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J36 Tuesday 25th April 2017

Posted Tuesday, 25 April 2017, 5.39pm

Prime Pigs

A larger entry of Prime Pigs forward this week sold to a mix trade, which was dependent upon quality. The trade topped at £135 from John Macewan of Dumfries with three black boars. Black gilts from the same home sold to 159p/kg or £130. A market average of 119p/kg.

Please note the change of date for the May monthly pig sale which will now be held on Tuesday 2nd May.

Breeding Sheep

A smaller entry of Sheep with Lambs at foot, but still over 300 lives forward which sold to a busy ring of buyers, with a few fresh faces in attendance, which is always good to see. A consignment of Mule Gimmer Shearlings with Texel Twin Lambs from G & KM Atkinson of Colby sold to £215, twice, and to £212. One crop Mule Ewes with Texel twin lambs from the same good home sold to £212 and Texel Gimmer Shearlings with Texel twin lambs, once again, from the same good home also achieving £212.

Middle aged Mule Ewes with Texel twin lambs sold to £165 from S & W Dickinson of Tebay. Older and aged Mule Ewes were cheaper on the week with many runs of lambs younger and purchasers who are buying splitting families filling up. Ewes with strong single lambs are keenly sought after, selling to a top of £138, twice, for Continental Sheep from R Colbear of Appleby.

The first Mule Hoggs with Single Texel Lambs on the market today sold to £160 from Tom Lowther of Penrith.

Spring Lambs

The largest entry of spring lambs to date saw 70 forward. The trade was slightly subdued with more spring lambs quickly coming on to the market nationwide, with numbers out supplying the demand. Best quality Beltex type spring lambs as always are in strong demand and easy to sell and in short of supply today. A consignment of Lambs from A & E Atkinson & Son of Endmoor topped the trade at £107.50 or 262p/kg with those best bred lambs regularly over 250p/kg.

Prime Hoggs

A smaller entry of Prime Hoggs in the market today which mainly consisted of Hill Bred Hoggs sold to a market average of 172p/kg. Those best hoggs were in short supply but sold to a top of 213p/kg from J Woodburn & Partners of Ulverston with well finished Continental Hoggs selling in the region of 200p/kg. Top price per head today was £92 for Texel Hoggs from M & M Carr of Burton.

A consignment of Scottish Blackfaced Hoggs from Williamson Brothers of Ulverston saw 39kg hoggs sell to £72.50. A large number of Herdwicks in the market today sold to a top of £73 from AN Fell of Silecroft with plenty of those standard weight fit Herdwicks selling around £70 with light weight Herdwicks eagerly bid for and more could have been sold to the advantage of the vendor.

Cast Sheep

Just short of 300 Cast Sheep in the market today sold to the continued strong trade at J36. Eight active buyers around the ring looking to purchase all specification of Ewes and Rams. Lean and Fit Sheep continue to be a very good trade with buyers cautious of over-fat ewes.

Once again, those best bred Continental Ewes were selling around the £100 mark topping at £127 for a Suffolk from MS Blease of Carnforth. Bluefaced Leicester Ewes sold to a top of £94 from WJ & L Barker of Carnforth. Cheviot Ewes sold to a top of £87 from GM & A Jackson of Little Eccleston with fitter stronger Cheviot Ewes selling in the eighties. Mule ewes sold to a top of £80 from B & D Willison & Son of Levens with plenty of pens of strong Mule ewes in the late seventies.

Swaledale Ewes topped at £58 from A Talbot of Halton with well-fleshed Ewes eagerly bid for but leaner ewes looking dearer in comparison and vendors urged to take advantage of this strong trade and sell any geld ewes.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs: Bel £107.50, £103, £99.50 Stubb Farm. Suff £97.50, £85.50 Hawkrigg End. Tex £97 Tarnwater Farm, £95 Hodgsons Green Farm, £89.50 Dawson Fold, £89 Garnett Folds, £84 Dawson Fold. Dors £96.50, £91.50, £90.50 Skiddaw View, £88 Yealand Manor, £87 Skiddaw View. Hamp £95.50, £86.50 Endmoor Farm. Char £88.50 Hodgsons Green Farm.
Prime Hoggs: Tex £92 Clawthorpe Lodge, £91 Silverhow Farm, £90 Clawthorpe Lodge, £89.50, £89 Mansrigg Hall. Suff £91, £83 Mansrigg Hall, £82.50 Yealand Manor, £81 Hodgsons Green Farm, £78.50 Smithy Green Farm. Chev £75.50 Greenhills Farm, £73.50 Mansrigg, £73 Silverhow Farm, £71, £68.50 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Herd £73 Hodgsons Green Farm, £72 Troughton Hall, £71 Silverhow Farm, £70 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £68 Rydal Farm. Swale £73 Greenhills Farm, £71 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £69 Rydal Farm. Sco £72.50 Tarnwater Farm, £72.50, £71.50 Greenhills Farm. Rough £69 Bellart Howe, £65.50 Moss House Farm. Char £67 The Yews. Mule £67 Moss House Farm, £65 Springs Farm, £64.50 Moss House Farm.

Cast Sheep: Suff £127 The Barn, £96, £91 Ackenthwaite, £90 Abbey Drive, Little Eccleston Hall Cottage. Tex £110 Stubb Farm, £99 Mansrigg Farm, £96 Gaskell House, £94 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £90 High Hallbeck. Char £97, £95, £91 The Barn. BFL £94, £83 Brown Edge. Hamp £93 Endmoor Farm. Chev £87 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £86, £83 Owlnook, £79 Little Eccleston Hall Cottage, £75 Marsh Grange Farm. Mule £80 Cinderbarrow Farm, £77 Tarnwater Farm, Heron Syke Cottage, £76 Ackenthwaite Farm, £75 High Butterbent. Llyen £75 Yealand Manor. Dors £72 Skiddaw Farm, £69 Abbey Drive. Swale £58 School House Lane, £56 Park Avenue, £54 Ashstead, £52 Moss Howe Farm, Nook Farm. Dales £53 Fell End Farm. Rough £50 Heron Syke Cottage.

Cast Rams: Tex £90, £72 Holmes Head Farm. Suff £74 Borrans Farm, £73, £70 High Butterbent. Swale £60 Tongue House Farm.

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