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J36 Tuesday 18th April 2017

Posted Wednesday, 19 April 2017, 9.49am

Breeding Sheep

The annual show and sale of Ewes and Gimmer Shearlings with lambs had foot was held on Tuesday 18th April 2017 at J36. The pre-sale show saw a smart line up of sheep forward in front of judge Frank Joel of Westhouse. The champion rosette was awarded to G & KM Atkinson of Green Farm with a pen of five Mule one crop ewes and Texel twin lambs. A pen of five Mule shearlings with Texel twin lambs from the same good home was awarded the reserve champion rosette as well.

There was a good buzz around the ring with just shy of 500 lives being sold. The champion pen sold to £210 with the reserve champion Mule Shearlings selling to £210 all from G & KM Atkinson. The trade topped at £215 for a Texel x shearling suckling triplet lambs from JA Chapman and Son of North Farm. Pens of strong shearlings with strong lambs sold in the region of £200 per family. Older Mule ewes with twins sold to £180 from I & P Brown of Kirkby Stephen with broken mouthed Cheviot Mules with twins selling to £178 from Messrs Jackson of Reagill Grange, broken mouthed Mule ewes from the same home sold to £172. Continental sheep with single Texel lambs sold to £135.

Show Results

Mr F Joel, Carnforth

Class one: Pen of 5 Mule Shearlings with Twin Lambs
1st G & KM Atkinson, Green Farm
2nd I & P Brown, Oak House

Class two: Pen of 5 Continental/Suffolk Shearlings with Twin Lambs
1st G & KM Atkinson, Green Farm

Class three: Pen of 5 Ewes with Twin Lambs
1st G & KM Atkinson, Green Farm
2nd G & KM Atkinson, Green Farm
3rd I & P Brown, Oak House

Pen of 5 Ewes from G & KM Atkinson, Green Farm

Reserve Champion
Pen of 5 Mule Shearlings from G & KM Atkinson, Green Farm

Spring Lambs

A larger entry of spring lambs forward this week sold to the continued strong trade and all were eagerly bid for. Beltex type spring lambs sold in excess of 250p/kg topping at 277p/kg or £111 from AE Atkinson of Stubb Farm with Beltex lambs and Dorset lambs sold to a top of £109 from S Proctor of Selside. Spring lambs sold to a market average of 231p/kg.

Prime Hoggs

There was a very mixed entry of prime hoggs as seen over the previous weeks. Well fleshed hoggs were very easily sold and in strong demand with other hoggs selling to their value. Beltex type hoggs, once again, selling around the two hundred pence per kilo mark with the trade topping at 225p/kg from Andrew Butler of Hambleton. The trade topped at £101 a head from AR & C Fawcett of Gosforth.

Cast Sheep

Cast Sheep today saw a sharper trade for all types of ewes forward, especially leaner and hill type ewes. A fresh buyer around the ring saw the trade top at £124 for a pen of three Texel Ewes from AR & CA Fawcett of Silverhow Farm, Texel Ewes from the same good home sold to £110 and £103. RJ & YL Willison, Cinderbarrow Farm sold a Bluefaced Leicester Ewe in aid of North West Air Ambulance selling for £112, this was closely followed by RI Dixon selling Leicesters to £102. Hill bred ewes saw Swaledales sell to a top of £79 from Strickland Hill Farming. Cast Tups sold to £107 for a Bluefaced Leicester from B & HM Wilson, Ashstead with Charollais selling to £105 and Texels to £99.

Top Prices

Spring Lambs: Bel £111 Stubb Farm. Dors £109, £103.50 High Biggarsbank, £98, £95.50 Warth Sutton Farm. Char £103.50, £102.50, £98.50 Low Foulshaw Farm, £97.50 Warth Sutton Farm, £96.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. Hamp £102.50, £97.50 Endmoor Farm. Tex £98.50 Cragg Farm, £89.50 Stinn Farm.
Prime Hoggs: Bel £101 Silverhow Farm, £95 Stubb Farm. Tex £97 Park Farm Barn, £95 Silverhow Farm, £94 Hill Park, £93 Mint Close, £92 Mill House Farm. Char £90, £89.50 Mill House Farm, £81 Warth Sutton Farm, £80 Park Farm Barn, £79 Mill House Farm. Suff £87.50 Hill Park, £86.50 Dawson Fold, £83 Hazelslack, £82.50 Park Farm Barn. Horned £84 The Borrans, £79.50 Sowerby Lodge. Grit £82 Sowerby Lodge. Mule £82 Bank House Farm, £80.50 Flodder Hall, £80 Barbon Fell House, £77 Gilthwaiterigg, Bank House Farm. Herd £80 Rydal Farm, £76.50, £68 Silverhow Farm, £63 Rydal Farm. Swale £79.50 Sowerby Lodge, £74 Holme House Farm, £68 Whelpside, £67 The Borrans, Rydal Farm. BFL £78 Barbon Fell House. Chev £77.50 Park Farm Barn, £74 Bank House Farm, £73.50 Moss House Farm. Mash £75 Sowerby Lodge, £60 Moss House Farm. Sco £66, £62 Moss House Farm.

Cast Sheep: Tex £124, £110 Silverhow Farm, £104 Hill Park, £103 Town End, Silverhow Farm. BFL £112 Cinderbarrow, £102 Low Newton Farm, £99 Hill Park, £86 Sykes Farm. Llyen £105, £94, £81 Cragg Farm. Suff £100 High Biggarsbank, £97 Hazelslack, £96 Middle Birkby Farm, £88 Greenbank Farm, £87 Cinderbarrow Farm. Mule £88 Cinder Barrow, £86 High Butterbent, £85, £83 Toadpool, £83 Sykes Farm. Swale £79 Strickland Hill, £77 Whelpside, £71 Beckside, £66 Flodder Hall, £65 High House Farm. Cont £76 Greenbank Farm. Mash £71 Mosergh Farm. Rough £69 Steps Farm, £64 Mosergh Farm, £61 High Low Wood, £55 Steps Farm. Dales £66 Fell End Farm. Herd £56 Brow Head. Sco £55 Flodder Hall. Chev £51 Low Garths Farm.

Cast Tup: BFL £107 Ashstead, £82 Holme House Farm, £81 Cinderbarrow Farm, £74 Ashstead, £73 Thursgill. Char £105 Silverhow Farm, £72 Claife Av. Tex £99, £96 Cinderbarrow Farm, £87 The Park. Tees £98 Holme House Farm. Chev £92 The Park.

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