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J36 Thursday 13th April 2017

Posted Thursday, 13 April 2017, 8.42am


There was an entry of 40 calves and stirks today with a variety of all types of calves forward

A good show of beef calves forward this morning saw British Blue calves sell to a top of £400 from JM & TE Sharp, Flodder hall with British Blue heifers selling to £305 from H J Robinson & Son, Elm tree farm.

A young entry of black and whites were keenly bid for topping at £95 from H J Robinson & son. A run Hereford stirks from FP & G Slater, Bellart Howe topped at £750 for a bullock.

OTM Cattle

A strong trade was seen in the Cast Cows ring today with 35 going under the hammer. A superb British Blue Cow sold to a told of 1.79p/kg or £1220 from J Walling & Son of Mislet farm with Limousin cows selling to 177.5p/kg from G M Redmayne, Gowan Bank

Black and white cows sold to a top of 119.5p/kg or £900 from W Garnett, Ackenthwaite and a run of Fleckvieh x cows from JJ MA Park & son topped at 131p/kg or £1058.

An overall market average of 121p/kg was achieved.

Store Cattle

There was a sharp trade from start to finish with just short of 100 Store Cattle going under the hammer. Trade topped at £1030 for a pen full of 16 month old Limousin bulling heifers from R & A Galbraith, Carter House with bullocks from the same home to £1000. A great trade was seen for younger cattle today with many purchasers now looking to grass day and requiring grazing cattle.

The next sale of store cattle will be on 27th April which is the great annual grass day prize show and sale. Entries for the catalogue will be closing on Wednesday 19th April.

Top Prices

Bull Calf: Brb £400 Flodder Hall, £335 Ravens Lodge. Lim £320, £315, £305 Strickley, £260 Cinder Barrow. Ang £285 Cinder Barrow. Stab £280 High Foulshaw. Fri £95, £90, £80 Elm Tree Farm.
Heifer Calf: Brb £305 Elm Tree Farm, £240 Flodder Hall. Con £230 Flodder Hall. Stab £185, £150 High Foulshaw Farm. Lim £175 Cinder Barrow.
Bull Stirk: Here £750, £540 Bellart Howe. Sim £370 Middle Bank Farm. Ang £330 Middle Bank Farm.
Heifer Stirk: Here £535, £450, £445 Bellart Howe.

OTM Cow: BB 179.5 Mislet Farm. Lim 177.5 Gowan Bank Farm, 159.5 High Farm, 147.5 Gowan Bank Farm, 139.5 Hawes Farm, 134.5 Bowston Hall. 164.5 Ashstead, 139.5 Mireside Farm. Con 144.5 Bellart Howe. Sho 139.5 High Farm, 119.5 Strickley, 111.5 Cooper House, 109.5 Strickley. Sim 139.5 Cooper House. Fkv 131.5 Low Sizergh Farm. Mon 129.5 Low Sizergh Farm. Fri 129.5 Ackenthwaite, 124.5, 111.5 Low Sizergh Farm, 109.5 Ackenthwaite, 99.5 Laithwaite. Char 124.5 High Farm. Ayr 121.5, 107.5, 99.5 Sunny Bank. Ang 101.5 Cooper House. SRW 97.5 Low Sizergh Farm.
OTM Heifer: Fri 127.5 Laithwaite.
Cast Bull: Ang 109.5 Mire House Farm.

Store Bullock: Lim £1000 Carter House, £970 Low House, £960 Crosscrake Farm, £920 Cooper House, £900 Hollin Hall Farm. Sim £940 Town End. Fri £810, £760 Carter House, £650 Laithwaite. Ang £850, £800 Low Stennerley, £730 Yates Farm. Blo £840 Granby Road. Char £780 Laithwaite. Brb £760 Yates Farm.
Store Heifer: Lim £1030, £980 Carter House, £820 Crosscrake, £810 Low House. Brb £800 Crosscrake. Ang £740 Laithwaite. Con £700 Bowston Hall.

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