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Lancaster Monday 6th March 2017

Posted Monday, 06 March 2017, 4.24pm

Prime Hoggs

The weekly sale of Prime hoggs had a similar number forward to the previous week, where a large percentage of the hoggs were hill and horned. A market average of 166p/kg achieved for 336 Hoggs.

Continental quality hoggs were short in supply with a fresh buyer present this week looking for better quality hoggs. The trade topped at £81, twice, for Charollais hoggs from P Lawrenson of Brindle. Mule hoggs sold to a top of £75.50 from T Longton and Son of Quernmore with all Mules forward selling to an average of £71.07.

A larger entry of horned lambs in the market saw Dalesbred hoggs sell to £75 from WI & A Atkinson of Bleasdale with Swaledales from the same home selling to £68.

Cast Sheep

There was another strong cast sheep trade at Lancaster in which more could easily be sold to the advantage of the vendors. Mule ewes sold to £72 from AF & M Bolland of Quernmore and Dalesbred ewes sold to £43 from WI & A Atkinson of Bleasdale.

Breeding Sheep

The opening sale of sheep with lambs at foot had an entry of over a dozen families forward. There was plenty of interest with a busy ring of buyers and onlookers to witness a strong trade on a day where many more could have been sold.

The trade topped at £180 for 2 crop Texel ewes with young Texel twins at foot, Texel ewes with young single Texel lambs sold to £140 from W Pinder of Newton in Bowland. Mule ewes with twins sold to a top of £165.

All sheep forward sold to a market average of £62 a life.

Top Prices

Prime Hoggs: CHAR: £81 Walmsley Fold; £78 Park Farm Barn; £73 Rooten Brook. TEX: £79.50 Park Farm Barn; £79.50 Old Woodhouse; £79 Low Kit Brow. MULE: £75.50 Rooten Brook; £72 Low Kit Brow; £71.50 Sykes Farm. DALES: £75 Holme House Farm. SUFF: £70 Throstle Grove Farm. SWALE: £68 Holme House Farm; £60 Rooten Brook. SCO: £64.50 Tarnwater Farm. HRN: £64 Sykes Farm; £60.50 Moss House Farm. RGH: £64 Millbeck. GRIT: £60 Moss House Farm.

Cast Ewes: MULE: £72 Yeat House; £62 Low Moor Head Farm; £57 Old Glasson Farm. SUFF: £68 Oak Bank Farm. TEX: £67 Stirzakers Farm; £65 Sellerley Fields; £56 Low Moor Head Farm. DALES: £43 Holme House Farm.

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