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Lancaster Friday 14th April 2017

Posted Friday, 14 April 2017, 3.40pm

Store Cattle

There was a good entry of over 225 Store Cattle forward with all sizes and ages in strong demand and eagerly bid for by a busy ring of buyers and onlookers. Short term well fleshed cattle were, once again, a good trade with British Blue Bullocks selling to £1340 from M Shepherd & Sons of Pilling who also sold British Blue Heifers to £1300. CD & HL Mason of Caton sold British Blue Bullocks to £1330 with British Blue Heifers from the same home topping the market at £1310.

Once again, Native bred cattle were good to sell at Lancaster with a pen of 4 Aberdeen Angus Bullocks from J & R Waller of Killington selling to £1290. Stabiliser Bullocks topped at £1290 from JA & R Geldard & Son of Levens.

Young Grazing cattle were in strong demand today with more required to fulfil buyer’s requirements.

OTM Cattle

There was a reduced entry this week due to the Bank holiday weekend, but the trade continued to be a very strong at Lancaster with OTM Cattle worth more through the ring than deadweight.

An overall market average of 133p/kg was achieved with OTM Limousin Heifers selling to 209.5p/kg from JG & PH Thompson of Selside with Cast Cows from the same good home selling 169.5p/kg or £1150.

Friesian cows sold to a top of £1020 from DJ Clarke of Barnacre with plenty of dairy cows selling over 130p/kg.

Calves and Stirks

The weekly sale of calves had a reduced number forward this week due to the Easter bank holiday.

There continues to be plenty of interest in all specifications of calves with British Blue Bulls selling to £380 twice from MJ Fell of Whittington with British Blue heifer calves from the same home selling to £345 and £320.

Top Prices

STORE BULLOCKS – BRB: £1340 Pasture House Farm; £1330 Mearsbeck Farm; £1170 Wood Nook Farm. STAB: £1290 Low Foulshaw Farm. AA: £1290 Hallbeck; £1270 New Parkside Farm; £1260 Underhelm Farm. LIM: £1280 Lodge Farm; £1260 Old Woodhouse; £1240 Lentworth Farm. BLO: £1250 Lentworth Farm; £1250 Valley View. CHAR: £1180 Valley View. SHO: £1140 Valley View; £1100 Old Woodhouse. SIM: £1140 Low Fell End. FR: £1110 Lambrigg Head; £1090 Lodge Farm; £920 Mill House Farm. HE: £1090 Ellers Farm; £1080 Lodge Farm; £960 Bouthwaite Farm; £930 Moss Gate Farm. MON: £1000 Lane House.
STORE HEIFERS – BRB: £1310 Mearsbeck Farm; £1300 Pasture House Farm; £1160 Mill House Farm. AA: £1170 Hallbeck; £1160 New Parkside Farm; £1150 New House Farm. LIM: £1150 Manor House Farm; £1150 New House Farm; £1070 Isle Of Syke Farm. HE: £1120 Raw Head. SIM: £1190 Manor House Farm; £1110 Lodge Farm; £1080 Bouthwaite Farm. FKV: £1080 Holme Head. MON: £1050 Holme Head. CH: £1020 Croppers Farm; £950 Lee End Farm.

CAST COWS – LIM: 169.5 Poppy Farm; 147.5 Fleets Farm. STAB: 139.5 Low Foulshaw Farm. SR: 134.5 Holme Head. FR: 134.5 Tills Farm; 124.5 Kellbrick Farm; 119.5 Fleets Farm.
CAST HEIFER – LIM: 209.5 Poppy Farm. BRB: 179.5 Intack Farm. FR: 134.5 Fleets Farm. #

HEIFER CALF – BRB: £345 Chapel House.
BULL CALF – BRB: £380 Chapel House.

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