angus Bullock from J & M Maudsley & Sons Raw End Farm with 27 Angus Bullocks averaging £1084. Hereford Bullocks topped at £1250 from J & M Cockett with A & E Clarkson selling Herefords to £1200. Hereford Heifers sold to £1150 from AJ & D Knowles, Windy Hill Farm with all Hereford Heifers averaging £1073

OTM Cattle

All classes of cast cows saw a good trade today with 114 Cattle forward. The trade continues to be strong at Lancaster Auction, with cattle still worth more through the ring than deadweight.

An overall market average of 129.49p/kg was achieved with the trade topping at 211.5p/kg for a British Blue cow from SA Hill, Beaumont Grange Farm. OTM heifers reached 194.5p/kg for an Angus from, P & A Bell, Village Farm and OTM Steers sold to 181.5p/kg, again, for an Agnus from O Butler, Barn Owl Farm. Black and Whites saw a Frisian cow sell to a top of 154.5p/kg from KE Robinson, Kiln Hall.

Calves and Stirks

There continues to be plenty of interest in all specifications of calves with British Blue Bulls selling to £445 from J & G Thornley Ltd, Derby Lodge with British Blue Heifer Calves topped at £350 from JR Handley of School house. Angus Bull Calves sold to a top of £370 and Black and White Bull Calves sold to £135 and £115 from RT Halhead, Norbeck Farm.
Lancaster continues to see a very good calf trade with a good show4 of calves throughout.

Monthly catalogued sale of Stirks followed by calves next Friday 28th April. For entries please phone Ian Atkinson: 07766521472 or Bethan Waller: 07973852813. Closing date Monday 24 April.

Top Prices:

STORE BULLOCKS – BRB: £1410 Pasture House Farm; £1260 Foredales Farm; £1190 Beaumont Grange Farm. LIM: £1380 Lentworth Farm; £1350 Moss Cottage; £1320 High House Farm. AA: £1340 Raw End Farm; £1160 The Old Mistle; £1160 Post Office Farm. BLON: £1300 Lentworth Farm; £1240 Beaumont Grange Farm. HERE: £1250 Foredales Farm; £1200 Cock Hall Farm; £980 Old Mistle. SIM: £1230 Ivy Barn; £1120 Moss Cottage. CH: £1180 Northwoods Farm. MON: £1180 Northwoods Farm; £1050 Yeat House; £1050 Lane House. FKV: £1080 Ninezergh. FR: £1040 Cock Hall Farm; £1000 Outerthwaite Farm; £950 Spital Farm.
STORE HEIFERS – BLON: £1260 Beaumont Grange Farm; £1160 Beaumont Gate. BRB: £1200 High House; £1090 Kirkland Hall Farm; £990 Friars Moss. LIM: £1150 Holly House Farm; £1130 Abbotsons Farm; £1080 Outerthwaite Farm. HE: £1150 Windy Hill Farm; £1130 Ivy Barn; £1100 Raw End. SIM: £1160 High House; £940 Friars Moss. AA: £1130 Hill Farm; £1090 Raw End Farm; £1040 Bouthwaite Farm. MON: £1100 Beaumont Gate.

CAST COWS – BRB: 211.5 Beaumont Grange Farm; 164.5 Barker Knott. LIM: 161.5 Winder; 159.5 Station Hotel; 154.5 Farleton House. FR: 154.5 Kiln Hall; 154.5 Bannister Farm; 141.5 Coventry Farm. SIM: 139.5 Station Hotel. SRW: 139.5 White Lund Farm. BS: 137.5 Kiln Hall.MON: 137.5 White Lund Farm.BLO: 121.5 Barker Knott.
CAST HEIFERS – AA: 194.5 Village Farm. FR: 174.5 High House; 164.5 Blackwood End; 154.5 Lawsons Farm.LIM: 151.5 Hazelslack Tower Farm.
CAST STEER – AA: 181.5 Barn Owl Farm. FR: 164.5 Fanny House Farm; 157.5 Fanny House Farm; 129.5 Boon Town Farm.
CAST BULL – FR: 159.5 Sellerley Farm. LIM: 149.5 Park House. SHO: 129.5 Holme Farm. AA: 121.5 Stonehead.

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £350 School House; £320 Norbreck Farm.
BULL CALF: BRB: £445 Derby Lodge; £405 Newhouse Farm; £370 Norbreck Farm. AA: £370 Whitebirk Moss Farm; £260 Derby Lodge Farm; £180 Caw House Farm.FR: £135 Tills Farm; £105 Norbreck Farm.

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