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J36 Tuesday12th April 2017

Posted Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 11.50am

Prime Pigs

The monthly sale of all classes of pigs had a smaller entry of pigs forward with just 40 going under the gavel. The pig trade has picked up with prime pigs in strong demand, with a shortage forward a strong trade was enjoyed with those selling direct really consider taking advantage of the trade in the auction.

John Stott of Crosscrake sold 80kg Pietrain x pigs to £132. There was plenty demand for cast sows today selling to a top of £130 from RW Bowess of Cautley Farm, a selection of traditional weaner pigs in sold to a top of £62 for Tamworth x from T Slater, Juniper Hill Farm. Weaner and Store Boars are still harder to place then gilts and hogs with vendors strongly advised to castrate pigs to gain full value of their pigs.

Breeding Sheep

There was another good entry of sheep with lambs at foot forward this week meeting the busiest ring of buyers yet as the grass starts to come along now and spring lamb trade has set off well. The trade topped at £192 for Texel shearlings with twins from John Young of Lindale with plenty of young Continental sheep and their twin lambs selling over £180. Mule ewes this week were well bid for often selling well in excess of £160 for broken mouthed and aged ewes. Cheviot Mule ewes broken mouthed sold to £175 and £170 from Willy Jackson of Reagal Grange. A strong trade for sheep with singles selling to a top of £148 for a Texel 4 Crop Ewe with a Texel Lamb from Lady Ford Farm Partnership.

The spring show of Ewes and shearlings with lambs at foot is next week

Show classes are pen of 5 Mule Shearlings with Twin Lambs, pen of 5 Continental/Suffolk Shearlings with Twin Lambs and pen of 5 Ewes with Twin Lambs with the show at 10.30am.

Spring Lambs

A smaller entry of spring lambs forward saw an entry of 21 forward with all being native breeds such as Dorset and Hampshire lambs. The trade topped at £108 a head for Dorset lambs from S Proctor of High Biggarsbank and sold to a top price per kilo of 247p/kg for Hampshire lambs from J Harrison of Lockerbie or £103.50. A market average of 228p/kg or an SQQ of 237p/kg was achieved.

Prime Hoggs

There was a very end of season entry of hoggs in the market today with many vendors cleaning up. The well finished hoggs were very much short of supply and eagerly bid for and more could have easily been sold to the advantage of the vendor. Export type and Beltex well fleshed hoggs sold in excess of 200p/kg selling to a top of 231p/kg from J Woodburn and Partners of Ulverston. The trade sold, twice, to a top of £96 from AR & C Fawcett of Gosforth and from SJ & NS Wood of Causeway Farm with Texel and Beltex lambs. There was a very mixed entry of horned hoggs in the market which were harder to place this week with a large number available on the market.

Cast Sheep

A few less cast sheep in the market today but there was still well over four hundred forward. As seen nationwide, more ewes now available on the market the edge is slightly off the trade. The trade, twice, topped at £123 with Texel ewes from FI & ME Little of Barrow Green with Beltex ewes from TC Altham of Whittingham selling to the same price. Best types of continental and Suffolk ewes were selling over £100 with plenty of ewes selling in the region of ninety pound. The Mule ewe trade topped at £75 with plenty of strong Mule ewes selling in the region of the early seventies. Lean ewes continue to be eagerly bid for and easily sold with plenty of demand.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs: Tex £108 High Biggarsbank. Hamp £103.50, £99, £91.50 Croftheads. Dors £89, £86 High Biggarsbank. Suff £85 Poppy Farm.

Prime Hoggs: Tex £96 Silverhow Farm, Causeway Farm, £95 Beaumont Grange Farm, £91.50 Bibbys Farm. Bel £95 Mansrigg Hall, £94.50 Silverhow Farm, £80 Kirket Nook, £74 Silverhopw Farm. Char £88 Park Farm Barn, £84 Kingsland, £78.50 Mill House, £68 Fell House, £64.50 High Green. Suff £84.50 Inverbervie, £84, £83.50 Mansrigg Hall, £83.50 Smithy Green. Mule £82 Red Scar, £80 Hawkrigg End, £77 Black Bull Farm, Red Scar, £75 Strickland Hill Farming. Chev £81 Mansrigg Hall, £77.50 Silverhow Farm, Crooklands Farm, £72.50, £71.50 Hartrigg. Zwart £79 Crosscrake. Herd £77, £66 Rydal Farm, £53 Moser Hill, £51.50 Bellart Howe. BFL £70 Red Scar. Swale £63.50 Rydal Farm, £62 Moss House Farm, £55 High Slater, £54 High Green, £52 Hartrigg. Sco £59.50 Moss House Farm. Mash £55 Killington Drive. Rough £53 Millriggs. Cont £50 Higher Salter.

Cast Sheep: Tex £123 Helm Croft, £110 Low Chapel, £109 Low Woodedge, £98 Green Close, £97 The Courtyard. Bel £123 Mill Bank, £95 Gibraltar Farm. Char £113, £103 Kingsland, £99 Crosscrake Farm, £87 Gibraltar Farm, £81 Low Fold. Cont £103 Ackenthwaite Farm. Suff £100 Ackenthwaite Farm, £92 Hebblethwaite, £91, £83 Salterwath, £78 Ninezergh. Chev £95 The Courtyard, £83 Kirket Nook, £82, £71 Kate Farm, £71 Salterwath Farm. Lleyn £90 Cragg Farm. BFL £90 Ashstead, £85 Ashstead. Mule £75 Gibraltar Farm, Hawkrigg End, £74 Hebblethwaite, Smithy Green, £72 Low Chapel. Dors £69 Brow Head. Rough £60 Gateside Farm, £59 Wasdyke Farm, £55 Moss Howe Farm, £50 Riddings, £49 Low Fold. Dales £57, £47 Hebblethwaite. Sco £56 Bank House Farm. Tess £58 Killington Drive. Swale £55 Ashstead, £53 Thursgill, £50 High Green, £49 Middle Sadghyll.

Cast Tup: Tex £112 Hebblewaite, £105 Johnscales Farm, £89 Cockrigg Farm. Suff £80 Cockrigg Farm. Rough £79, £73, £71 Old School House. Swale £66 Old School House.

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