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J36 Tuesday 4th April 2017 - Easter Show of Spring Lambs

Posted Wednesday, 05 April 2017, 10.15am

Spring Lambs

The Easter show and sale of Spring Lambs saw an entry of 43 forward. The pre-sale show was expertly judged by Michael Lomax of Milnthorpe who had a strong line up of Continental and Native/Suffolk lambs to judge. The pre-sale show champion was awarded to B & AC Barnes of Hawkin Hall with a Dorset x lamb with the reserve champion being awarded to JD & V Towers of Camp House with a Beltex x lamb.

A buoyant trade was had with all lambs eagerly bid for selling to a top of £149 or 346p/kg for the champion from B & AC Barne selling to the judge Michael Lomax on behalf of Higginsons Butchers of Grange-over-Sands. The reserve champion from JD & V Towers sold to £129 for a Beltex x lamb selling to Irving Butchers of Ulverston. Lambs weighing between 39-45kg were in the strongest demand and best to sell, selling to a market average of 253p/kg. Heavy 46kg plus lambs sold to a market average of 222p/kg with an overall market average of 245p/kg

Thanks goes to all our buyers for their continued support as well as our local butchers, Higginsons Butchers of Grange-over-Sands, Irving Butchers of Ulverston, Marsden Brothers of Kendal and Dales butchers of Kirkby Lonsdale.

Show Results


Mr M Lomax, Milnthorpe

Class one – Single Continental Lamb

1st JD & V Towers, Camp House Farm, Beltex x, 42kg, £129 Irvings Butchers, Ulverston
2nd AV Bailey, Cornfield House, Beltex x, 43kg, £127, Irvings Butchers, Ulverston
3rd AV Bailey, Cornfield House, Beltex x, 50kg, £114, Higginsons Butchers, Grange-over-Sands

Class two – Single Native/Suffolk Lamb

1st B & AC Barnes, Hawkin Hall, Dorset x, 43kg, £149, Higginsons Butchers, Grange-over-Sands
2nd B & AC Barnes, Hawkin Hall, Dorset x, 42kg, £132, Michael Lomax, Milnthorpe
3rd J & O Galbraith, Endmoor Farm, Hampshire, 44kg, £110, Michael Lomax, Milnthorpe


B & AC Barnes, Hawkin Hall, 43kg, £149

Reserve Champion

JD & V Towers, Camp House Farm, 42kg, £129

Breeding Sheep

The sheep with lambs season is getting going now with over 200 lives forward this week. There was a mixture of ages of ewes forward today with buyers in the market looking for both young and old sheep.

Three crop Mule ewes with twin Texel lambs sold to £185 from RW Nicholson of Lupton, Cheviot ewes with twin Texel lambs sold to £182 from E Parker of Cragg Bank. Aged Mule ewes with twin lambs at foot were, in general, selling between £162 and £170. One or two younger sheep coming into the market today saw Texel x shearlings with single Texel lambs at foot sell to £165 from JA Chapman of Kendal. Aged ewes with single lambs were regularly selling between £120 and £130.

Prime Hoggs

A similar number of Prime Hoggs in the market today as seen the previous week sold to a better trade then had been expected. Those better quality export hoggs and well finished commercial types of hogs were eagerly bid for and more could have easily of been sold and to the advantage of the vendor.

Hoggs sold to a top of £107.50 from Andrew Butler of Hambleton with Beltex x hoggs weighing 43kg. Martin Fishwick and family of Fishwick Farms of Silverdale sold 39kg Beltex x hoggs to 269p/kg or £105. Export types hogs were regularly and easily selling over the 200p/kg mark and Mule hoggs sold to a top of £80 from JG Harryman of Hawkshead.
An overall market average of 170p/kg was achieved with 39kg to 45kg hoggs selling to a market average of 178p/kg.

Cast Sheep

There was a larger entry of cast sheep forward this week with 465 going under the gavel. A larger selection better quality pure bred and big continental ewes in the market eagerly bid for.

Trade topped at £124 from John Stott of Crosscrake with a pen of 3 Charollais ewes, closely followed by a couple of Beltex ewes from AR & C Fawcett of Gosforth selling to £123. Plenty of pens of ewes sold in excess of the £100 mark. Mule ewes sold to a top of £80 from B & JM Crowe of Witherslack with plenty of pens of bigger mule ewes selling mid to late seventies. Horned ewes sold to a top of £73 for Rough Fells from JH Atkinson and Partners of Mosergh with Herdwick shearlings selling to a top of £68 for a pen of 25 from AR & C Fawcett of Gosforth.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs: Bel £149 Hawkin Hall, £129 Camp House Farm, £127 Cornfield House, £125, £121 Camp House Farm, £144 Cornfield, £112 Camp House Farm. Dors £132, £128 Hawkin Hall, £95 High Biggarsbank, £89, £88.50, £86 Skiddaw View. Char £116, £110 Low Foulshaw Farm, £105, £100 Skiddaw View, £99 Low Foulshaw, £98 Cornfield House, £97 Skiddaw View, £95 Low Foulshaw Farm. Suff £110 Cornfield House, £104, £100 Rowe End Farm.

Prime Hoggs: Tex £107.50 Park Farm Barn, £95 Woodside Farm, £94.50 Cooper House, £91.50, £90.50 Park Farm Barn. Bel £105 Bank House Farm, £98 Kingsland, £91 North Farm, £79.50 Hall Croft Barn, £78 Silverhow Farm. Suff £81.50 North Farm, £81 Crooklands Brow, £80.50 North Farm, Boustagill Farm, £79.50 Poppy Farm. Char £81 Garnett Folds, £80, £75 Kingsland. Mule £80 The Galleon, £78 Barbon Fell House, £76.50 Rydal Farm, £72.50 Burnt House, £72 Cooper House. Lleyn £75.50, £74.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. Chev £71 Hall Bank, £70 North Farm, £62 Moss House Farm. Swale £70.50 Barbon Fell House, £68 Rydal Farm, Higher Salter, £66 Holme House Farm, £65 Barbon Fell House. Horned £70 Birds Park Farm. Herd £70 Troughton Hall, £70, £69 Rydal Hall, £67.50 Troughton Hall. Cont £65 Mosergh Farm, £60 Moss House Farm.

Cast Sheep: Char £124 Kingsland, £110, £97, £78 Low Foulshaw Farm. Bel £123 Silverhow Farm, £85 Poppy Farm. Tex £121 Beaumont Grange Farm, £110 Cooper House, £109 High Biggarsbank, £106 Silverhow Farm, £98 Tranthwaite Hall. Suff £114, £113 Crooklands Brow, £110 High Biggarsbank, £95 Crooklands Brow, £91 Rowe End Farm. Chev £92 Poppy Farm, £85 Silverhow Farm, £65 Skiddaw View. BFL £86 Rydal Farm. Dors £85 Silverhow Farm, £71, £70 Skiddaw View. Llyen £81, £72 Low Foulshaw Farm. Mule £80 Birks Farm, £78 Poppy Farm, £76 Cooper House, Toadpool, £74 Myers Farm. Mash £76 High Biggarsbank, £68 Mosergh Farm. Zwart £73 Silverhow Farm. Rough £73 Mosergh Farm, £63, £61 Riverside House, £59 Moors Farm. Herd £68 Silverhow Farm. Sco £64 Silverhow Farm. Horned £61 Saltcotes Hall Farm.

Cast Tup: Tex £95 Kingsland, £81 Poppy Farm. Zwart £91 Crosscrake Farm. Suff £83 Strickland Hill. Chev £81 Brow Head, £75 Silverhow Farm. Ble £73 Benson Hall. Herd £61, £58 High Birk Howe Farm.

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